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Visa Sponsorship Social Worker Jobs in UK 2024 – Apply Now

Social workers conduct evaluations of the circumstances, strengths, and requirements of groups, families, or individuals in need of assistance. They employ various information-gathering techniques, including interviews, interviews, and assessment instruments, to comprehensively understand their clients’ circumstances. Social workers formulate and execute personalized care strategies under their evaluations, coordinating the efforts of various agencies and specialists to guarantee that their clients obtain the necessary assistance.

Details About Visa Sponsorship Social Worker Jobs in UK:

  • Location: UK
  • Offered Salary: £33,945 to £38,223 / year
  • Experience: 2 Year
  • Gender: Both
  • Qualification: Certificate
  • Career Level: Executive

International sponsorship:

This post is available for sponsorship on a global scale.

In and around Lancashire, adult services positions are abundant. Your responsibility will entail aiding individuals in diverse circumstances who need support to live independently. Individuals who possess the ability to inspire others with compassion, empathy, and a sense of meaning are in our pursuit.

  • One could impart novel abilities to others or provide support to the elderly, disabled, or those in need of assistance with caregiving responsibilities.
  • An individual may seek assistance in their residence, a residential facility, during a brief break service, or in the community.
  • There will be numerous opportunities for you to further your education and credentials while employed.

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Benefits of Visa Sponsorship Social Worker Jobs in UK:

  • Opportunities for Professional Development: Visa sponsorship frequently includes training and development opportunities. Social workers might be granted access to specialized workshops, courses, or certifications that augment their expertise and comprehension in domains including substance addiction, child protection, or mental health.
  • Career Advancement: A social work position sponsored by a British organization may serve as a stepping stone to a more established career. Social workers who amass sufficient experience and proficiency in the field may be eligible for promotions to senior social workers, team leaders, or managerial positions.
  • Diverse Work Environments: Social workers who are supported by visas are permitted to operate in a variety of environments, such as educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, healthcare facilities, and local governments. Their exposure to a wide range of client populations and issues is facilitated by this diversity, which enhances their professional experience.
  • Cultural Exchange and Education: Social work positions that facilitate visas provide the chance to interact with clients of various cultural heritage. Social workers can enhance their cultural competence and capacity to deliver care that is culturally sensitive by acquiring knowledge of diverse cultural norms, beliefs, and practices.
  • Job Security and Stability: The provision of visa sponsorship frequently involves an employer’s pledge to financially sustain the social worker during their sojourn in the United Kingdom, thereby instilling a perception of employment stability and security. Social workers can concentrate on their duties without having to be concerned about their immigration status, thanks to this assurance.
  • Contributing to Community Well-being: Social workers are integral members of the community, as they actively contribute to the resilience and overall welfare of individuals, families, and communities. They address social inequalities and better the lives of others through advocacy, support, and interventions; thus, they contribute to the general welfare of society.
  • Prospects for International and Local Networking: Social workers who are sponsored by their employers can establish professional connections and networks on a global scale while working. This networking can facilitate opportunities for future career development, knowledge exchange, and collaboration beyond the United Kingdom.

Further Information:

You must upload and include your supporting statement, which should effectively illustrate how you fulfill the qualifications for the position. The panel may not recommend you for an interview in the absence of this evidence.

Your application is subject to the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (Exceptions) Order 1975 (as amended in 2013). Upon achieving success, you will be required to apply for a “disclosure” to the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). There is additional information available on the ‘Our Recruitment Process’ tab.

Automobile insurance is mandatory for use in connection with the responsibilities of this role. You will be required to provide a vehicle for business purposes. We may, however, consider you if your disability prevents you from operating a motor vehicle.

Social Workers are required to be registered (SWE) or to have applied for registration with the Social Care Council to be appointed. Registration is not mandatory for Social Worker/Care Manager positions that require credentials other than a social work degree; candidates will be designated as Care Managers.

Lancashire County Council, in exchange, offers a range of incentives, details of which are available on the LCC Vacancies website. If sufficient applications are received, we reserve the right to immediately fill a vacancy before its designated closing date.

Lancashire County Council employees are encouraged to submit their applications via the internal positions option on Oracle Fusion. To accomplish this, log in to Oracle Fusion and navigate to Me > Current Jobs.

For More Info:

Email Your CV, and We’ll Find the Best Pathway For you:

  1. How to get a social work job in the UK?

    To obtain a certification with Social Work England, one has to meet the prerequisite of completing a recognized social work degree or postgraduate program. Courses require three to four years of full-time study.

  2. Can a foreigner work as a social worker in UK?

    To enter the United Kingdom to be employed, one must possess valid immigration or entry status. Refer to UK Visas for further details. Working vacation visas, UK Ancestry Visas, EU passports, and UK Right to Abode certificates grant people the ability to secure permanent or temporary employment in the profession of social work.

  3. What is a social worker’s salary UK?

    Local governments determine the salaries of social workers, which for newly certified social workers range from roughly £33,000 to £37,000. An average starting compensation in the NHS is AfC Band 6, which varies between £35,392 to £42,618.

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