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Jobs in District Education Authority Vehari 2024 – Apply Now

The Required Class IV Staff is detailed on this page. The information regarding this job posting was published in the Daily Express. The Vehari District currently has 208 vacant positions that are seeking candidates with a Literate, Primary, Middle, or Matric pass. All Vehari District Education Authority Government Schools offer these positions.

DEA job postings include Naib Qasid and Class IV positions. Equally eligible are both men and women. Quotas are additionally established to accommodate individuals with disabilities and minority groups. Additionally, 15% of quotas are reserved for the offspring of serving personnel.

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Details of Jobs in District Education Authority Vehari:

EducationLiterate, Matric, Middle, Primary
CompanyDistrict Education Authority
AddressM Suhaib Imran, Chief Executive Officer, District Education Authority, Vehari

Vacant Position:

  • Class IV
  • Naib Qasid

Benefits of Jobs in District Education Authority Vehari:

  • Employment Security: Government employment generally ensures a substantial degree of job security, furnishing personnel with enduring and consistent employment.
  • Appealing Compensation Packages: Standardized and competitive salary structures are commonplace in government positions. In addition to regular compensation increases, employees may be granted additional allowances.
  • Health Care Advantages: Government employees, including those working for educational authorities, typically receive comprehensive healthcare benefits. These benefits comprise medical insurance and reimbursement for medical expenses.
  • Pension Schemes: Government employees frequently have access to pension plans, which provide them with security in their retirement.
  • Allowances for housing and transportation: Certain government positions may provide housing and transportation allowances to assist personnel in covering the expenses related to lodging and commuting.
  • Academic Opportunities: Employees of the government may be granted access to a variety of educational opportunities, such as seminars, training programs, and courses for professional development.
  • Leave Preferences: Generally, personnel are granted a range of leave entitlements, encompassing medical leave, maternity and paternity leave, and annual leave.
  • Benefits from a Gratuity and Retirement: Government employees may be eligible for gratuity payments and other retirement benefits upon retirement, contingent upon their duration of service.
  • Life-Work Balance: Government employment frequently prioritizes the maintenance of a healthy work-life equilibrium, thereby enabling personnel to efficiently handle their professional and personal obligations.
  • The Social Security Administration: Employees may be eligible for social security programs, which offer monetary assistance in the event of emergencies or unanticipated situations.
  • Aspects of Community Development Contributions: Individuals who hold positions in educational authorities can make valuable contributions to the advancement of the education sector and the betterment of the community at large.
  • Professional Development: Government positions typically offer prospects for professional development and progression. There may be opportunities for employees to advance their careers via promotions and increased responsibilities.

More Info

  1. What is the District Education Authority?

    The major responsibilities of the District Education Authority are listed below: Boy’s schools, girls’ schools, technical schools, colleges (other than professional), sports (education), and special education Elementary, secondary, and college education, except professional education. Grant of a scholarship.

  2. Who is the current chief secretary of Punjab? 

    Zahid Akhtar Zaman Assumes Charge as Chief Secretary Punjab | Punjab Portal.

  3. What is the rank of secretary in Pakistan? 

    The secretary is the administrative head of that ministry or division and oversees and enforces public policy matters. The authority for the creation of this post solely rests with the Cabinet of Pakistan. The position holder is a BPS-22-grade officer, usually belonging to the Pakistan Administrative Service.

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