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IT Jobs in Georgia For Foreigners 2024 – Visa Sponsorship

Georgia’s economy is predominantly agricultural and mining, and it is highly dependent on imports. Its substantial hydropower capacity provides energy for the vast majority of the population. All three have been indispensable to the nation’s economic recovery since 1990, which has produced a robust GDP.

Tourism in particular has contributed to expansions in the industrial and service sectors, which have bolstered Georgia’s economy and GDP. A multitude of international organizations and businesses have established operations in Tbilisi, providing Georgians with goods. Some of these multinational corporations recruit and transfer employees from outside the former Soviet Union to Georgia.

Georgia is home to facilities of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, the United Nations, and the International Red Cross. Notwithstanding this global influence, employment prospects for expatriates in Georgia are restricted, with English instruction constituting one of the few tangible opportunities at hand. When a work offer does not serve as the main motivation for your relocation, it may be necessary to possess TEFL certification in order to secure funding for your sojourn.

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Job Search in Georgia

Job seekers from outside Georgia have the option to utilize speculative communications or the Internet.

Without a teaching credential, it is difficult to obtain employment in Tbilisi or elsewhere. It is prudent to inquire with international firms operating within the country regarding potential employment openings. They exhibit a preference for hiring locals rather than expatriates; therefore, making direct contact with them will enhance your prospects of obtaining employment. Ensure that you have conducted adequate investigation and that your skill set aligns with those of their Georgia teams.

Multiple job portals assist foreign nationals in finding employment. Although they might converge with other online employment platforms, these serve as a reliable initial resource for international transfers. Approach Georgian businesses without fear; as the economy improves, many may be interested in hiring foreign laborers. A burgeoning company could benefit from expatriates who are proficient in European languages such as French and German, whereas the majority of Georgians speak Georgian and a subset of Russians and younger individuals are proficient in English.

Numerous employment boards in Georgia are devoted to native English speakers interested in teaching. Geography and experience have a substantial impact on salaries. Using the TEFL’s citation of national wage rates could assist you in estimating the wage in Georgia.

Benefits of IT Jobs

  • High Demand: The high demand for IT talents is evident in numerous sectors, guaranteeing a diverse range of employment prospects. Because virtually every industry is dependent on technology, there is an ongoing demand for IT specialists.
  • Competitive Salaries: IT positions frequently provide competitive compensation packages in light of the specialized expertise and competencies demanded. Proficient IT experts, particularly those with expertise in cybersecurity, data science, and software development, generally earn a higher salary.
  • Constant Learning: The IT industry is ever-changing and dynamic. In this context, ongoing education is imperative in order to remain informed about the most recent advancements, trends, and methodologies. This fosters engagement in the task at hand and offers prospects for both individual and vocational development.
  • Diverse Career Paths: IT is an expansive domain that encompasses a multitude of specialized areas, including but not limited to software development, cybersecurity, network administration, database management, and artificial intelligence. This diversity permits individuals to investigate various IT career paths in accordance with their talents and interests.
  • Flexibility and Remote Work: A considerable number of IT positions provide the opportunity for remote work arrangements. This adaptability may enable professionals to maintain a more favorable equilibrium between their professional and personal lives by facilitating remote work or permitting non-standard work schedules.
  • Global Opportunities: The universal applicability of IT skills affords prospects for employment on an international scale. Numerous IT specialists have the option of working remotely for international clients and employers or for multinational corporations.
  • Problem-Solving and Creativity: Especially in the domains of software development and system architecture, IT positions frequently demand ingenuity and problem-solving capabilities. Resolving intricate technical challenges can provide intellectual stimulation and fulfillment.
  • Job Security: IT professionals are comparatively more assured of their employment in contrast to those in other sectors, owing to the growing integration of technology into routine business activities across various industries. Consistent demand exists for their knowledge and abilities.
  • Innovation and Impact: The field of information technology (IT) provides individuals with the opportunity to be at the vanguard of innovation and make valuable contributions to technological progress that can profoundly affect organizations, society, and the lives of individuals and businesses.

List of IT Jobs in Georgia For Foreigners

1. IT Helpdesk Associate


  • Apply diagnostic procedures to PCs, printers, and other associated devices in order to resolve issues.
  • Rebuilding or installing a mobile device, computer, hardware, or software
  • Manage your account and install Microsoft Office (365), Windows 10, and 11.
  • Manage the inventory of IT and procure IT.
  • Supervise and maintain the storage and warehouse infrastructure.
  • Support for end users regarding network-related issues
  • Room administration for servers
  • Managing the organization’s phone infrastructure.
  • Additional IT responsibilities assigned by a manager

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2. PC and Test Support


  • Maintain RF and EVDO equipment in a safe and functional condition; schedule and execute necessary maintenance and repairs.
  • Regularly maintain all testing apparatus. assemble records of equipment maintenance
  • Generate summary, detail, and metric reports using the supplied data.
  • Monitor and forecast data from a variety of sources; assess and offer suggestions in accordance with the findings of the analysis.
  • Execute software validation tasks as required to ensure compliance with spreadsheet and database standards.
  • Provide support to quality and process management by assisting with ISO audits and evaluations, departmental activities, and process enhancements at every stage.
  • Assume administrative duties associated with the maintenance of accurate documentation; design and implement automated report generation systems.

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3. IT Operations Specialist

  • Accept the daily challenges of user support in a distribution center of a significant scale.
  • Possess three to five years of comprehensive experience in both deployment and support for macOS and iOS devices (macOS experience is required).
  • Uphold a superior level of responsiveness to user inquiries via Slack support channels and/or tickets by ensuring that our team’s support tickets are consistently updated.
  • Employ the OneLogin access control platform to provision applications and oversee user accounts in accordance with authorized access levels.
  • Implement an asset management system to aid in the upkeep of an exhaustive inventory.
  • Maintain wireline and wireless network connections and collaborate with members of the remote network engineering team to troubleshoot connectivity issues at your location.
  • I assisted in the setup of large meetings, mounted enhancements, and maintained AV conferencing equipment.

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Georgia Working Visa and Resident Permit

Visas for Employment and Resident Permits Obtaining visas for expatriates operating in Georgia is challenging. Previously, it was possible to remain in Georgia without obtaining a resident’s permission for a maximum of 360 days. Numerous businesses have provided and continue to provide employment to individuals with visitor visas. Working and earning money in the country does not typically require a special visa, contrary to what many online resources claim. Employing oneself on a standard tourist visa is generally prohibited.

The uncertainty is almost certainly attributable to a late 2014 modification to Georgian visa policy. Those attending business conferences and meetings, journalists, tourists, and freelancers operating within the country can now enter the country with a standard tourist visa. You must travel on a long-term visa if you wish to operate in Georgia, establish a business there, or provide paid services to a Georgian corporation. An assortment of documentation is required to apply for this type of visa, contingent upon the purpose of your sojourn. Additionally, a long-term visa is needed to obtain a resident permit.

A tourism visa is valid for a single entry and grants permission for a 30-day stay within the country. In order to cross the border while on a visit prior to permanent residency, one must obtain a long-term visa that grants multiple entries into the country.

Living and working in a foreign country can be an enriching and beneficial experience. Georgia presents not only a multitude of challenges but also a multitude of benefits that are unparalleled by its rivals. Relocating to Georgia is certain to be one of the most enriching experiences of your life, owing to the state’s distinctive architecture, hospitable locals, breathtaking scenery, and delectable cuisine.

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  1. Is it easy to get a job in Georgia for foreigners?

    The job hunting process for foreigners in Georgia is pretty typical and can be conducted online and through speculative communications. If you are not teaching, finding work in Tbilisi or any of the other cities is likely to be difficult.

  2. What is an IT job? 

    An IT job is any position that involves the implementation, support, maintenance, repair, or protection of data or computer systems. Those involved in the development, deployment, or support of the systems or applications others use are the most common examples of IT jobs.

  3. Is Georgia good to settle?

    Georgia is a welcoming country, both in terms of the hospitality of the locals and the relative ease of applying to become a resident or citizen.

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