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Pak Army as Commission Officer 2024 – PMA Long Course 149

Joining the Pakistan Rangers, Punjab, as a Lady Soldier provides an exceptional opportunity to contribute to the nation’s defense and honors as an esteemed paramilitary organization. Engaging in this demanding yet gratifying trajectory allows one to make a positive impact on national security, partake in critical operations, and benefit from appealing privileges and provisions. Seize the opportunity to contribute significantly to the Pakistan Rangers’ committed team and ensure a bright future. Apply immediately to be a part of an honorable and prestigious voyage.

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PMA Long Course 149: A Grand Opportunity

In 2024, the Pakistan Army will once again be recruiting Commissioned Officers, which includes the opportunity to participate in the esteemed PMA Long Course 149. Prospective candidates are encouraged to submit their applications within a specified one-month period. Nonetheless, only an online application process is utilized.

Benefits of Pak Army as Commission Officer

  • Competitive Salary and Allowances: Commissioned Officers are paid a competitive salary and may be qualified for other allowances like housing, medical, and transportation allowances.
  • Job Security: In general, military service provides a high level of job security, and commissioned officers benefit from a stable and disciplined work environment.
  • Training and Professional Development: The Pakistan Army prioritizes training and development. As a Commissioned Officer, you can expect to go through rigorous training that will not only improve your military skills but will also help you grow personally and professionally.
  • Healthcare Benefits: Commissioned officers and their families receive comprehensive healthcare coverage, including medical insurance and access to military hospitals and clinics.
  • Accommodation Facilities: Commissioned Officers may obtain accommodation accommodations on military sites, depending on rank and availability, eliminating housing-related concerns.
  • Educational possibilities: The army frequently offers educational possibilities for career progression, such as advanced degrees and specialized training.
  • Pension schemes: Commissioned officers are eligible for pension schemes, which provide financial security after retirement.
  • Leave Entitlements: Officers are entitled to several sorts of leave, including yearly leave and casual leave, to provide for personal time off.
  • Opportunities for Travel: Military service frequently involves travel, which can allow officers to learn about new cultures and surroundings.
  • Social Welfare and Support: Typically, the military provides social welfare services to help officers and their families in times of need.
  • Opportunities for Career Progress and Leadership: Commissioned Officers have the possibility of career progress through promotions and may assume leadership roles in a variety of capacities.
  • Respect and Recognition: Being a Commissioned Officer in the Pakistan Army earns you a lot of respect and recognition in the community.

Eligibility Criteria for Pak Army as Commission Officer

Candidates seeking admission to PMA Long Course 149 must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Candidates are required to possess a degree of intermediate standing or its equivalent and fall within the age range of 17 to 22 years.
  • Applicants must have completed their second year of study and be currently employed in the Pakistan Navy or Pakistan Air Force. The age limit for applications is between 17 and 23 years old.
  • Graduation (4-Year Program): Applicants must be between the ages of 17 and 24 and hold a four-year degree, including a BS, BA (Hon), BBA, or BPA.
  • Eligibility criteria for serving Army personnel span from 17 to 25 years of age.
  • For the application process, only male candidates are eligible.
  • Status of Marriage: New candidates must be celibate. Married members of the armed forces who are at least 20 years old are also eligible to register.
  • Eligibility is granted to Pakistani citizens who have established domicile in any province of Pakistan, encompassing Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan. Dual-nationality candidates are required to renounce their foreign citizenship upon reaching the final selection stage.
  • Physical Quantification:
    • Minimum Height: 162.5 cm (5 feet, 4 inches).
    • Visual Standard: Distance vision should be 6/9 or 6/12 when using corrective lenses, while near vision should be J2, J7, or N8, N12 when not using corrective lenses.
    • According to the body mass index, weight

Application Procedure

To be considered for the Pak Army PMA Long Course 149, applicants are required to complete the online registration procedure. This is the official online registration link. Notably, online submission of all applications is mandatory.

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PMA Long Course 149 Test Requirements

The PMA Long Course 149 selection procedure consists of a physical examination, an initial examination, and a written examination. Verbal and non-verbal abilities are evaluated on the initial examination, whereas English, Pakistan Studies, Mathematics, Islamiat, and General Knowledge are encompassed in the written examination.

  • Initial Test: The initial assessment comprises both verbal and non-verbal elements, encompassing general knowledge as well.
  • Written Test: The written examination comprises general knowledge, English, Pakistan Studies, mathematics, and Islamiat multiple-choice questions. Those who pass the written examination advance to the physical examination.
  • Physical Test: The physical examination consists of the following:
    • 8 minutes to complete a 1.6 km run
    • Push-ups for 15 in 2 minutes
    • Twenty-five sit-ups in two minutes
    • 2 minutes for 3 chin-ups
    • 7′.4″ x 7′.4″ ditch crossing with a depth of 4′

PMA Long Course 149 Interview Schedule

Applicants who demonstrate success in the preliminary examination and subsequent phases will receive an invitation to an interview at the AS&RC. Those who perform well during the interview will be invited to take the ISSB Test; they will be notified via the organization’s website and call letters.

Online Test Preparation

Candidates aiming to enhance their preparation for the written examination of PMA Long Course 149 may avail themselves of complimentary online assessments. In addition to Islamic General Knowledge and ISSB General Knowledge, these examinations also encompass chemistry, physics, and biology.

How to Join Pak Army as a Commission Officer

Follow these steps to apply for PMA Long Course 149 and become a Commissioned Officer in the Pakistan Army:

  • The Pakistan Army’s official website can be accessed.
  • On the website, navigate to the “Online Registration” section.
  • Information regarding ongoing courses and recruitment can be found there. Locate and select the PMA Long Course 149 link.
  • You must review the eligibility criteria, requirements, and vital instructions listed on the page to ensure that you satisfy all prerequisites.
  • To begin the application process, select “Online Registration” or “Apply Online” once you have reviewed the information.

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As an honorable means to serve your country, becoming a commission officer in the Pakistan Army is a noble endeavor. PMA Long Course 149 provides participants with the opportunity to commence a voyage characterized by devotion, service, and commitment to Pakistan. Those who are deeply committed to defending their country and effecting positive change should seize this invaluable opportunity.

To be ready to proudly serve your country, you must satisfy the eligibility requirements and adequately prepare for the examinations. I wish all those who are aspiring to enroll in PMA Long Course 149 the utmost success!

  1. What are the passing marks for the PMA long course?

    Typically, a minimum GPA of 55% is necessary to apply; however, candidates who hold a degree like a BBA or BS Hons with 60% or higher are eligible to do so, even if they just achieved 50% in intermediate.

  2. Can we join PMA after FSC?

    You can enroll. For enrollment in the PMA long course, you need to first do a Google search for “join Pakistan Army” and then complete the registration instructions on the army’s official website.

  3. How can I join the Pakistan Army as a commissioned officer?

    Applicants who fulfill the requirements in terms of age, physical fitness, and schooling are eligible to take part in this commission. Chosen through the Inter-Services Selection Board (ISSB) procedure, they join the Pakistan Military Academy (PMA) for their training.

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