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Visa Sponsorship Mechanical Engineer Jobs in UK – Apply Now

A Building Services Mechanical Design Engineer is being sought by Lancashire County Council for the Building Design Team, which is an integral component of the Asset Management Service.

Our Building Design staff is specialized and diverse. We assist in the implementation of a comprehensive capital strategy that invests in the offices, libraries, schools, and institutions owned by the county council. Architects, mechanical and electrical engineers, structural engineers, and building services engineers comprise our extraordinary team.

Details About Visa Sponsorship Mechanical Engineer Jobs in UK:

  • Organization: Lancashire County Council
  • Location: County Hall, Preston, PR1 8RE, GB
  • Offered Salary: £38,223 – £43,421 / year
  • Experience: 3 Year
  • Gender: Both
  • Qualification: Associate Degree
  • Career Level: Executive

Benefits of Visa Sponsorship Mechanical Engineer Jobs in UK:

  • Legal Authorization to Work: Visa sponsorship grants non-UK residents the requisite legal authorization to reside and engage in employment within the United Kingdom. This procedure is essential for foreign engineers seeking to advance their careers in the United Kingdom without legal obstacles.
  • Benefits and Competitive Compensation: Mechanical engineers in the United Kingdom frequently earn competitive compensation and an extensive benefits package. These may consist of perks such as health insurance, retirement programs, and bonuses, all of which contribute to an elevated quality of life.
  • Progression in One’s Profession: Numerous foremost engineering firms and multinational corporations are situated within the United Kingdom. Gaining employment in the United Kingdom can offer substantial prospects for career progression, as well as entry to state-of-the-art initiatives and technologies that can augment one’s professional growth.
  • Gaining Entry to a Diverse Job Market: The United Kingdom possesses a strong and varied labor market encompassing a multitude of sectors, including but not limited to automotive, aerospace, energy, and manufacturing. This variety enables mechanical engineers to discover the sector that most closely matches their interests and skill set.
  • Professional Development: The United Kingdom provides an abundance of opportunities for professional development, including access to professional organizations such as the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), continuing education, and certifications. These resources can assist engineers in advancing their careers and remaining current with industry trends.
  • A High Quality of Life: The United Kingdom is renowned for its exceptional public services, healthcare, and education. A balanced lifestyle is available to engineers working in the United Kingdom through their participation in cultural, recreational, and social activities.
  • Advantages of Networking: Engineers who choose to work in the United Kingdom gain access to invaluable networking prospects. By actively interacting with industry experts, participating in professional associations, and attending conferences, one can expand their professional connections and potentially gain access to fresh career prospects.
  • Work-Life Balance: In the United Kingdom, numerous businesses place a premium on work-life balance by providing generous vacation policies, flexible work hours, and remote work opportunities. This may result in a more fulfilling and health-conscious personal and professional life.
  • Cultural Immersion: Residing and operating in the United Kingdom provides an abundant cultural encounter. By immersing themselves in historical sites, vibrant communities, and diverse cultural landscapes, engineers can enrich their personal and professional lives.
  • International Recognition: Engineering credentials and professional experience from the United Kingdom are held in the highest regard on a global scale. Acquiring professional experience in the United Kingdom has the potential to bolster the resume of an engineer and facilitate access to international career prospects.
  • Opportunities for Innovation and Research: The United Kingdom is a center for engineering innovation and research. Engineers are allowed to foster progress in their respective fields through collaboration with preeminent institutions and researchers and to work on cutting-edge projects.
  • Assistance for Relatives: Visa sponsorship frequently encompasses provisions for family members, thereby enabling engineers to transport their families to the United Kingdom. This can foster an environment conducive to the professional and personal development of engineers.

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We are looking for:

Creative and Ambitious Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer – You will manage building initiatives from inception to completion as a member of a small team, while simultaneously contributing to team performance. You will assist the Mechanical Project Manager while overseeing or assisting with the implementation of diverse projects, such as the installation of gas, ventilation, air conditioning, and new and replacement heating systems. Your specialized knowledge will contribute to the management of project finances, health and safety, and surveys, among other things. Possessing self-assurance and confidence, you will have the capacity to interact with a vast array of technical professionals and associates. You will guarantee the timely, secure, and professional completion of projects with your assertive yet tactful demeanor.

Innovation – Your area of expertise as a mechanical design specialist for building services will be carbon reduction and sustainability. Your inventive strategy will aid in the decarbonization of the infrastructure of Lancashire through the installation of solar panels and the substitution of antiquated heating systems with air-to-water heat exchangers, among other measures. Passionate about future technologies and well-versed in decarbonizing building services for a variety of portfolios, the optimal candidate will be imaginative and resourceful.

Challenge – Possessing substantial expertise in mechanical building services design and the capacity to stimulate external collaborators and multidisciplinary groups are qualities that define the ideal candidate. Furthermore, they will possess the self-assurance necessary to question and demand compliance with legislative and strategic obligations. The position demands a composed, pragmatic, and eloquent approach to the execution of projects.

Other Information:

Lancashire County Council, in exchange, offers a range of incentives, details of which are available on the LCC Vacancies website. So, if you are seeking your next position and wish to collaborate and think creatively while becoming a member of our exceptional design team, your search is over! Additionally, remote/home functionality is supported!

Automobile insurance is mandatory for use in connection with the responsibilities of this role. You will be required to provide a vehicle for business purposes. We may, however, consider you if your disability prevents you from operating a motor vehicle.

You must upload and include your supporting statement, which should effectively illustrate how you fulfill the qualifications for the position. The panel may not recommend you for an interview in the absence of this evidence. If sufficient applications are received, we reserve the right to immediately fill a vacancy before its designated closing date.

More Info

  1. Are mechanical engineers in demand in the UK?

    Even though many of these endeavors are still in their nascent phases, mechanical engineering professionals are currently engaged in several significant initiatives in the United Kingdom. A remarkable initiative is Hinkley Point C, the comprehensive implementation of which demands specialized knowledge and skills.

  2. How much do mechanical engineers get paid in the UK?

    In the United Kingdom, mechanical engineers make an average of £37,715 yearly. In the United Kingdom, the average supplementary remuneration for a Mechanical Engineer is £1,986, showing a standard variation ranging from £962 – £4,098

  3. Is there any scope for mechanical engineering in UK?

    Mechanical engineers are employable in an array of industries; historically, mechanical engineering has been involved with the creation of nearly all of the goods and services we observe today. Mechanical engineers are employed in the automotive and aerospace industries, among others.

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