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MRB Engineer Jobs in UK with Visa Sponsorship 2024

Presently, Dowty Propellers is in search of a Material Review Board (MRB) Engineer to supplement their group of analysis engineers, focusing on assisting in the area of composite blade non-conformance.

Collaborating with seasoned stress engineers, the MRB Engineer examines Blade composite nonconformances and defects, prepares dispositions, and ultimately signs concessions. The MRB Engineer reports to the Engineering Analysis Manager. Additionally, the MRB Engineer will be responsible for the daily administration of the blade processing process via MRB to ensure that the daily throughput is maintained.

Details About MRB Engineer Jobs in UK with Visa Sponsorship:

  • Location: UK
  • Offered Salary: £35,000 – £45,000 / year
  • Experience: 5 Year
  • Gender: Both
  • Qualification: Associate Degree
  • Career Level: Executive

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • To evaluate manufacturing nonconformances and propose technical remedies that safeguard the airworthiness of propeller components.
  • Make an effort to obtain concessions approval for composite blades.
  • Collaborate with various functions including Design, Stress, Airworthiness, NDT, and Operations to synchronize the daily throughput of MRB.
  • Assist in conducting root cause analysis to detect potential manufacturing process-related issues that could be the source of non-conformance.
  • Monitor and encourage routine evaluations of quarantined blades to reduce the number of blades in quarantine.
  • Provide support for the selection of test blades to substantiate acceptance criteria.
  • Comply with corporate and industry regulations, norms, and qualification requirements.

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Required Experience and Qualifications:

  • Proficiency in the product is highly desirable, with a specific emphasis on the composite blade manufacturing process, salvage and repair methodologies, and the potential impact that defects may have on the blade’s structural integrity.
  • Hold an HNC in a pertinent engineering subject, or its equivalent, or have completed an engineering apprenticeship.
  • Proficiency in managing composite components within the aircraft industry.
  • Expertise in the maintenance and production processes of composite components.
  • Outstanding oral and written communication abilities.

Benefits of MRB Engineer Jobs in UK with Visa Sponsorship:

  • Visa Sponsorship: Visa sponsorship enables individuals to lawfully work in the United Kingdom by relieving them of the burdensome immigration procedures that candidates would otherwise have to endure.
  • Specialized Field: MRB Engineers are employed in the automotive, aerospace, or manufacturing sectors, each in their specialized field. This presents a chance for proficient individuals who possess pertinent credentials and backgrounds to utilize their knowledge and skills in a dynamic and forward-thinking setting.
  • Difficult Work: MRB The responsibility of engineers is to analyze and resolve manufacturing and design problems, which frequently involve intricate materials and processes. This situation offers thought-provoking challenges that have the potential to foster professional advancement and progress.
  • Progression in One’s Profession: Employment in a technical capacity, such as that of an MRB Engineer, may provide access to additional avenues for career development in the manufacturing and engineering industries, both domestically and abroad.
  • Industry Acknowledgment: MRB Engineers ensure that product quality and safety standards are adhered to critically. The recognition and career advancement that can result from the employers’ and industry stakeholders’ appreciation for their contributions.
  • Collaborative Environment: MRB Engineers operate within a collaborative environment where they engage in close cooperation with cross-functional teams comprising professionals in quality assurance, production, and design. This environment promotes collaboration and enables individuals to gain knowledge from a variety of viewpoints.
  • Professional Development: MRB Engineers are afforded the chance to augment their expertise in domains including quality management, root cause analysis, and problem-solving. This may result in the attainment of professional certifications and enhanced employability.
  • Competitive Compensation: Engineering positions, especially those that demand specialized expertise like MRB engineering, frequently provide competitive remuneration and benefits packages, which encompass healthcare benefits, retirement schemes, and bonus payments.
  • MRB’s Contribution to Innovation: The development and enhancement of manufacturing processes, materials, and product designs are all endeavors in which engineers participate. Their efforts foster competitiveness and innovation in the sectors they operate in.
  • Work-Life Balance: Although engineering positions can be physically taxing, numerous employers in the United Kingdom place a high value on promoting work-life balance by providing flexible scheduling options that cater to the welfare of their staff.

Desired Characteristics:

  • Proficiency and/or knowledge of stress analysis principles, including the potential impact of defects on the structural integrity of propeller blades.
  • A comprehension of the structural evaluations required to certify propeller blades.

Flexible Working:

  • To promote and facilitate flexible work arrangements, GE acknowledges the value that employees place on maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Total Reward:

GE Aviation acknowledges the significance attributed to Total Reward. In addition to providing you with the freedom, choice, and flexibility to receive your benefits in a flexible manner, our flexible benefits plan, FlexChoice, enables you to conserve money whenever feasible.

We are pleased to provide you, as a newly hired employee of GE, with the following benefit fund options by default; you may modify them to suit your specific requirements:

  • Pension without contribution.
  • The Assurance of Life
  • Protection against income for the entire group
  • Private health insurance.
  • Celebrated Holiday The hourly rate is equivalent to 26 days, and there is the option to purchase or sell.
  • Claims for Security

For this position, a Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS) clearance is required and must be maintained. It is important to note that failure to obtain BPSS clearance could result in your ineligibility for the position and the rescinding of any employment offer for reasons of national security. Please refer to the following hyperlink for additional details regarding the criteria necessary to obtain BPSS clearance.

Right to Work:

Applicants seeking employment in the United Kingdom who require sponsorship are encouraged to apply and will be evaluated in the same manner as all other candidates. Nevertheless, in accordance with the relevant immigration regulations in the United Kingdom, individuals lacking the current right to work in the country may be unsuccessful for an appointment if a qualified, competent, and experienced alternative is available to occupy the role without the need for sponsorship. Please visit the UK Visas and Immigration page for further details.

More Info

  1. What does an MRB engineer do?

    A candidate for the MRB engineering course will be expected to coordinate efforts across different functional domains, such as Safety, Materials and Processes, Stress/Service Life, Quality Assurance, Planning, Functional Tests, and Structures and Systems Design.

  2. What does the MRB stand for?

    Initialism of the Material Review Board, a system of documented investigative checks carried out on faulty processes or components to improve quality.

  3. Does the UK need engineers?

    A combined annual demand for 79,000 ‘ related’ positions necessitates the application of engineering expertise and knowledge when combined with other skill sets, in addition to the 124,000 engineers and technicians with basic engineering abilities that are in demand throughout the economy.

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