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Jobs in Saudi Arabia for Foreigners 2024 – Apply Now

Those from outside Saudi Arabia who wish to obtain employment and immigrate are fortunate, as this post exclusively features the latest job vacancies that are open to foreign nationals. Saudi Arabia is a tax-free nation; therefore, the lack of social security and personal income taxes, coupled with the affordable cost of food and utilities, renders the country an appealing destination for employment.

The following section details the requirements for foreign nationals seeking employment with a Saudi Arabian company that employs foreign nationals.

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Requirement To Work As A Foreigner In Saudi Arabia

  • You must obtain an employment visa if you are a foreign national pursuing employment in Saudi Arabia.
  • A work visa cannot be obtained in the absence of a job offer; therefore, the visa application must be submitted on your behalf by your sponsor (employer).
  • Working in Saudi Arabia requires an application for a work visa, which is non-binding in the absence of an employer sponsorship and a verifiable job offer. Therefore, employment opportunities are non-existent in Saudi Arabia.

Benefits of Jobs in Saudi Arabia for Foreigners:

  • Personal Income Exempt from Taxation: There is no personal income tax system in Saudi Arabia. This essentially grants you a higher percentage of your earnings to retain by exempting your salary from income taxation.
  • Competitive Wages: A multitude of industries in Saudi Arabia, such as finance, engineering, healthcare, and oil and gas, offer competitive wages. The financial prospects of expatriates often surpass those of their home nations.
  • Cost of Living: While the overall cost of living in Saudi Arabia can vary depending on personal preference and country, certain necessities such as petroleum and lodging often come at a reduced cost when compared to particular Western countries.
  • Cultural Experience: Acquiring cultural immersion via employment in Saudi Arabia offers a unique opportunity to interact with a dynamic and heterogeneous environment. Guests who are not natives have the chance to become intimately acquainted with the local heritage, traditions, and customs.
  • Employment Prospects in Critical Sectors: The thriving economy of Saudi Arabia is driven by key industries such as construction, healthcare, technology, and oil and gas. Proficient individuals often come across employment opportunities in these industries.
  • Modern Infrastructure: The nation has allocated significant resources towards the development of modern infrastructure, including transportation systems, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions. This facilitates the provision of a comfortable living environment for expatriates.
  • Expat Communities: Saudi Arabia accommodates an extensive and heterogeneous expatriate community. Clubs and organizations for expats in numerous cities facilitate networking and socialization, thereby assisting immigrants in adjusting to their new surroundings.
  • Career Progression: Certain sectors offer prospects for professional development. The nation’s investment in diverse sectors and economic growth may furnish an avenue for professionals to advance their professional trajectories.
  • Stability and Security: Saudi Arabia is renowned for its robust security measures and political stability. In many cases, expatriates feel secure working and residing in the country.
  • Language of Business: English is widely recognized as the official language of business, which facilitates communication among English-speaking expatriates in the community and in the workplace.

Available Jobs In Saudi Arabia For Foreigners

With Accor Group, foreign nationals desiring employment in the hospitality sector of Saudi Arabia, specifically in hotels and restaurants, have access to a variety of hotel and restaurant-related opportunities.

The Accor Group is currently offering approximately 120 vacant positions, the majority of which will be elaborated upon in the following sections.

Hotel Manager

Your strategic vision, effective leadership, and proficient interpersonal abilities will propel a motivated staff, achieve exceptional guest satisfaction, and optimize operational efficiency in your capacity as a hotel manager. Ensure that the hotel’s operations are managed efficiently and affordably so that visitor and staff satisfaction is maximized.


  • More than five years of experience in a leadership capacity within the premium/lifestyle brand industry.
  • Possessing residential expertise and Middle Eastern experience is highly desirable.
  • Proven ability to coordinate multiple departments to accomplish GSI, GOP, and CES objectives.
  • A comprehension of budgeting and financial controls has been demonstrated.

Reception Agent – Saudis

In the role of a Reception Agent, your primary responsibility will be to attend to visitors’ needs and desires about their stay with Accor, commencing from their arrival until their departure. Experience is preferred; a service-oriented mindset is mandatory; proficiency in English is required; additional languages are also advantageous.


Your presence initiates an extraordinary guest experience. You will promptly make our guests feel at home in your role as host.


  • Experience in the hotel industry is pertinent.
  • Exceptionally dependable and accountable.
  • Proficiency in both written and spoken communication is imperative.


A Baker is required to produce an assortment of bread and pastries for the Accor Group, including pastries such as biscuits, cakes, and pies.


  • Bakers are required to effectively integrate a multitude of components to craft delectable bundles of bread for their clientele.
  • Prior experience in a similar capacity, such as that of a pastry chef or baker.
  • Proficiency in food safety protocols and an understanding of various cake decorating methodologies.

Maintenance Technician

Your responsibilities include the installation, troubleshooting, repair, and maintenance of the property’s equipment and facilities to ensure that visitors are provided with a secure and operational environment.

Experience & Skills Needed

  • Proficient in interpersonal relations and communication.
  • Capability to prioritize duties in the context of multiple interests.
  • Particularly detail-oriented.
  • Proactive in nature.
  • corresponding experience at the accommodation.

Chief Steward

A Chief Steward is being sought by Accor Group to supervise the stewarding personnel and guarantee the hotel’s impeccable cleanliness. Additionally, you are accountable for the cleaning and upkeep of the complete F&B service and kitchen equipment. One of the requirements.

  • Five to seven years of experience
  • Excellent command of the English language
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Proficient in both interpersonal and problem-solving skills

 Chef de cuisine – Italian

Assist in the staff formation process at the recently established Movenpick Hotel & Residences Riyadh. In the role of Director of Talent & Culture, the incumbent should exemplify exceptional interpersonal and team-building abilities while representing the hotel’s remarkable career prospects and service-oriented culture. You are accountable for food and beverage production planning, menu design, and preparation for food, beverages, and other items.


  • Four years of experience administering human resources in the hospitality or five-star hotel industry is required.
  • A degree in business administration, human resources, or a related field.
  • With outstanding interpersonal abilities and the capability of effectively communicating with individuals of all skill levels.
  • Working with a diverse population requires cultural sensitivity.
  • Knowledge of local labor law and practice.
  • Proficient in written and spoken English.

How To Apply for Jobs in Saudi Arabia for Foreigners?

If you wish to enroll, please visit the link provided.

More Info

  1. How can I get a job in Saudi Arabia as a foreigner?

    For employment in the Kingdom, representatives of other countries must obtain a work visa. You can apply for one once you have signed a contract with the company and passed a medical examination. Usually, the visa is issued for the period specified in the employment contract.

  2. Which work is available in Saudi Arabia?

    Saudi Arabia enjoys the status of being a popular job destination. Its key industries include oil and gas, construction, real estate, engineering, etc. They all contribute to a wide range of jobs across various functional areas. The financial prospects of working in Saudi Arabia are very high.

  3. Is it easy to get work in Saudi Arabia?

    Finding a job in Saudi Arabia as an expatriate can be challenging due to various factors. These may include: 1. Local Preference: There is often a preference for hiring local citizens over expatriates in certain industries, which can limit job opportunities for foreigners.

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