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Business Development Manager Jobs in UK – Visa Sponsorship

The University of Derby is an exceptionally rewarding place to work in addition to a stimulating, dynamic, and challenging learning environment. Because we specialize in identifying and cultivating individual potential, our educational environment is unparalleled, and you can rest assured that you will receive every bit of encouragement and support necessary to attain a rewarding career with ample progression opportunities.

Our combined higher and further education offering encompasses campuses in Chesterfield, Buxton, Derby, and Leek, and we have invested over £200 million in facilities over the past decade, resulting in some of the finest university facilities in the United Kingdom.

With more than 34,000 students enrolling annually, we rely on the commitment of a staff of 2,200 academic and professional services professionals to ensure that our teaching and research consistently yield outstanding outcomes. Strong financially and exceedingly aspirational, we offer our staff a family-friendly, gratifying occupation with numerous progression opportunities.

Details About Business Development Manager Jobs in UK:

  • Location: UK
  • Offered Salary: £36,700 – £39,800 / year
  • Experience: 5 Year
  • Gender: Both
  • Qualification: Associate Degree
  • Career Level: Manager

About the Role:

You will collaborate with the Head of Business Development to perform critical business engagement responsibilities. By collaborating with employers from various industries, you will be able to expand our offerings. You will collaborate with employers to develop delivery methods and solutions based on an organizational needs analysis and a holistic approach to education and training requirements, in addition to generating and maintaining new and existing business leads. Additionally, you will assist in contract negotiations with employers, ensuring that we capitalize on any commercial opportunities that present themselves.

The incumbent of this position is tasked with fostering collaboration between the External Project Team, the University of Derby, its affiliated colleges Buxton and Leek College, and the aforementioned organizations to accomplish outstanding outcomes for all parties involved. Additionally, our customer service and business engagement products must reflect our values and practices, and we must continuously monitor and enhance every aspect of our interactions with organizations.

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Other Information:

  • To obtain further details or make informal inquiries regarding the position, kindly reach out to James Borkoles, Head of Business Development, via email at
  • For inquiries about the sponsorship eligibility process and your application, kindly reach out to the recruitment staff at
  • Sponsorship-seeking job applicants are encouraged to submit their applications, which will be evaluated in conjunction with all other applicants. Although this position may qualify for sponsorship via the Skilled Worker Route, it is strongly recommended that you assess your eligibility before applying. Please visit for additional details.
  • You must provide evidence that you possess each of the essential qualities outlined in the job description to qualify for sponsorship. Kindly note that analogous experience will not be acknowledged as sufficient evidence of the required credentials.
  • We hold our employees accountable for safeguarding and advancing the welfare of children and vulnerable adults, and we require them to demonstrate this dedication through their conduct, which should be characterized by decency and regard for others.

Benefits of Business Development Manager Jobs in UK:

  • Career Growth: Typically, BDMs are tasked with expanding market share, identifying new opportunities, and promoting business growth. The effective completion of these duties may increase one’s professional standing and responsibilities.
  • Competitive Salary: In the United Kingdom, compensation for business development manager positions is frequently competitive and can be impacted by industry, company size, and individual performance, among other variables.
  • Performance-Based Incentives: A considerable number of BDM positions provide profit-sharing, commissions, or compensation as performance-based incentives. This presents a prospect for substantial profit growth contingent upon favorable business results.
  • Opportunities for Networking: By interacting with clients, collaborators, and stakeholders, BDMs provide an abundance of networking prospects. Personal and professional development can both benefit from the establishment of a robust professional network.
  • Diverse Industry Exposure: Opportunities abound in numerous sectors of the United Kingdom’s business environment. A BDM position may provide you with sector exposure, thereby expanding your industry expertise and knowledge.
  • Skills Development: Business development managers cultivate an extensive repertoire of competencies, encompassing but not limited to communication, strategic planning, relationship management, and negotiation. These abilities are valuable and transferable across a variety of professional contexts.
  • Contribution to Business Strategy: The involvement of BDMs is frequently pivotal in the formulation and implementation of business strategies. Participating in the process of strategic decision-making can yield intellectual gratification and significantly enhance the organization’s overall performance.
  • Travel Opportunities: BDMs may be granted the privilege of traveling domestically and internationally, contingent upon the nature of their business and the clients they serve. Those who derive satisfaction from working in diverse environments and experiencing new cultures may find this to be an appealing feature.
  • Job Security: Ensuring job security is critical for the development and sustainability of a company, which are both contingent on the success of business endeavors. Skilled BDMs are thus frequently sought after, which contributes to their employment security in the ever-changing business environment.
  • Possibilities for Leadership Development: As one accumulates professional experience and exhibits proficiency in the field of business development, prospects may arise to assume leadership positions within the organization, including that of vice president of sales or director of business development.
  • Company Benefits: Numerous organizations in the United Kingdom provide supplementary advantages, including but not limited to health insurance, retirement schemes, adaptable work schedules, and employee growth initiatives, thereby augmenting the comprehensive remuneration package.

More Info

  1. What does a business development manager do?

    The goal of business development managers is to help with the growth of a company’s business operations. To attract new clients, investigate unexplored market opportunities, and supervise development initiatives, they cultivate a network of connections while devising revenue and sales projections that correspond to expected income.

  2. Is business management in demand in UK?

    Indeed, there is significant demand. This is because cities such as London, Manchester, and a few others act as business hubs. International students are registering for business management courses in the United Kingdom for this reason.

  3. Is BDM a good career?

    Without a degree, you will have access to lucrative salaries, pleasurable activities, and opportunities for advancement. A career in business development is a wise investment, regardless of the multitude of hurdles it presents. Time can pass before positive results become obvious.

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