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Skill Shortage Jobs in UK 2024 – Apply Now

The Skilled Worker Tier 2 Visa is among the most economical, straightforward, and certain methods to enter, function, and settle in the United Kingdom. After five years, permanent visa applications are accepted. There are numerous enviable privileges, such as the ability to obtain permanent residency, bring your family along when you travel, engage in voluntary work, travel internationally, and return to the United Kingdom.

The UK Government issued a list of skills shortages in December, in response to the severe workforce decline caused by the pandemic. While some occupations have been added to the roster, others have been removed. The United Kingdom government also raises the monthly and hourly wage rates for a variety of occupations.

Details About Skill Shortage Jobs in UK:

  • Job Country: UK
  • Visa Type: Skilled Work Visa/ Tier 2 Visa
  • Stay Duration: 5 Years, renewable
  • Salary Range: £11.79 to  £22.99 per hour.

Education & Experience Requirements of Skill Shortage Jobs in UK:

For nearly every skill/job on the shortage occupation list/sponsorship list, a relevant diploma or Bachelor’s degree in the relevant field is required. The required experience ranges from zero to two years. In the case of trade occupations like bakers and carpenters, two years of experience is required. For educated positions such as care workers, two years of experience are mandatory. However, experience is not required for certain entry-level positions, such as charity workers and support workers.

General Requirements of Skill Shortage Jobs in UK:

  • A job offer from a UK-approved employer is required.
  • Possess a “certificate of sponsorship” from your employer detailing the position in the United Kingdom that has been offered to you.
  • Perform a vocation from the list of eligible professions.
  • Receive a minimum wage.

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Benefits of Skill Shortage Jobs in UK:

  • Increased Remuneration for Proficient Personnel: A scarcity of competent laborers frequently results in heightened requirements for their expertise. Employers may consequently increase compensation and benefits to retain and recruit qualified personnel.
  • Innovation and Productivity: As businesses pursue new and more efficient methods of operation, skill shortages may stimulate innovation. Enhanced productivity may result from investments in technology and automation that are incentivized by the demand for qualified labor.
  • Global Competitiveness: A workforce endowed with specialized skills has the potential to augment the competitiveness of a nation within the international marketplace. A nation is more competitive in sectors that demand sophisticated expertise and knowledge when it possesses a reserve of highly competent labor.
  • Job Creation: Increased employment creation may result from skill shortages when companies expand to meet rising demand. This, in turn, may contribute to economic stability and expansion as a whole.
  • Prospects for Education and Training Providers: The need for proficient labor may present education and training providers with opportunities to furnish individuals with the requisite competencies through the implementation of programs. This is advantageous for both employees and the educational establishments that deliver the instruction.
  • Migration and Diversity: Skill constraints have the potential to draw in highly qualified individuals from foreign nations, thereby fostering a workforce that is both diverse and multicultural. This multiplicity can contribute a variety of ideas and perspectives, thereby enhancing the work environment as a whole.
  • Industry Growth: Sector expansion and investment may increase in industries experiencing skill shortages, as companies endeavor to meet demand. The expansion described may generate a favorable cascade of consequences across interconnected sectors and the wider economy.

Who can apply for Skill Shortage Jobs in UK:

International candidates, including those from Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Ghana, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Cameroon, Trinidad and Tobago, and others. It is possible to be of any nationality.

How much does UK Skilled Worker Visa/ Tier 2 Visa cost:

Standard application fee for the UK Skilled Worker Visa for Caregiver Jobs, if applying from outside the UK:

  • up to 3 years: £719 per person
  • more than 3 years: £1,423 per person
  • Pay the application charge; depending on your circumstances, the standard fee ranges from £625 to £1,423.
  • Typically, the healthcare surcharge amounts to £624 annually.
  • Self-sufficiency upon arrival in the United Kingdom typically requires a minimum of £1,270 in cash (unless exempt).

Application fees for a Skilled Worker Visa:

Because the caregiver is listed on the Shortage Occupation List, the application fees are as follows:

  • £479 for stays of three years or longer.
  • £943 for stays over three years.

Average Salary of a Skilled Worker in UK:

Answering this query is extremely difficult because salary figures are contingent on factors such as education, experience, employer policy, and more. In contrast, the average hourly wage ranges from £11.79 to £22.99.

How Long can I stay as a Skilled Worker in UK?

The eligibility period for a Tier 2 Skilled Worker Visa is five years; therefore, you may remain in the United Kingdom as a Skilled Worker for five years before requiring a visa extension or a new visa.

What Skilled professions/ occupations are included in the Skills Shortage List?

It encompasses an extensive variety of educated and trade-sector occupations (hairdressers, bakers, craftsmen, electricians, senior management positions, healthcare practitioners, etc.). Click Here to view this list.

How to Find a Skilled Worker Job in UK with Visa Sponsorship?

Visit, the official website of the United Kingdom, to locate the sponsoring employers for all skilled/Tier 2 occupations.

  1. Indeed.
  2. LinkedIn.
  3. Reed.
  4. Glassdoor.
  5. Nouveau Care.

How to Apply for a Skilled Worker Visa in UK?

A skilled worker visa application can be submitted by clicking the link below. However, you must first locate a sponsored employer.

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Hundreds of occupations and professions are listed under “Skilled Worker Jobs in the United Kingdom with Visa Sponsorship” that pay a minimum wage of 10.75 pounds. It is also among the most economical ways to relocate to or reside permanently in the United Kingdom. Enhance your education and skills to relocate to the United Kingdom and secure your career for all time.

  1. Who are low-skilled workers in UK?

    Low-skilled laborers show specific trends rather than being homogeneous. Individuals who are adults, have parents with limited education or originate from migrant backgrounds are at risk of possessing inadequate skills. The manufacturing, health and social work, and wholesale and retail industries contain the biggest amount of unskilled laborers.

  2. Is UK skilled worker visa easy?

    If you find an employer willing to hire you and the contract of employment is approved by a UK board agency, you are going to able to apply for a work visa in your home country to get the visa. One can apply for employment openings on multiple free job portals in the United Kingdom in an attempt to get an offer. Although it is free, it is not particularly simple.

  3. What are the skills shortages?

    When employers have no way to complete vacancies in a particular occupation or specialization, this constitutes a skills shortage. For this definition to be valid, the job openings must: reflect standard employment conditions and current pay levels.

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