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Operations Manager Jobs in UK with Visa Sponsorship 2024

University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust (UHB) is considered as one of the leading NHS Foundation Trusts in the United Kingdom. Our goal is to Build Healthier Lives, and we recognize that we will need excellent employees to do this.

Laboratory Services is now looking for an ambitious and skilled expert to join the operational management team on a 12-month basis. We are searching for a committed and enthusiastic Operational Manager with excellent communication and leadership abilities.

The ideal applicant will be a helpful, empowering, and engaging line manager who can lead with care to fully engage the team, compliment appropriately, and hold people accountable as needed. You will have a track record of displaying leadership, serving as a role model for high-quality beliefs and behavior, and motivating people to develop their capacities through service improvement and transformative change.

You will be joining us at a moment of unprecedented change as we work to modernize our Laboratory Services. We are currently conducting an ambitious transformation program that includes the implementation of Digital Pathology and a new LIMS system. You will need experience with effective change management tools and methods.

Details About Operations Manager Jobs in UK with Visa Sponsorship:

  • Location: UK
  • Offered Salary: £43,700 – £50,100 / year
  • Experience: 5 Year
  • Gender: Both
  • Qualification: Associate Degree
  • Career Level: Manager

Benefits of Operations Manager Jobs in UK with Visa Sponsorship:

  • Career Development Prospects: Operations Manager positions frequently provide prospects for growth. Individuals with the necessary abilities and experience can advance to higher-level managerial or executive positions inside the firm.
  • Competitive Salary: Operations Managers are often paid attractive wages in the UK, particularly in industries such as banking, technology, and healthcare. Additionally, certain companies may provide bonuses or profit-sharing incentives.
  • Visa Sponsorship: For people who need a visa to work in the UK, finding a job that provides visa sponsorship can be critical. This sponsorship can make it easier to obtain the appropriate work permission, allowing people to focus on their careers without having to worry about immigration concerns.
  • Stability and Job Security: Operations Manager positions are frequently critical within firms, ensuring stability and job security. Companies value employees who can efficiently manage operations and maintain seamless corporate procedures, making these positions less susceptible to cutbacks or layoffs.
  • Broad Skill Development: Operations Managers usually supervise multiple parts of a company’s operations, such as logistics, supply chain management, project management, and team leadership. This broad scope of tasks allows for skill development in a variety of areas, increasing an individual’s professional adaptability.
  • Networking Opportunities: Working as an Operations Manager allows you to interact with professionals from various departments and levels of the firm. This exposure can provide excellent networking possibilities, potentially leading to future career developments or partnerships.
  • Contribution to Business Success: Operations Managers are crucial to increasing efficiency, streamlining processes, and boosting overall organizational performance. Making demonstrable contributions to a company’s success can be personally rewarding and increase job satisfaction.
  • Work-Life Balance: While the role of Operations Manager can be demanding, many firms in the UK value work-life balance and provide flexible working arrangements, such as remote work or flexible hours. This flexibility can help people strike a better balance between their career and personal life.
  • Training and Development Opportunities: Employers frequently invest in the training and development of their Operations Managers to ensure that they have the skills required to flourish in their professions. This could include access to leadership development programs, management training, or industry certifications.
  • Contributing to Organizational Growth: Operations Managers play a key role in developing strategies that drive organizational growth and expansion. By streamlining procedures, lowering expenses, and increasing efficiency, they contribute to the organization’s overall growth and success, which can be personally rewarding.

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Main Responsibilities, Tasks, and Abilities Required:

  • The Operations Manager will provide strategic and operational support to Laboratory Services at all four locations. This will be a difficult role with influence and impact across numerous sites, requiring excellent stakeholder management skills via clear communication and visible leadership.
  • The chosen applicant must demonstrate that they have the experience and aptitude to manage a busy portfolio. You must have strong project management skills, excellent interpersonal skills, and the ability to work effectively with clinical and managerial leaders, patients, and service users.
  • You will be accountable for promoting University Hospitals Birmingham’s vision and values by setting a positive example and demonstrating those values through your leadership actions.
  • The Operations Manager is responsible for carrying out the Trust’s Strategy, which includes ensuring the greatest degree of service consistency across all relevant facilities so that all of our patients receive the same high-quality treatment.

What is in it for you?

  • Working in one of the largest NHS trusts.
  • Comprehensive induction, continuous training, and professional development.
  • To be a part of a team where your ideas and opinions are respected and have an impact.
  • On people’s lives.
  • Public sector pension
  • Staff Discounts
  • Access to vaccines such as Covid/flu.

About us:

We are recognized as one of the UK’s top NHS Foundation Trusts. Our goal is to Build Healthier Lives, and we recognize that we will need excellent employees to do this.

Our commitment to our employees is to provide them with the best working environment possible, and we are committed to prioritizing our employees’ health and well-being by offering flexible working arrangements and providing training and development opportunities to assist them reach personal and professional goals.

UHB is committed to ensuring that our employees are treated fairly and feel like they belong by creating a welcoming and inclusive environment. This is about equal opportunity; removing all barriers, including discrimination, and ensuring that every employee reaches their full potential, achieves their objectives, and thrives in their jobs. These are not simply words. We are taking action. Our commitment to an inclusive culture is embedded at all levels of the organization, ensuring that every voice is heard, and is driven by our diverse and active staff networks, as well as the Fairness Taskforce, which is led by our CEO. We build a culture that encourages employees to speak out against discrimination and empowers them to contribute their “full self” to making the workplace kinder, more connected, and bolder. University Hospitals Birmingham is smoke-free.

Person Specification:


  • Educated at the degree level or equivalent


  • Post-graduate managerial experience or Comparable knowledge obtained through continuous professional Training and development classes.
  • Significant experience with knowledge and experience with budget management.
  • Including strong working knowledge of Revenue spending, budgets, and capital. This includes anticipating trends.
  • Experience with developing services Opportunities can be identified through company planning.
  • Monitor and guide the Implementation of Successful Change Management processes Evidence of meeting high criteria.
  • Providing patient care.
  • A good understanding of clinical Governance, Risk Management, and Health and safety principles.
  • Evidence of success in management in a multidisciplinary context.
  • Evidence of Outstanding Achievement,
  • Personal Contribution to the Organization’s Success

Additional Criteria:

  • Ability to make autonomous decisions when appropriate.
  • Effective communication and persuading skills, including the capacity to establish.
  • Maintain positive relationships with colleagues at all levels of the organization.
  • Excellent communication and writing skills.
  • Demonstrates strong presentation skills, proficiency with software, and adaptability to diverse user needs.
  • A clear awareness of the NHS agenda.
  • Demonstrates operational or organizational skills, including prioritizing work under stress.
  • Capacity to comprehend difficult situations
  • Problem solve and propose solutions.
  • Ability to work in a competitive environment.
  • Demonstrates dedication to improve patient care by focusing on performance and setting challenging goals.

Certificate of Sponsorship:

Applicants from job seekers requiring existing skilled worker sponsorship to work in the UK are encouraged and will be considered alongside all other applicants. For more information, go to the UK Visas & Immigration page.

Beginning April 6, 2017, skilled worker applicants seeking entry clearance into the UK were needed to present a criminal record certificate from each country where they had lived continuously or cumulatively for 12 months or more in the previous 10 years. This need extends to adult dependents (those above the age of 18). Guidance can be found here. International candidates undergo criminal background checks.

More Info

  1. How much do operational managers make in the UK?

    The typical yearly salary for an Operations Manager in the United Kingdom is £48,421. The average additional cash compensation for an Operations Manager in the UK is £4,887, with salaries that vary from £2,390 to £9,993.

  2. What does an operations manager do in the UK?

    As an operations manager, you are in charge of managing an organization’s everyday operations. This includes designing and implementing manufacturing processes that improve quality, productivity, and efficiency. Your major responsibility is to supervise company processes and to uphold policies.

  3. What qualifications do I need to be an operations manager?

    While academic education, such as a bachelor’s degree in business administration or an equivalent discipline, provides a solid basis, practical experience in operations management or managerial positions is additionally important.

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