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Pak Army Online Registration for Females 2024 – Apply Now

As gender equality and empowerment advance, women are surpassing men in disciplines that have historically been male-dominated on a global scale. One such opportunity that has become available to women in Pakistan is enlistment in the Pakistan Army.

Twenty-four of these noble and arduous journeys will present females with intriguing opportunities in 2024. This analysis will examine the online registration process for enlisting in the Pakistan Army, providing insights into the necessary procedures, eligibility requirements, and the wider implications for women serving in the military.

Join Pak Army Online Registration for Females:

Before delving into the registration process, let’s first appreciate the growing role of women in the Pakistan Army. Over the years, the armed forces have recognized the potential and dedication of female officers, leading to their inclusion in various branches. Women now serve as doctors, engineers, pilots, and even in combat roles, proving that gender is no obstacle to serving the nation.

Benefits of Pak Army Online Registration for Females:

  • Gender Equality: Encouraging women to enlist in the military advances gender equality and gives both sexes the same chances to serve their nation.
  • Diverse Views: Women’s inclusion in the military adds a variety of viewpoints, abilities, and experiences that improve the armed services’ overall efficacy and adaptability.
  • Increased Talent Pool: Allowing women to register for the military expands the pool of talent available to the armed forces for recruitment, which could result in a more competent and proficient military force.
  • Specialized tasks: In the military, women can be useful in a variety of specialized tasks in fields including communications, intelligence, medicine, and logistics.
  • National Security: By tackling a wider range of issues and successfully interacting with various population segments, a varied and well-represented military can support national security.
  • Positive Image: The military may attract a more varied population and maintain a positive public image by showcasing a commitment to gender equality and inclusivity.

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List of Pak Army Online Registration for Females:

A.S.C (Army Service Corps)

  • MSc/MS in Contracting and Procurement or MBA/MS in Finance.
  • BSc/BS in Food Nutrition and Human Nutrition

Corps of Ordinance

  • BE/BSc Textile Engg
  • MBA Supply Chain Management

Corps of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering (EME)

  • Electronics Engg
  • Avionics Engg
  • Aerospace Engg


  • LLB with min 2-year Practice

Corps of Signals & IT

  • Software Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Cyber Security
  • System Engineering
  • Information Technology/Security

ISPR (Inter-Services Public Relations)

  • BS/MS in Films and TV Production
  • BS/MS in Journalism
  • BS/MS/Ph.D. in Media Studies
  • BS/MS/Ph.D. in International Relations
  • BS/MS/Ph.D. in Peace and Conflict Studies
  • BS/MS/Ph.D. in Defence and Strategic Studies

Online Registration for Pak Army:

To enlist as a female candidate in the Pakistan Army, one must complete a rigorous online registration procedure. The following is a breakdown of the necessary steps to commence the process of enrolling at this prestigious institution:

Visit the Official Website

Visit the official Pakistan Army website designated for online registration to get started. Obtain the appropriate platform in order to prevent any potential confusion.

Create an Account

Following this, proceed to establish an account. A verified phone number and email address are required for this. It is crucial that the contact information you furnish be precise, as it will serve as the principal mode of correspondence during the recruitment procedure.

Fill Out Personal Information

Enter your personal information, including your name, date of birth, and CNIC number, once your account has been created. At this juncture, precision is of the utmost importance; any inconsistencies may result in disqualification.

Educational Qualifications

Kindly furnish details pertaining to your academic credentials. This comprises your scholastic accomplishments, degrees, and any pertinent credentials.

Select your Preferred Branch

Determine which Pakistani Army branch you would like to enlist in. Potential vocations encompass the Medical Corps, Engineering Corps, Signals, and even combat positions. It is imperative to ensure that your selection is in accordance with your interests and abilities.

upload Documents

Create digital copies of your CNIC, recent photographs, and academic credentials. Attach these files in accordance with the instructions provided.

Initial Test:

Following the submission of your application, an initial examination will be arranged for you. Thoroughly prepare, as this examination assesses your aptitude and appropriateness for military service.

Medical Examination:

Successful candidates will be subjected to a thorough medical examination to verify that they satisfy the necessary health criteria.


Those who are deemed successful advance to the interview stage, during which their character, aptitude for effective communication, and drive to enlist in the Pakistan Army are evaluated.

Final Selection:

Your performance in each of the preceding stages will determine your final selection. If you receive a letter of confirmation, you are in good standing. You have been incorporated into the Pakistan Army.

Significance of Women in the Pak Army:

The strategic decision to enlist women in the Pakistan Army is not solely motivated by concerns about equality. The inclusion of a wide range of abilities, perspectives, and talents possessed by women in the military serves to augment its overall prowess. Their mere presence motivates innumerable individuals to pursue their aspirations and make contributions to the defense of the nation.

More Info

  1. How to apply for Pak Army females?

    Either an individual or a woman must be unmarried. The range of ages that has been defined is 17–23. To apply for the Pakistan Army, applicants must have at least 60% in English, Science, and Arts courses. The candidate must have at least 50% in F.Sc. Pre-Medical or 60% in Matric (biology) to be eligible for AFNS.

  2. What is the height of the Pak Army girl?

    Candidates must be a minimum of five feet (152.4 cm) tall. The Pakistan Army’s body mass index (BMI) standards must be observed for determining weight.

  3. What is PMA in the army?

    The training of Gentlemen Cadets (Officer Cadets) from the Pakistan Army and other allied countries is greatly helped by the Pakistan Military Academy (PMA). There are sixteen organizations and four training battalions at the academy.

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