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Young, unmarried males are invited to enlist as Sailor (S) Batch C Marine and A-2024 General Service members in the Pakistan Navy. This distinguished branch of the armed forces safeguards the littoral regions of Pakistan by protecting the nation’s maritime boundaries. It is a rare opportunity to enlist as a sailor in the Pakistan Navy immediately after completing the Matric, which makes it an attractive choice for those who wish to serve their country.

This all-encompassing manual offers exhaustive information regarding the Pakistan Navy, including the application process, available positions, benefits, prerequisites, and eligibility criteria.

What Is a Sailor in the Pakistan Navy?

The classification of a Sailor in the Pakistan Navy is comparable to that of a Soldier in other armed forces. Sailors play crucial roles across multiple branches of the Navy, providing support for its operations and missions. This position is entry-level and provides an intriguing and rewarding career trajectory.

Important Details to Join Pak Navy as Sailor after Matric:

  • Recent announcements by the Pakistan Navy concern sailor employment in batches C Marine and A-2024 General Service.
  • Technical, Female Medical Technician (FMT), Naval Police/Regulating, Marine, Chef/Steward, Musician, MTD/Driver, Sanitary Worker/Sweeper, and PT Branch are among the branches that offer these positions.

Recruitment Procedure to Join Pak Navy as Sailor:

A multi-step procedure, the recruitment process is intended to identify the most qualified candidates. The following are the fundamental procedures:

  • Written Test (E-Testing): At 8:00 am on November 2024, the initial written test will be administered. In addition to Matric Science, English, Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry, the examination will encompass General Knowledge.
  • Physical Test: Candidates who pass the written examination will be required to complete the following: 1.6 meters in 8 minutes of running, 15 push-ups in 2 minutes, 15 sit-ups in 2 minutes, and 4 chin-ups in minutes. The location of this examination is the headquarters.
  • Interview and Medical Examination: In January 2024, the interview and medical examination phase will commence. The information of this examination will be furnished by the appropriate selection center.
  • Personality Test:  Candidates who have completed the interview and medical examination will be required to participate in a personality test between February and March 2024. This examination is essential for the selection procedure.
  • Temporary Selection: Candidates will be chosen for transitory positions within the Naval Headquarters. At the Karachi Training Centre, a medical examination is mandatory for this provisional selection.
  • Permanent Selection: April 2024 will mark the beginning of training. Candidates who pass a medical examination at the Karachi Training Centre will be selected permanently.

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Available Positions:

Candidates can choose from the following branches or categories:

  • Technical
  • Female Medical Technician (FMT)
  • Naval Police/Regulating
  • Marine
  • Chef/Steward
  • Musician
  • MTD/Driver
  • Sanitary Worker/Sweeper
  • PT Branch

Benefits of Join Pak Navy as Sailor:

  • Employment Security: Enlisting in the Pakistan Navy offers the prospect of long-term employment and a profession that is both stable and secure.
  • Training and Development: Sailors are provided with extensive training and development opportunities across a wide range of technical and professional domains. This training program not only serves to augment their skill set but also furnishes prospects for both personal and professional growth.
  • Competitive Salary and Allowances: In addition to a competitive salary, sailors are granted a range of valuable allowances, including accommodation and medical provisions, among others, which augment their overall earnings.
  • Healthcare Facilities: Healthcare facilities are generally accessible to sailors and their families, guaranteeing the provision of necessary medical attention.
  • Lodging: The Navy frequently offers lodging facilities to its personnel, thereby alleviating the financial strain associated with independently locating housing.
  • Prospects for Additional Education: The Navy may offer mariners the chance to pursue specialized training or higher education, thereby augmenting their expertise and understanding.
  • Career Progression: The Navy provides a well-organized system for career advancement, whereby mariners can gain rank and responsibility by their performance and experience.
  • Retirement Benefits: Retirement benefits are provided to mariners upon the completion of their service. These benefits consist of pensions and various other post-service perks.
  • Possibilities for Travel: Navy service may entail deployment to various locations, affording mariners the chance to explore new cultures and embark on journeys.
  • Sense of Pride and Purpose: A sense of dignity and purpose is experienced by numerous individuals who enlist in the Navy as a means of serving their country. Constantly demanding and gratifying, the work is an asset to national security.

Requirements for Join Pak Navy as Sailor:

  • Educational: An educational prerequisite for this position is the successful completion of a Matric in Science/Arts with a minimum score of 60%.
  • Age: Candidates must be between the ages of sixteen and twenty-four.
  • Height: A minimum of 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm) in height is required.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Gender: Male applicants only are eligible to participate.
  • Marital Status: Unmarried applicants are required.
  • Nationality: Candidates must be citizens of Pakistan.

How to Apply for Pak Navy Sailor Jobs:

The procedure for applying is as follows:

  • To enroll, please visit the Pakistan Navy website at
  • During the examination, a postal order for Rs. 100 payable to the Director of Recruitment, Naval Headquarters Islamabad, should be presented. A hand-delivered crossed postal order is permissible.

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Becoming a Sailor in the Pakistan Navy represents a momentous occasion to proudly serve the nation while commencing a gratifying professional odyssey. This uncommon opportunity to enlist in a prestigious branch of the armed forces is available to male applicants who have completed the Matriculation level. Seize the opportunity to become a member of Sailor Batch C and A-2024. Commence your pursuit of a rewarding career in the Pakistan Navy by registering online.

  1. How can I apply for the Pakistan Navy after matric?

    Regarding registration, please submit the following academic documents, along with original and certified photocopies of them, and an uncrossed postal order for Rs. 200/- in the name of the Director of Recruitment, at the nearest Pakistan Navy Recruitment & Selection Centre. Only complete applications will be accepted.

  2. What is the matric percentage for the Pak Navy?

    Applicants who have completed their Matric or intermediate education with a minimum of 60% are eligible to register. To register for the courses electronically, please visit and complete the required information.

  3. Is Pak Navy a good career?

    According to Glassdoor assessments, 73% of Royal Pakistan Navy individuals would recommend working for the organization as an employer to a friend. In addition, the Royal Pakistan Navy received a 3.7 out of 5 rating from employees about work-life balance, 4.3 for culture and values, and 4.1 for career opportunities.

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