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Visa Sponsorship Research Assistant Jobs in UK – Apply Now

You will work on a project called Joint Communication and Sensing for Future 6G. You will work with machine learning, reconfigurable surfaces, and wireless sensors. The selected candidate will also be expected to participate in the production and publication of research articles and research proposals and help manage and guide this complex and difficult undertaking as opportunities arise.

Details About Visa Sponsorship Research Assistant Jobs in UK:

  • Location: UK
  • Offered Salary: £32,332 – £36,024 / year
  • Experience: 4 Year
  • Gender: Both
  • Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree
  • Career Level: Executive

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

Perform the following tasks in conjunction with and under the supervision of the Principal/Co-Investigator:

  • Plan and carry out assigned research individually or collaboratively by the project deliverables and the project/group/school/college research strategy.
  • Document research findings, such as data analysis and interpretation, record-keeping, and database administration, and preparing technical/progress reports and papers as needed.
  • Build and strengthen your research profile and reputation, as well as that of The University of Glasgow/School/Research Group, by contributing to international quality publications in high-profile/quality refereed journals, increasing research impact regarding economic/societal benefit, and gathering esteem indicators.
  • Assist with the presentation of work at international and national conferences, as well as internal and external seminars, colloquia, and workshops, to expand and improve our research profile.
  • Identify potential funding sources and develop bids to secure money from internal and external entities for future research.
  • Collaborate with colleagues and participate in team/group/meetings/seminars/workshops throughout the research group, school/college/university, and community.
  • Assist with the organization, supervision, coaching, and training of undergraduate and/or postgraduate students, as well as less experienced members of the project team, to guarantee their effective development.
  • Carry out administrative chores related to the research group and School’s activities, such as budgeting and expenditure.
  • Carry out modest instructional activities (e.g., demonstrations) and related administrative responsibilities as assigned by the Head of School and in consultation with the Principal Investigator.
  • Keep up with the newest advancements in the field/discipline.
  • Participate in ongoing professional development programs as needed.
  • Carry out any other reasonable duties as given by the Head of School/Director of the Research Institute.
  • Help to improve the University’s international profile by the Strategic Plan, World Changers Together.

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Knowledge, skills, and experience:

Knowledge and Qualifications


  • A1 SCQF Level 10 (Honours degree) in a relevant area or a cognate discipline,
  • A2 A comprehensive and current understanding of the larger topic area or subject specialism.
  • A3 Knowledge and hands-on experience using radar sensing and machine learning.


  • B1 An awarded (or recently submitted, or nearly completed) PhD in topic specialization or equivalent.


  • C1 Research originality and cross-discipline cooperation talents, where applicable
  • C2 Demonstrates excellent oral and written communication skills, particularly in public presentations, as well as the ability to explain complex data/concepts effectively and concisely.
  • C3 Demonstrates excellent interpersonal skills, teamwork, and a collegiate perspective.
  • C4 Effective work, time, project, budget, and people management capabilities
  • C5 Extensive IT and data analysis/interpretation capabilities, if applicable.
  • C6 Self-motivation, Initiative, and Independent Thinking/Work
  • C7 Problem-solving ability, including a flexible and pragmatic approach.


  • E1 Adequate relevant research experience (or equivalent) is required for an early-career researcher in RF systems, machine learning, joint communication, and sensing.
  • E2 Experience in Scientific Writing
  • E3 Demonstrated ability to generate quality results in a timely and efficient manner.
  • E4 Evidence of a growing publication history in a relevant topic.

The University of Glasgow is responsible for ensuring that all employees are eligible to live and work in the United Kingdom. If you need a Skilled Worker visa to work in the UK, you must first meet the visa route’s eligibility requirements before receiving a Certificate of Sponsorship.

Please be informed that this post can only be sponsored under the Skilled Worker visa route if the proposed candidate is a new entrant/has a relevant PhD/has a relevant STEM PhD.

For further information, go to

Terms & Conditions:

  • The annual wage for Grade 6 will be £32,332 – £36,024.
  • This is a full-time position with financing for up to 12 months.
  • As a member of Team UofG, you will be a part of a diverse, worldwide community that values ambition, excellence, integrity, and curiosity.

Benefits of Visa Sponsorship Research Assistant Jobs in UK:

  • Access to Global Talent: Visa sponsorship enables UK firms to recruit qualified individuals from all over the world who have specialized knowledge and expertise in research areas relevant to their organizations. Access to a varied talent pool improves the quality and depth of research undertaken.
  • Addressing Skills Gaps: Research-intensive fields frequently necessitate specialized skills and experience, which may be in limited supply domestically. Visa sponsorship allows firms to fill skill gaps by hiring talented researchers from other countries, thus increasing their research capabilities.
  • Fostering Innovation and Creativity: By bringing together academics from various cultural and intellectual backgrounds, visa sponsorship promotes a variety of thinking and viewpoints among research teams. This diversity frequently results in the development of novel ideas and ways to issue solutions.
  • Collaboration Opportunities: Visa-sponsored research assistant positions frequently need collaboration with overseas partners, institutions, and researchers. This promotes knowledge exchange, collaborative research projects, and the sharing of best practices, thus improving the quality and impact of research findings.
  • Career Development and Networking: Working as a research assistant in a visa-sponsored position offers individuals several chances for professional development and networking. They may have access to tools, training programs, and conferences that can help them achieve their academic and professional goals.
  • Contributing to Global Research Efforts: Visa-sponsored research assistants can contribute to global research efforts and solve significant societal issues on a worldwide scale. This can be a personally rewarding and important job, knowing that their efforts have the potential to have a good global impact.
  • Enhanced Cultural Understanding: Collaborating with colleagues from various cultural backgrounds promotes cross-cultural understanding and appreciation. Visa-sponsored research assistants receive unique insights into many cultures, traditions, and ways of thinking, which can benefit both their personal and professional lives.
  • Supporting Organizational Objectives: Visa-sponsored research assistants play an important role in helping their employers achieve their research goals and strategic objectives. Their contributions help develop knowledge, foster innovation, and keep UK institutions competitive on a worldwide scale.

More Info

  1. How much are research assistants paid in UK?

    The typical yearly salary for a Research Assistant in the United Kingdom is £29,945. The average additional salary for a Research Assistant in the United Kingdom is £1,410, with salaries ranging from £623 to £3,191.

  2. What grade is Research Assistant UK?

    Research Assistant UK is Grade 6.

  3. Do you need a PhD to be a research assistant?

    Most research assistant duties demand a strong (2:1 or above) undergraduate degree, preferably a Master’s degree, in an appropriate discipline. Some positions need candidates to have a postgraduate degree or participate in a PhD program.

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