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Quality and Design Manager Jobs in UK 2024 – Visa Sponsorship

Places for London Transport for London’s Property Development (PD) division is responsible for the construction of housing, mixed-use, commercial, and town center developments on TfL properties throughout the city. The position of Design and Quality Manager is currently being filled.

You will assist Asset Management (AM) and Places for London PD with design and sustainability issues, and ensure that the GLA’s Good Growth by Design pillars, PD’s Sustainable Development Framework (SDF), and Design Principles are incorporated into a variety of projects. You will be a member of the Planning & Design team.

You will assist the Residential, Build to Rent, Commercial, and Major Project delivery teams across PD and AM on a variety of sites while advocating for sustainability and design quality as a PD champion.

Details About Quality and Design Manager Jobs in UK:

  • Organization: Places for London
  • Job: Building Management
  • Position Type: Full Time
  • Salary: £53,000 to £63,000 (depending on skills, knowledge, and experience).
  • Band: 3
  • Location: Victoria Station House, City of Westminster.
  • Contract Type: Permanent

Key Accountabilities for Quality and Design Manager Jobs in UK:

  • Ensure that pertinent initiatives adhere to and incorporate the Sustainable Development Framework (SDF), Design Principles, Good Growth by Design pillars of the GLA, and other briefing documents from Property Development.
  • Collaborating with development partners and project design teams to guarantee the fulfillment of critical sustainability, design, and quality goals for every scheme, while also encouraging design teams to push the envelope to surpass these standards.
  • Facilitating consensus among Places for London Development Managers and Planners regarding the primary objectives of sustainability, quality, and design for each scheme; establishing site-specific design principles;
  • Participating in a capacity-building initiative for Development Managers that centers around procurement, construction, sustainability, urban design, and design processes (e.g., workshops, building visits, seminars, and conferences).
  • Managing design evaluations in collaboration with Mayoral Design Advocates (MDAs) entails communication with MDAs, scheduling, briefing the design team, and preparing presentations.
  • Assisting in the development of design quality management strategies, project-level objectives, and groundbreaking initiatives that highlight excellence in place-making, sustainability, and superior design throughout the portfolio of Transport for London;
  • Working in conjunction with other departments at Transport for London (TfL), particularly Places for London and Spatial Planning, to bring together design, urban planning, and sustainability expertise.
  • Supervising the development of SDF scorecards and reports for PD initiatives by SDF analysts.
  • Regular reviews should be conducted to ensure that SDF standards remain aligned with the most effective practices in the industry.

Skills, Knowledge, and Experience:


  • Proficiency in writing and the capacity to produce reports and presentations of exceptional quality.
  • Capability to produce results through teamwork, consultative disposition, and team member qualities.
  • Capacity for collaborating with diverse organizations while promoting and fostering unity
  • Outstanding planning and organization abilities.
  • Outstanding communication abilities, including the capacity to promote and explain design and sustainability in a tangible and comprehensible manner.


  • An architect with demonstrated proficiency in integrating stringent sustainability criteria into projects.
  • Excellent knowledge of environmental and planning policies at the national, GLA, and London borough levels
  • Proficient knowledge of environmental measurement systems, including BREEAM, HQM, Passivhaus, WELL, and LEED.


  • Proficient in collaborating with diverse stakeholders to accomplish a mission.
  • Outstanding presentation and writing skills, as well as a track record of successfully delivering reports and outputs that meet the objectives of the organization.
  • Proven ability to communicate information effectively to decision-makers and to assimilate and apply data from a variety of sources.
  • Capability to operate effectively in a high-pressure and high-expectation environment with strict deadlines.

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion:

We uphold the principles of diversity, inclusivity, and equality. By striving to embody the city we service, our organization can enhance its capacity for innovation and productivity. Our recruitment procedure is intended to be as inclusive as feasible. As an employer with a strong commitment to disability inclusion, we assure impaired candidates who satisfy all the necessary qualifications for an interview. We also employ anonymizing software to eliminate identifying information from resumes and cover letters to ensure impartiality.

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Benefits of Quality and Design Manager Jobs in UK:

  • Job Satisfaction: The occupation of a Quality and Design Manager has the potential to provide immense job satisfaction. Engaging in the supervision and verification of projects or products to guarantee their adherence to elevated quality and design benchmarks can elicit a sense of personal satisfaction.
  • Career Progression: These positions frequently present prospects for professional growth and development. You can advance to higher-level managerial positions or specialize in fields such as product design, quality assurance, or project management through the accumulation of experience and the development of your skills.
  • Competitive Salary: In the United Kingdom, quality and design managers generally receive competitive salaries, particularly when they possess considerable expertise and experience in the respective discipline.
  • Difficult Tasks: These positions entail resolving intricate issues on process improvement, design implementation, and quality control. This can facilitate cognitive engagement and contribute to employment interest.
  • Proficient Growth: Quality and Design Managers cultivate an extensive repertoire of abilities, encompassing technical proficiency, leadership, problem-solving, project management, and communication. These competencies are valuable and transferable across numerous industries.
  • Contribution to Innovation: Quality and design managers frequently assume a pivotal role in fostering innovation within their respective organizations. Their primary duty is to ensure that projects or products not only adhere to established quality criteria but also integrate state-of-the-art design principles and technologies.
  • Job Security: Job security is a critical consideration in numerous sectors, such as healthcare, technology, manufacturing, and construction, where quality and design are fundamental elements. For as long as these sectors endure, there will be a need for experts capable of guaranteeing design excellence and quality.
  • Work-Life Balance: Although there may be intermittent demands to meet deadlines or address quality concerns, numerous organizations provide their employees with a reasonable work-life balance, particularly in the United Kingdom where stringent labor regulations govern working hours and leave privileges.
  • Opportunities for Networking: Quality and design management frequently entails collaboration with external stakeholders, including suppliers, clients, and regulatory bodies, and professionals from various departments within the organization. This affords abundant prospects for cultivating professional connections and broadening one’s professional network.
  • Social Implications: The extent to which your position as a Quality and Design Manager influences society is contingent upon the industry in which you operate. As an illustration, one can make a positive impact on the environment and communities by designing sustainable products and ensuring the quality and safety of healthcare apparatus.

Application Process:

  • Kindly be advised that the sole method of submission for applications to this position is via our online recruitment system. CVs are not the only consideration for this position.
  • Kindly submit your curriculum vitae along with a two-page cover letter with your application. Incorporate the competencies, expertise, and prior experience that are explicitly detailed in the job posting into your curriculum vitae and cover letter.
  • Your submission must be in Word or PDF format, and it must be devoid of any photographs or illustrations. Kindly ensure that your curriculum vitae and cover letter are saved as separate files, including the job reference number in the naming convention (e.g., “CV – applicant name – 012345”). Additionally, please restrict the file size to no more than 1 MB.
  • While we endeavor to provide you with ample notice, there are circumstances in which specific interviews or assessments may need to be arranged at the last minute.

More Info

  1. What is the role of a design manager?

    The design manager is accountable for the following responsibilities: Encouraging and inspiring both external and internal design teams. Procuring designs and structural drawings that are concise, of superior quality, and easy to interpret. Technically overseeing the design process under your direction.

  2. What is the career path of a design manager?

    After obtaining a graduate degree in architecture or a closely related discipline, it is customary to commence one’s professional journey as a Design Manager at the entry level. In general, design management positions become accessible to graduates with a two-year master’s degree in an appropriate discipline.

  3. What skills do you need to be a design manager?

    Senior designers and design managers must possess an array of practical abilities to be successful in their positions. Skill in Sketch, project management, user experience, and PowerPoint are among these. In addition, competence with AutoCAD, CAD, and visualization techniques is required.

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