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Pak Navy Matric Base Jobs for Females 2024 – Apply Now

Those who have completed the 10th standard or intermediate level and are female and desire a permanent position in the Pakistan Navy may enroll as female medical technicians. Serving your country and embarking on a rewarding career as a “female medical technician in the Pakistan Navy” is an exceptional opportunity.

Becoming a female medical technician in the Pakistan Navy enables one to “join the Pakistan Army as a female medical cadet” and valiantly serve their nation. A “Pak Navy Pay Female Medical Technician” is qualified to administer medical services to Navy personnel and their families. For patriotic women who aspire to “join the Philippine Navy as doctors,” this is a rewarding profession.

The selected candidates completed one year of training at PNS Shifa Karachi. “Pak Navy Women Medical Technician” curricula consist of the following:

  • Medical technician courses
  • Nursing courses
  • Para-medical courses

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Benefits of Pak Navy Matric Base Jobs for Females

  • Equal Opportunity for Employment:
  • The Pakistan Navy ensures that all female applicants are afforded equal employment opportunities, beginning with the matriculation level.
  • Employment Security:
  • Employing in the Navy offers career stability and employment security, along with prospects for professional development and progression contingent upon one’s qualifications and performance.
  • Competitive Compensation and Perquisites:
  • Female personnel at the matriculation level in the Navy are remunerated competitively and are granted a range of benefits, including accommodation, medical, and educational allowances for their offspring.
  • The domain of training and development:
  • Training programs are funded by the Navy in order to augment the competencies and capabilities of its personnel, thereby guaranteeing their career advancement and progress.
  • Health Care Advantages:
  • A healthcare plan that provides employees and their families with comprehensive protection, guaranteeing access to medical facilities and treatments.
  • Benefits from pensions and retirement:
  • Pension benefits and retirement programs provided by the Navy guarantee post-service financial security.
  • Provisions or Housing Allowances:
  • The Navy offers lodging facilities or allowances to its personnel, contingent upon their position and availability.
  • Life-Work Balance:
  • Policies and provisions that promote a healthy work-life balance, including reasonable working hours and leave benefits.
  • Making an Input to the National Service:
  • The Pakistan Navy provides women with the opportunity to serve their country in a meaningful capacity and contribute to national security.
  • Prospects for the Development of Skills:
  • The Navy may provide matriculated female employees with opportunities to acquire new skills, participate in a variety of duties, and develop experience in a variety of capacities.

Eligibility Criteria for Pak Navy Matric Base Jobs

How to join Pak Navy Matric Base Jobs

Step 1: Visit the Pakistan Navy website.

For online registration, please visit the official website of the Pakistan Navy.

More Info

Step 2: Create an account

Establish an account by inputting your personal information on the website. In addition to your CNIC and domicile, you will also require your matriculation certificate.

Step 3: Apply online.

Locate the Female Medical Technician posting after logging in and selecting Apply Online. Complete the application form in its entirety.

Step 4: Get the test details.

You will receive the written test date, roll number sheet, and test venue information via email or posmail following the online application process.

Step 5: Appear for the test.

Bring the roll number sheet and any other necessary documentation to the designated examination location on the designated day. Attend the written examination.

Step 6: Check the results.

If you pass the written examination, your name will be included on the Pakistan Navy’s merit list. Only those who are chosen advance to subsequent phases, which include the medical examination, cognitive test, and finals.

How to prepare

  • Concentrate on the subjects of biology, physics, chemistry, and mathematics during the matric and inter-levels.
  • Anatomy, physiology, pathology, and pharmacology fundamentals should be studied.
  • Learn and apply first aid techniques as well as nursing care.
  • Develop your command of the English language.
  • Maintain physical fitness via sports and exercise.

Selection Process of Pak Navy Jobs

  • Assessment of personality and intelligence
  • Primary and concluding medical examinations
  • Promotional Interview by the Naval Selection Board
  • Assume the seaman position to begin.


  • Chief Medical Technician and Leading Medical Technician
  • Advancement to officer positions such as lieutenant and commander
  • Opportunities for professional advancement in medicine and administration

Women can pursue a rewarding profession as medical technicians in the Pakistan Navy with diligence and effort. The position provides outstanding benefits, prospects for career progression, and the chance to contribute to the betterment of the country.

  1. How can I apply for the Pakistan Navy after matriculation?

    For Registration. visit the nearest Pakistan Navy Recruitment and Selection Centre along with original and attested photocopies of the following academic documents and an uncrossed postal order of Rs. 200/- in the name of the Director of Recruitment.

  2. How do I apply for Pak Navy? 

    To apply online for the courses, visit and submit the details accordingly. To register personally, the candidate must visit the nearest PN Recruitment and Selection office, taking all the required documents mentioned in the advertisement.

  3. Which job is best for girls in the Navy? 

    The merchant navy includes many job opportunities for women. If we talk about the best, the officer rank job is the most suitable for women in the merchant navy. Also, women can pursue their careers after 12th grade in the engine department, hospitality, deck department, and department on cruise ships.

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