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Housekeeping Jobs in Canada 2024 – Visa Sponsorship

Housekeeping roles in Canada that sponsor visas in 2024 represent an invigorating opportunity for you. Due to the exponential growth of the housekeeping industry, Canada will always have a constant demand for cleaners, making it an ideal location to work as a housekeeper. Visa sponsorship for housekeeping positions in Canada offers a means to access flourishing prospects that may culminate in a gratifying professional trajectory.

As an integral component of ensuring that visitors feel at home, maids make a substantial contribution. Engagement in a profession that offers competitive wages, the potential for advancement, and the chance to contribute to the growth of Canada’s flourishing domestic industry constitutes a stride toward both individual and occupational contentment.

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Details of Housekeeping Jobs in Canada:

  • Country: Canada
  • Job title: Housekeeper
  • Experience required: 1 or more than 1 year
  • Education: high school degree
  • Salary: $25,000 to $40,000 yearly
  • Visa sponsorship: Yes


Are you in search of stimulating employment prospects in Canada? If one possesses an inclination towards neatness, meticulousness, and providing exceptional services, housekeeping jobs in Canada are likely to be highly gratifying. The duties of a housekeeper encompass the maintenance, arrangement, and sanitation of various establishments, such as private residences, hotels, resorts, and hospitals. Due to its sophisticated hospitality sector and stringent hygiene regulations, Canada offers a plethora of employment opportunities for individuals seeking housekeeping positions.

Visa Sponsorship and its Importance for International Job Seekers

Generally, a work visa is mandatory for international job applicants who desire to legally work in a foreign country. Visa sponsorship is therefore the responsibility of the responsibility of the Canadian employer who provides financial support for the visa application of a foreign worker. This sponsorship signifies the employer’s official commitment to assist in immigration procedures, ensuring adherence to all relevant legal obligations.


To be eligible for janitorial positions in Canada that provide visa sponsorship at no cost, applicants must generally satisfy the following criteria: 

  • High school diplomas or equivalents are preferred.
  • We prefer candidates with prior professional experience in sanitation, cleaning, or a closely related industry.
  • In addition to meticulousness in cleaning rooms and corridors, housekeepers must possess a keen attention to detail. 
  • In addition to performing repetitive duties, housekeeping requires extensive physical exertion, including prolonged periods of standing, point-raising, and object-transferring.
  • Communication is critical, particularly when addressing guest requests and sharing plans with other group members.

Benefits of Housekeeping Jobs:

  • Accessible Entrance: The wide array of opportunities within the janitorial industry renders it accessible to individuals with diverse educational backgrounds and levels of experience.
  • Rapid Recruitment: Housekeeping jobs are frequently available promptly, which is advantageous if you require immediate employment or are between jobs.
  • Adjustable Scheduling: Numerous positions in housekeeping offer flexible work hours, such as part-time and shift work, to accommodate various lifestyles and requirements.
  • Educational Opportunities: Housekeeping may not necessitate advanced education, but it does provide opportunities to acquire and improve skills such as attention to detail, time management, and organization.
  • Physical Exercise: Physical labor associated with housekeeping can provide exercise and contribute to an individual’s well-being.
  • Lack of dependence: Housekeepers frequently work independently, enabling them to manage tasks and responsibilities independently.
  • Employability Skills: The skills learned in housekeeping, including cleaning, organization, and time management, are transferable to a variety of other positions and industries.
  • Job Security: The constant demand for housekeeping services provides employment security, particularly in industries such as hospitality and healthcare.
  • The value of networking: Housekeepers have the opportunity to interact with a variety of individuals, including coworkers, supervisors, and visitors, which can be advantageous for professional networking.
  • The value of camaraderie: In larger institutions such as hotels and hospitals, housekeepers frequently work in teams, nurturing camaraderie and teamwork.
  • Entry into Other Markets: Housekeeping positions in hotels or resorts can serve as an entry point into the hospitality industry, leading to advancement opportunities in a variety of positions.
  • Personal Contentment: Many housekeepers find fulfillment in creating clean and welcoming environments, which contribute to the comfort and well-being of residents and visitors.
  • Customer Service Competencies: Housekeepers frequently interact with consumers or residents, allowing them to develop customer service and communication abilities.
  • Observation of Specifics: Housekeeping requires an acute eye for detail, which can be advantageous in a variety of professions, including quality control and auditing.
  • Job Diversity: Housekeepers may work in a variety of locations, including hotels and private residences, providing a diverse work environment.


Housekeepers are proficient in numerous responsibilities, including:

  • Sanitizing and disinfecting public areas, restrooms, and guest accommodations
  • Providing linens, assembling mattresses, and ensuring that visitors have a pleasant stay.
  • Managing the provisions and amenities in the room.
  • Management of apparel and cleanliness in designated areas.

Types of Housekeeping Jobs in Canada:

There are numerous maintenance positions available in Canada.

  • Hotel maintenance is one of the most prevalent occupations within the field of housekeeping. In hotels and resorts, this individual is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of resident rooms and common areas. Operating under high duress requires accuracy, timing acumen, and productivity. An alternative category of housekeeping work involves being employed as a residential domestic. This involves providing sorting and cleaning services to private residences to maintain sanitary living areas for residents.
  • Additionally, residential housekeepers might be tasked with doing laundry, meal preparation, and carrying out various other domestic duties. Additionally, one could aspire to a supervisory or managerial role in housekeeping, where they would be tasked with the appropriate supervision of a team of cleaners engaged in diverse cleaning duties.


In Canada, a housekeeper earns between $25,000 and $40,000 per year.

How to Apply For Housekeeping Jobs in Canada?

To find janitorial employment opportunities in Canada, one may consult the websites of Canadian companies or search engines for employment advertisements. Applications may be submitted electronically or in the manner specified in the job postings. Upon being chosen, a meeting will be convened to assess your aptitudes and suitability for the position. After clarifying the terms of your employment offer, the manager will assist with the visa application.

More Info

  1. How do I become a housekeeper in Canada?

    In this unit group, there are no specific educational requirements for occupations. 
    Some employers may require certification for housekeeping room attendants or something similar.

  2. In Canada, are housekeepers in demand?

    From 2022 to 2031, we anticipate 34,500 job openings for home support workers, housekeepers, and related occupations due to expansion and replacement demand, and 33,800 job seekers due to school leave, immigration, and mobility.

  3. How much is the housekeeping salary in Canada?

    The average housekeeping salary in Canada is $35,100 per year or $18 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $29,471 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $45,007 per year.

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