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Visa Sponsorship Specialist Technician Jobs in UK – Apply Now

They are ensuring the provision and upkeep of a reliable engineering service at various Trust establishments, including St Richards Hospital and the Laundry. Execute tasks that involve non-routine and complex operations. Responsible for calibrating and resolving issues about a diverse array of machinery and apparatus within their designated domain. Conduct planned maintenance, reactive repairs, and minor enhancements throughout the hospital by management directives, while ensuring adherence to hospital safety protocols and standards.

Details About Visa Sponsorship Specialist Technician Jobs in UK:

  • Organization: UHSussex
  • Location: UK
  • Offered Salary: £28,000 – £34,000/ year
  • Experience: 2 Year
  • Gender: Both
  • Qualification: Associate Degree
  • Career Level: Executive

Main Duties of the Job:

The Electrical Bias Multiskilled Craftsperson will be entrusted with tasks that are pertinent to their core proficiencies.

Individuals will be expected to demonstrate proficiency in domains where they have received suitable training and are considered competent. Their objective is to attain a level of adaptability and site expertise that will enable them to operate independently or in conjunction with all tradespeople in the Estates division.

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About Us:

  • At UHSussex, where each day is unique, where one’s impact is significant, and where progress is perpetual, we invite you to join us.
  • At UHSussex, we are delighted to be at the center of the NHS. We exemplify the NHS’s nearly seventy-year-old guiding principles of excellence, ambition, and values in our capacity as one of the largest acute institutions in the United Kingdom.
  • Enhancing lives: Our organization is vibrant and inclusive, consisting of diligent, skilled, and committed professionals who work together to accomplish a shared goal of prioritizing our patients at all times. Our motto, “Where better never stops,” encapsulates our mission. Regardless of your position at UHSussex, you will contribute to our progress and enhance the well-being of patients across Sussex. We ensure that both our employees and patients are treated with the utmost care and sensitivity that we ourselves would desire. We consistently ensure our availability to them and make every effort to fulfill their requirements. This is reflected in our comprehensive employee wellness program, which is designed to provide assistance when required, as we recognize that self-care is a prerequisite for caring for others.
  • Establish a profession with us: To achieve our full potential as a university trust and a leader in healthcare research, we place a high value on education, instruction, and development. We will assist in your development and growth from the time you begin working for us until the end of your career. We sincerely hope that your decision to enroll at UHSussex will enable you to witness the impact of your efforts and experience a sense of admiration for all that you undertake.


Technical knowledge and proficiency in the subsequent foundational domains of expertise are mandatory: – Reactive and preventative maintenance. Resilient Generator LV Panel switchboard An examination Minor modifications and installations of electrical systems In addition to UPS, circuits and electrical distribution systems Triphasing motors Repair and testing of emergency and standard lighting circuits Fire alarm testing and maintenance Lift maintenance, including entrapment release BMS controls.

Ventilation and cooling by air. Kitchen and catering equipment. Systems of low-pressure hot water and steam boilers powered by gas. Systems for cold water and storage containers. Compressed air facility services. Departures in plumbing generally Services for domestic hot water and water softening. Available services include heating. Hoover and medical gases are piped in. Establishment of refrigeration and associated services. Services and infrastructure for steam and condensate. All supplementary engineering services, such as waste disposal and drainage, are under the supervision of the Workshop Manager.

Person Specification:

Experience and Qualification


  • City and Guilds certifications in addition to pertinent work experience at the HNC level
  • Possession of a recognized apprenticeship in an electrical trade and pertinent technical experience
  • Credentials for Level 3 N.V. Q and the 18th Edition
  • Expertise in mechanical and building services across all domains
  • Practical understanding of enormous, complex systems


  • HTM 02-01 AP Gases for Medicine
  • -01) Experience with BMS control and maintenance
  • Proficiency in operating automated process apparatus



  • Outstanding communication skills at every level, including the capacity to convey extremely technical information. Possess knowledge of patient safety concerns and the ability to communicate with diverse staff groups.
  • Proficient understanding of intricate mechanical designs and computer data. Capable of analyzing data and drawing conclusions from it.


  • Possess a comprehensive understanding of the operational estate challenges that hospitals face, as well as medical maintenance procedures.
  • Possess an exhaustive knowledge of the safety practices, standards, and regulations governing electrical systems.
  • Possess the capacity to utilize software solutions for controlling and monitoring jobs.

Physical Capabilities


  • To have the ability to concentrate for extended durations. Physically healthy and competent in challenging work environments.

Other Qualities


  • Participate on brief notice in the on-call rotation or outside of business hours.

Benefits of Visa Sponsorship Specialist Technician Jobs in UK:

  • Work Authorization: Visa sponsorship enables citizens of the United Kingdom to legally work. This is especially pertinent for non-citizens of the European Economic Area (EEA) who are qualified for employment in the country but require a work visa.
  • Career Prospects: Particularized technician positions frequently demand distinct proficiencies and credentials. Visa sponsorship can afford these individuals the chance to pursue employment in the United Kingdom within their area of expertise.
  • Global Experience: Working in the United Kingdom affords individuals the opportunity to acquire international work experience, thereby contributing to their personal and professional development.
  • Cultural Exposure: Individuals are exposed to a new culture through living and working in a foreign country, which can be enlightening and expand their perspectives.
  • Networking: Working in the United Kingdom provides the opportunity to establish a professional network that can prove to be advantageous for prospective employment prospects.
  • Quality of Life: The quality of life in the United Kingdom is exceptional, as citizens have access to superior education, healthcare, and cultural amenities. The provision of visa sponsorship enables visitors to take advantage of these privileges throughout their sojourn.
  • Proficiency enhancement: Specialist technician positions frequently entail the use of state-of-the-art technologies and methodologies. Engaging in such positions may afford individuals the chance to augment their expertise and remain informed about the most recent developments in the industry.
  • Possibility of Attainment of Permanent Residency: Certain visa categories may ultimately afford individuals the chance to establish permanent residence in the United Kingdom.

Certificate of Sponsorship:

Applications from job seekers requiring sponsorship as a current skilled worker to work in the United Kingdom are encouraged and will be evaluated in conjunction with all other applications. Visit the UK Visas and Immigration website (Opens in a new tab) for more information.

In order to obtain entry clearance into the United Kingdom, skilled worker petitioners have been obligated to present a criminal record certificate from each country in which they have maintained continuous or cumulative residence for a minimum of twelve months within the preceding ten years, as of April 6, 2017. Additional dependents, who are adults aged 18 or older, are likewise obligated to perform this task. Advice is available in this location. Criminal background checks for international candidates (Opens in a new tab).

  1. What is a technician UK?

    Technicians are employed by businesses throughout numerous industries to set up, repair, and maintain their machinery, technical equipment, and systems. They perform an extensive variety of duties and contribute to the running of the business.

  2. What qualifications do you need to be a technician?

    In general, technician qualifications demand the successful completion of an associate degree program or certification program in the relevant field. After that, to obtain your industry-specific technician accreditation, you must pass a certification exam. Boards of business accreditation supervise these examinations.

  3. What is the demand for technicians?

    According to the findings, demand for technicians increased by nearly two-thirds from 136,503 in 2020 to 258,000 in 2021, while only 48,000 individuals completed training programs in 2020. The expected rise in demand for new automobiles diesel, and collision technicians is 797,530 by 2025.

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