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Histology Technician Jobs in UK with Visa Sponsorship 2024

We are a globally renowned research institution specializing in the investigation of prions and their broader implications for neurological disorders, with an expanding research focus on Alzheimer’s disease ( A national center of expertise and training in its field, the Institute is extraordinarily multidisciplinary, integrating genetics, cellular and animal models, small molecule and immunotherapeutics, clinical research, and structural and molecular biology.

The Institute is situated in the UCL Courtauld Building, which was recently renovated. Fitzrovia is a vibrant and appealing central London neighborhood known for its convenient transportation options and abundance of community and social services.

Details About Histology Technician Jobs in UK with Visa Sponsorship:

  • Location: UK
  • Offered Salary: £34,600 – £40,000 / year
  • Experience: 3 Year
  • Gender: Both
  • Qualification: Associate Degree
  • Career Level: Executive

About the Role:

We are seeking a dedicated Histology Technician to become a member of our organization. The primary histology service at UCL provides the MRC Prion Unit with an exceptional experimental and postmortem diagnostic service. Tissue processors and automated immunostaining devices are available in the laboratory, allowing for examining both human and experimental specimens.

The incumbent will support the core Histology service with specialized technical assistance, guaranteeing that all diagnostic samples from experimental animals and humans that require histology are adequately prepared and accessible for senior specialists to analyze and interpret. Tissue samples will be obtained from a variety of long-term studies whose objective is to use immunohistochemistry to characterize the pathology of prion disease in mice and humans.

  • Acceptable security verification is necessary for this role to function.
  • This position is continuously available.
  • This position satisfies the UK Visas and Immigration regulations’ eligibility requirements for a skilled worker certificate of sponsorship or a global talent visa. Hence, UCL cordially accepts applications from prospective international students in need of a visa.
  • Whenever feasible, we will consider applications for part-time, flexible, and job-sharing positions.
  • This is an on-site position.

The UCL Terms and Conditions of Service for Research and Professional Services Staff govern this appointment. Please visit for additional details.

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Benefits of Histology Technician Jobs in UK with Visa Sponsorship:

  • Professional Development: Engaging in the field of histology technician work within the United Kingdom can present prospects for professional advancement and progress. Experience in the healthcare system of the United Kingdom, which is renowned for its rigorous standards, can augment one’s expertise and understanding of the field.
  • Competitive Salaries: Physicians and technicians, including those specializing in histology, are routinely remunerated competitively in the United Kingdom. The precise salary may fluctuate based on employer, location, and experience, among other variables.
  • Comprehensive Healthcare System: A comprehensive healthcare system is available to employees in the United Kingdom through the National Health Service (NHS), which grants them access to a range of benefits. This can be particularly advantageous for individuals relocating from nations with distinct healthcare systems.
  • Work-Life Balance: The importance that the United Kingdom places on achieving and maintaining a healthy work-life balance is evident in the organizational culture. Histology technicians stand to gain from vacation time and reasonable work hours, which could enhance their overall quality of life.
  • Cultural Exposure: Employment in the United Kingdom affords the chance to become acquainted with a distinct way of life and culture. This exposure has the potential to enhance your professional and personal growth, as well as expand your horizons.
  • Visa Sponsorship: Acquiring a work visa can present certain difficulties; however, the relocation process can be considerably simplified if an employer in the United Kingdom is prepared to provide sponsorship for your visa. Support throughout your employment and assistance with the visa application procedure may be provided as part of a sponsorship package.
  • A Diverse Work Environment: The healthcare system in the United Kingdom is characterized by a heterogeneous workforce, comprising professionals hailing from different professional backgrounds. By collaborating with specialists from various disciplines and gaining a more comprehensive understanding of healthcare practices, this diversity can enhance your professional experience.
  • Opportunities for Networking: Working in the United Kingdom offers prospects for establishing connections with industry experts. This networking can result in opportunities for research collaborations, career advancement, and more.

About Yourself:

A Bioscience Honours degree, advanced proficiency in histology laboratory techniques, and pertinent experience in a scientific or medical environment are required for this position. A thorough understanding of paraffin-embedded block sectioning, in addition to a methodical and accurate work ethic, are essential qualifications.

What we have to offer:

Furthermore, aside from the stimulating prospects that this position entails, we also offer a plethora of exceptional perks, a selection of which are as follows:

  • Along with six closure days, annual leave of 27 days, and eight bank holidays total of 41 days off.
  • An additional five days of annual leave may be purchased.
  • CARE stands for the Defined Benefit Career Average Revalued Earnings Pension Scheme.
  • Program for cycling to work and season ticket financing
  • Legitimacy loan
  • Scheme of relocation for specific positions
  • UCL’s campus childcare
  • UCL gymnasium on campus
  • Maternity, paternity, and adoption benefits are increased.
  • Program for employee assistance: Staff Support Service

Our commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion:

It is acknowledged that diversity fosters innovation and creativity, and we aim to ensure that our community mirrors the wide range of talents present globally. Our highest priorities are fostering an environment that welcomes all, ensuring fairness and inclusivity, and providing equal opportunity. Consequently, applications from candidates likely to be underrepresented in the UCL workforce are strongly encouraged. They include individuals who identify as Black, Asian, or belong to ethnic minorities; those who are disabled; LGBTQI+ individuals; and women for our Grade 9 and 10 positions.

Athena Swan Status Statement:

In honor of our dedication to fostering gender equality, our department has received an Athena SWAN Bronze medal.

More Info

  1. What does a histology technician do?

    These are typical tasks and responsibilities of a histology technician: Preparing slides for analysis of narrow slices of human, animal, or plant tissue by Tissue analysis, fixation, and processing to ensure suitable sample preservation. The process by which the tissue is wrapped in paraffin wax is known as embedding.

  2. How do I become a histology technician?

    Histotechnologists are obligated to complete a formal histotechnology educational program or hold a bachelor’s degree in an authorized major (e.g., biology, chemistry) and one year of work experience in a histopathology lab. In addition, they have to pass a national exam.

  3. What is the scope of histology?

    A wide range of tissues, including muscular, nervous, connective, and epithelial cells, are being studied within the expansive field of histology. Histologists examine tissues via the application of a vast array of methods, such as staining, microscopy, and imaging.

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