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Midwife Jobs in UK with Visa Sponsorship 2024 – Apply Now

In addition to the CQC’s recent visit, our recent multimillion-pound expansion to accommodate the region’s growing population has enabled us to secure additional funding for the enhancement of our current midwifery staff.

The expanded 10-bed state-of-the-art pool rooms in the birth center, the pool room facility in the delivery unit, and one of the largest neonatal units in the United Kingdom are featured in the ‘new’ and improved Rosie hospital. Moreover, it is fully integrated with the existing Rosie hospital to ensure that the Trust can continue to provide care in modern facilities that cater to the requirements of women and their families. This integration not only enhances patient experience but also provides greater patient choice. Pupils are required to have an NMC PIN.

Details About Midwife Jobs in UK with Visa Sponsorship:

  • Location: UK
  • Offered Salary: £28,400 – £34,600 / year
  • Experience: 2 Year
  • Gender: Both
  • Qualification: Associate Degree
  • Career Level: Executive

About Us:

Come work as a nurse with us:

Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is a leading teaching trust in the nation. It consists of Addenbrooke’s Hospital and the Rosie Hospital. We provide Cambridge residents with accessible, high-quality healthcare in addition to specialty services of the region and nation. It is a wonderful place to reside, work, and provide nursing care.

You will be employed on a vibrant hospital campus that exudes a warm community atmosphere; we provide excellent facilities for you to hone your skills and abilities, which will be beneficial to your professional development and progression. Together–Safe, Kind, and Excellent are the guiding principles that enable us to deliver exceptional care. An entirely electronic patient record system is enhancing the quality of health care through the implementation of service transformations, increased patient safety, and improved clinical outcomes.

Why should you pick Cambridge University Hospitals?

  • Our reputation and guiding principles for rendering exceptional care
  • Experience-gaining opportunities in a multitude of fields
  • Procurement and advancement opportunities in the workplace
  • A committed clinical education support staff offers mentoring and preceptorship programs.
  • Opportunities and experience in research
  • Beautiful surroundings and a high standard of living
  • Excellent educational institutions and transportation (air, rail, and road) connections.

Main Duties of the Job:

Throughout Maternity Services, deliver clinical midwifery care that is grounded in current research findings and is of the utmost quality, safety, and efficacy.

Employed in this professionThe Rosie Maternity Hospital provides maternity, gynecology, and neonatal care to the residents of Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, North Essex, East and North Hertfordshire, and portions of Suffolk. Obstetricians specializing in high-risk cases, fetal and maternal medicine, and neonatal intensive care provide services to the entire eastern region.

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Benefits of Midwife Jobs in UK with Visa Sponsorship:

  • Work Authorization: The provision of visa sponsorship guarantees non-UK midwives the lawful entitlement to engage in employment within the nation, thereby furnishing a stable and compliant occupational standing.
  • Career Prospects: The healthcare system in the United Kingdom affords midwives the chance to operate in diverse environments, encompassing clinics, hospitals, and community health services, thereby facilitating professional advancement and maturation.
  • Job Security: Visa sponsorship frequently signifies an employer’s dedication to financially assist the midwife during her sojourn in the United Kingdom, thereby affording a degree of occupational stability and security.
  • Competitive Salaries: Healthcare personnel, including midwives, are generally compensated competitively in the United Kingdom, which ensures that they are fairly remunerated for their skills and expertise.
  • Advantages of the National Health Service (NHS): Midwives employed by the NHS may be eligible for a range of comprehensive benefits, such as pension schemes, healthcare coverage, and additional employee bonuses.
  • Professional Development: Employers may allocate resources toward the ongoing professional development of midwives through the provision of training programs, seminars, and other avenues that facilitate the expansion of their expertise and understanding.
  • Diverse Work Environment: The diverse nature of the healthcare sector in the United Kingdom allows midwives to engage with an extensive array of patients and medical conditions, thereby fostering a profession that is both varied and gratifying.
  • Cultural Experience: Engaging in midwifery in the United Kingdom provides midwives with a culturally significant experience, allowing them to contribute to the distinctive healthcare system, become acquainted with various medical practices, and interact with a diverse patient population.
  • Work-Life Balance: The United Kingdom prioritizes the maintenance of a healthy work-life balance, recognizing its potential to enhance the overall well-being of midwives.
  • Collaboration and Networking: Midwives operating within the United Kingdom are allowed to engage in research projects, collaborate with fellow healthcare practitioners, and establish a professional network that spans the global healthcare community.

Candidates applying from outside the United Kingdom:

If you are seeking sponsorship for a UK work visa, please ensure that you are not applying from a Red List country to prevent any potential disappointment. – Code of Practice for International Recruitment of Health and Social Care Personnel in England, GOV.UK (

Person Specification:



  • Midwifery Registration
  • Midwifery diploma/degree or equivalent


  • NIPE certification



  • Capability to demonstrate practical midwifery knowledge in all service areas, supported by recent community experience


  • Community participation
  • Research and participation in clinical auditing



  • Maintain knowledge of the implications of recent research for evidence-based care. Are You Aware of the PMA’s Function? Knowledge of the implications of current Maternity Care reports and guidelines
  • Comprehension of the NMC Code
  • Determination of the PMA’s Function
  • Knowledge of the implications of current Maternity Care reports and guidelines.


  • Participation in the formulation of policies and guidelines supported by evidence.



  • Capability to execute the full spectrum of midwifery competencies across all clinical environments
  • Enhanced interpersonal competencies
  • Developing skills in perineal suturing, epidural administration, IV medication administration, and IV infusion placement.
  • Outstanding abilities in communication


  • Outstanding organizational skills
  • Capable of mentoring and assisting others in a learning environment

Additional Conditions;


  • Capability to function effectively in a multidisciplinary team setting
  • Providing coverage for on-call duties as required.
  • Care administered by midwives ought to be encouraged and expanded.
  • Mobility between community services and trust
  • Care administered by midwives ought to be encouraged and expanded.
  • As per job banding regulations and per the guidance of your line manager.
  • Competent in substituting for a team leader or line manager
  • Self-confident and driven
  • In the context of a team, an encouraging


  • Implementing EPP (Exposure Prevention Procedures)
  • Interactions with patients in a therapeutic environment
  • Preparing and managing food
  • Direct communication with the patient
  • The use of latex protection is mandatory.
  • Manually managing
  • Working night shifts or shifts
  • Possess a legitimate driver’s permit

Certificate of Sponsorship:

Applications from job seekers requiring sponsorship as a current skilled worker to work in the United Kingdom are encouraged and will be evaluated in conjunction with all other applications. For further details, please visit the UK Visas and Immigration website (Opens in a new tab).

To obtain entry clearance into the United Kingdom, skilled worker petitioners have been obligated to present a criminal record certificate from each country in which they have maintained continuous or cumulative residence for a minimum of twelve months within the preceding ten years, as of April 6, 2017. Additional dependents, who are adults aged 18 or older, are likewise obligated to perform this task. Advice is available in this location. Background investigations for criminal activity on international candidates (Opens in a new tab).

Registration in the United Kingdom:

Professionals who are presently registered in the United Kingdom are required to apply. For additional details, kindly consult the NHS Careers website (which will open in a new window).

More Info

  1. What is the work of a midwife?

    Midwives provide complete care and assistance to expecting women and their families all through the duration of pregnancy, labor, and after delivery.

  2. Is there a demand for midwives in the UK?

    The continuing success of midwifery-related shows like One Born Every Minute and Call The Midwife could be responsible for the continued high demand for midwifery as an occupation in the United Kingdom. Data shows that the number of employed midwives in the United Kingdom increased from 36,700 in 2010 to 57,600 in 2021.

  3. How can I work as a midwife in the UK?

    Those desiring to engage in midwifery in the United Kingdom are required to register with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). Applicants for registration must have completed an NMC-approved midwifery education program and fulfill the organization’s requirements of good health and character.

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