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Who aspires to contribute to their nation’s military by enlisting in the Pakistan Army. Are you acquainted with ISSB? If not, that is fine. Through the conclusion of this article, you will possess a comprehensive understanding of the precise steps required to reach that destination.

Understanding ISSB:

What is ISSB?

The Inter-Services Selection Board is abbreviated as ISSB. The aforementioned entity assesses prospective candidates for officer commissions within the Pakistan Armed Forces. Folks, this is your entry ticket into the militia.

Why ISSB Matters?

The ISSB examinations are rigorous, requiring physical and mental endurance in addition to academic knowledge. In addition to physical attractiveness, possessing the mental and emotional fortitude to serve and protect is of the utmost importance.

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Benefits of Join Pak Army ISSB Jobs:

  • Patriotic Service: Individuals can serve their country and contribute to national security by enlisting in the Pakistan Army. This presents a crucial opportunity to actively contribute to the protection of the country’s interests.
  • Career Opportunities: The Pakistan Army provides a wide array of career trajectories and avenues for professional growth. Officers are afforded the opportunity to develop expertise in a multitude of disciplines, such as intelligence, engineering, medicine, logistics, and more.
  • Training and Skill Development: Officers are provided with comprehensive training programs that significantly augment their aptitudes in leadership, management, and decision-making. Academic programs at establishments such as the Pakistan Military Academy (PMA) equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to confront the rigors of their military careers.
  • Competitive Salary and Allowances: Officers enlisted in the Pakistan Army are remunerated with a competitive salary in addition to a range of allowances catering to accommodation, medical expenses, and other essential requirements. The armed forces frequently afford officers and their families financial stability.
  • Healthcare Benefits: Comprehensive healthcare benefits are generally provided to military personnel, including officers, for the benefit of themselves and their families. This includes coverage for medical expenses, access to military hospitals, and medical facilities.
  • lodging facilities: Officers are provided with lodging facilities by the military, which may be located on-base or include allowances for off-base living. This measure guarantees that accommodations for officers and their families are appropriate.
  • Academic Support: The military frequently provides financial assistance to military personnel and their offspring for educational purposes. Possible benefits may consist of financial aid, scholarships, and opportunities for advanced study.
  • Retirement Benefits: Upon completion of their tenure, officers in the Pakistan Army are eligible to receive retirement benefits, which include a pension that ensures their financial security. The pension system of the armed forces is designed to assist retired personnel and their families.
  • Strengthened Teamwork and Camaraderie: The military milieu cultivates an intense sense of camaraderie and solidarity. By forging enduring relationships with their comrades, officers establish a network of support that endures beyond their active duty years.
  • Global Exposure: Military engagement frequently entails encounters with diverse cultures, collaborations on an international level, and active involvement in peacekeeping operations. This global exposure can contribute to the personal and professional development of the officer by broadening their perspective.

Eligibility Criteria to Join Pak Army ISSB:

  • Age and learning
  • An age range of 17 to 23 years is mandatory, with educational prerequisites contingent upon the particular position. A bachelor’s degree is frequently required.
  • Physical Specifications
  • A minimum stature of 5 feet 4 inches in height and an appropriate body mass index are mandatory. Additionally, you must complete a number of physical examinations.

Application Process:

  • Application Online: The army is completing an application online via ISSB. You will subsequently be summoned for an initial interview and examination.
  • Interviewed at
  • Upon successfully completing the initial round, you will receive an invitation to an in-person interview. Your performance will earn you a spot in the training academy.

Training Sessions:

  • Basic military instruction
  • A series of fundamental military training programs will be implemented to assess your physical and mental capabilities.
  • Officer Education
  • Months of rigorous training covering everything from military tactics to leadership abilities constitute this.

Steps to Apply:

  • Preliminary Examinations
  • The initial phases typically consist of a written examination and a physical examination. If you perform well in this section, you will advance to the ISSB exams.
  • ISSB Examinations
  • The following are major leagues! Written examinations, interviews, and field tests comprise the ISSB examinations, which are designed to assess your overall abilities.
  • Complete Selection
  • Congratulations! You’ve made it this far! However, before you open the champagne, refrain from doing so. Your final medical examination and interview are prerequisites for finalizing your selection.

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In conclusion, this is a comprehensive ISSB guide to enlisting in the Pakistan Army. Bear in mind that this is a duty to serve and protect your nation, not merely a vocation.

  1. Who is eligible for ISSB 2024?

    Citizens of Pakistan or permanent residents of Azad Kashmir or Gilgit Baltistan met the following age criteria: Intermediate aged 17 – 22. Graduates having aged 17 – 23 years. Graduates having aged 17 – 24 years.

  2. What are ISSB subjects?

    Entry Test: The starting screening test is designed to assess the aptitude of the candidates in common subjects like English, Maths, Pakistan Studies, Islamiyat, and General Knowledge

  3. What is the work of ISSB?

    The ISSB develops interest in the public standards that will result in a high-quality, comprehensive global baseline of sustainability disclosures focused on the needs of investors and the financial markets.

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