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Visa Sponsorship Jobs in UK For Foreigners 2024 – Apply Now

We have an imperative need for a conscientious cleaner to join our team in the United Kingdom, where we sponsor visas for foreign nationals. In this role, you will be responsible for dust surface cleaning, vacuuming and shipping floors, window cleaning, and floor cleaning. Additionally, cleaners must have the ability to eliminate stains from an assortment of surfaces.

In order to effectively perform the duties of a cleanser, one must complete the assigned task within the designated time period. Ultimately, exceptional cleansers must possess physical prowess and the ability to operate with minimal oversight.

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Details of Visa Sponsorship Jobs in UK For Foreigners:

Job Title:Visa Sponsorship Jobs in UK For Foreigners
Job Type:Full-Time
Salary:£38,000 to £70,000 per Year
Country:United Kingdom

Main responsibility:

  • Responsibilities include, but are not restricted to, ensuring a secure environment for service users and clients through the performance of cleaning duties in accordance with national cleaning standards.
  • Suctioning dust, mopping, floor cleaning, moist dust, low-level dust, high-level dust, bed cleaning, curtain changing, infection and outbreak cleaning, and mopping are all cleaning duties in the clinical area.
  • Constantly observe proper hand and personal hygiene in adherence to COSH policies and procedures regarding infection control, COVID-19, and personal hygiene.
  • In addition to handling food, snacks, and beverages, collect and clean serving implements and glassware.
  • Ensure compliance with the protocols regarding food quality, quantity, temperature, and waste management.

As a cleanser in the HCRG care group, you will experience a sense of worth and be granted access to exclusive benefits and rewards, which will include:

  • The savings potential for a collective retirement is £18525.
  • Every base location offers complimentary coffee, tea, and milk.
  • A membership in my gift center grants you access to cashback offers, vouchers for indulgences for yourself and your loved ones, and discounts on commonplace purchases like groceries.
  • Access your income immediately upon receipt to prevent the need for a cup of coffee or a high interest rate and to assist with emergency expenses.
  • In-person and online support for your physical and emotional health, ranging from activity challenges and nutritious recipes to assistance with debt management, post-traumatic stress, employment counseling, and legal matters.
  • Learning companies provide access to Elearning, prioritize career paths, and offer opportunities for long-term professional development via their “exceptional” development team and learning team.
  • *An environment that fosters openness and fairness, where individuals are motivated to contribute and execute ideas that assist in the realization of our goals: Change lives by modifying health and care, with an annual investment of at least £100,000 in innovation-specific funding.Working for organizations committed to the utmost clinical and quality standards provides immense fulfillment: The Quality Care Commission assigns “good” or “extraordinary” ratings to every aspect of our service.

About the company:

We impact the lives of others by modifying their medical care and treatment.

With an emphasis on experience, efficiency, and improved outcomes, we collaborate with commissioners and the community to reform services as one of the foremost independent health and care service providers in the United Kingdom.

In addition to social maintenance and adult welfare, we offer and modify community health services for children and adults, primary care services including reproductive health, dermatology, and emergency care, and MSK services. Under the guidance of three simple values—care, consider, and act—we annually assist more than 500,000 individuals and serve millions of people in the United Kingdom.

We are enthusiastic about providing equal opportunities and invite applications from individuals who are interested in becoming members of our team. As a trust-oriented organization, we strive assiduously to ensure that all individuals have access to technological solutions, work environment enhancements, and adequate facilities.

While infrequent, the role may experience a surge in popularity, in which case it must be filled prior to the aforementioned deadline. Urgently submit your application if you are interested in becoming a member of our team.

As one might expect, safeguarding the children, young people, and vulnerable adults who are under our care is of the utmost importance; therefore, we have established protocols and regulations to encourage safer work practices and protection for all individuals who interact with us. The team has implemented a more secure recruitment procedure that entails the disclosure of criminal records and examinations.

Lastly, we regret to inform you that your place of employment is a subsidiary of HCRG Care Group Holdings Limited and that your application for this position constitutes your consent to the processing and storage of your personal information. Regarding the manner in which we utilize your information, please refer to the privacy statement of our website.

Benefits of Visa Sponsorship Jobs in UK For Foreigners:

  • Legal Authorization to Work: Visa sponsorship grants legal authorization to foreign laborers to engage in employment within the United Kingdom. This is of utmost importance in guaranteeing adherence to immigration regulations and permitting individuals to engage in employment without apprehension of legal complications.
  • Opportunities to Access the Global Job Market: Employment in the United Kingdom that sponsors visas provides individuals with access to the global job market. It grants foreign nationals the ability to register for jobs in the United Kingdom that mandate legal eligibility to work.
  • Professional Development: Employment in the United Kingdom may facilitate professional expansion and advancement. A multitude of industries in the United Kingdom are highly developed, thereby creating an environment that is favorable for skill development and career progression.
  • Exposure to Culture: Residing and laboring in the United Kingdom provides an abundant cultural milieu. Working abroad provides foreign nationals with the chance to engage in social and cultural activities, interact with individuals from various origins, and gain a comprehensive understanding of the United Kingdom’s past and present.
  • Access to Social Services: Depending on the type of visa, foreign laborers in the United Kingdom who obtain legal work status through visa sponsorship may be eligible for social services such as healthcare and education for their dependents.
  • Possibilities for Networking: Working in the United Kingdom provides the chance to establish a professional network comprised of contacts from diverse industries and origins. Networking is vital for professional development and can provide access to new opportunities.
  • Life Standards: With access to high-quality healthcare, education, public services, and cultural amenities, the United Kingdom provides a high standard of living. This results in a general enhancement of the quality of life for many individuals.
  • Language Proficiency Enhancement: The United Kingdom is a predominantly English-speaking country, and employment in an English-speaking setting can substantially bolster one’s linguistic abilities. This can yield professional and personal benefits.
  • Global Business Hub: The United Kingdom is a global business center due to its robust economy and extensive connections to numerous international markets. Opportunities and exposure to global business practices may result from employment in the United Kingdom.
  • Prospects for Permanent Residency: Certain categories of visas may provide the opportunity to transition into permanent residency in the United Kingdom. For those seeking permanent residence in the nation, this may offer a more enduring and secure resolution.

List of Visa Sponsorship Jobs in UK For Foreigners

Small Animal Vet

Are you optimistic regarding orthopedics or enthusiastic about exotics? Our Whitstable location, Animed Veterinary Centre, is seeking an energetic veterinarian! We are invested in supporting your interests and observing the development of your abilities. We are seeking a Small Animal Veterinary Surgeon to contribute to the growth of the Animed Veterinary Centre and become a member of our exceptional staff. Animed is a training practice with two locations in Whitstable, Kent, that is accredited by the RCVS. The Things That We Offer

  • 15-minute consultations scheduled in segments of 2.5 hours.
  • Administrative time is accounted for in your timetable. This will prevent the need to rush through customer contacts between consultations.
  • A variety of equipment and facilities that have been specifically designed for the purpose, such as dental and digital X-rays, ultrasounds, endoscopes, and laparoscopic equipment.
  • Assistance and ongoing education to promote the advancement of your veterinarian career.
  • You may purchase an additional two weeks of annual leave through our Buy/Sell holiday program, in addition to the maximum of seven weeks of annual leave plus bank holidays (or equivalent).
  • During the initial five years of your employment at CVS, you will be granted an annual extra day of leave.
  • Additionally, we offer sponsorship certificates in support of Tier 2 employment visas.
  • RCVS and VDS fees are provided for.
  • Plan for employee discounts
  • The employee benefits program of Perkbox
  • Opportunity to partake in the success of our organization by participating in the corporate share-saving program.

About The Job

  • Your proposed work schedule is Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., with the possibility of discussing part-time arrangements as well.An allotment of the weekend schedule (1:6 on Saturdays, 8am-5pm).
  • Absence of OOH
  • £70,000 to £38,000 in salary is negotiable, contingent on experience.

What You Can Offer Us

  • An enthusiasm for high-quality treatment and a determination to advance and develop alongside us.
  • Provide support to our newly certified team members.
  • I am delighted to perform a combination of surgical procedures and consultations while delivering superior customer service.
  • Capability to perform duties at our Beltinge and Whitstable locations. Although Beltinge is in control, the branch does not conduct any significant procedures or treatments.

What’s in the area?

  • Kent’s Whitstable is a picturesque seaside community renowned for its shellfish. In August of each year, it stages an oyster festival!
  • Canterbury, the following major metropolis, offers an abundance of dining and shopping opportunities.
  • By train, the distance to London is 1 hour and 17 minutes; the fast train from Canterbury takes 55 minutes.
  • Could you ask for more than the sun, the sea, and the sand?

Upon considering this position, kindly proceed by clicking “Apply” today. For assistance applying or an informal discussion regarding the position, please contact Sian in the recruitment team at 07747 761590 via phone or text message, or Kirsty.Hampshire-Boswell at email.

Waiter / Waitress

Experienced Part-Time Waiting Staff Member During the day shifts From 10 am to 6 pm (SW3 5EJ). Weekend accessibility is a prerequisite! Peggy Porschen is extraordinarily devoted to the craft of crafting exquisite, exquisitely designed pastries. Superior customer service and adherence to the highest quality standards are matters of great pride to us. We are consistently seeking ardent, professional, and motivated individuals to join our hospitable and knowledgeable staff. We are pleased to present an exceptional opportunity for a motivated and seasoned member of the waiting staff.

This position may be ideal for you if you possess the following qualities: a passion for providing exceptional customer service, a natural eye for precise detail, and the required experience: These are some of the benefits of working for Peggy Porschen: Belonging to an emerging international culinary and lifestyle brand Prospects for career progression within the institution £11.52 per hour in compensation (TRONC included). During your duty, you are provided with a complimentary lunch.

After three months of employment, you will be presented with a six-inch tier confection on your birthday. Staff members who are ardent, energetic, and seasoned are eligible to receive a fifty percent discount on counter merchandise. Prior to your scheduled payday, 50% of your earnings are accessible via Wagestream. Part-time employment Date of initiation: Today! Monday through Sunday availability and a minimum of one year of waitressing experience are prerequisites for all applicants. The sponsorship of a visa is not possible.

Home Care Assistant, Surrey England

  • Applications from South Africa/Cayman Islands and the UAE are accepted internationally.
  • £11.70 to £12.40 per hour in compensation (depending on qualifications and experience). Forty to forty-eight hours are available per week.
  • Sponsorship for a visa (stipulations apply)
  • Surrey is situated in England.

Care Workers who are genuinely committed to providing high-quality care in the comfort of their own residences to vulnerable individuals with a variety of diseases and impairments are currently being sought by Alpenbest Care.


  • You are obligated to provide elderly or vulnerable individuals with personal and domestic care in their residences.


  • A valid driver’s license is required.
  • Excellence in written and verbal communication
  • Flexibility, dedication, zeal, and professionalism
  • Care experience is a prerequisite.


This article discusses employment opportunities in the United Kingdom for foreign nationals who are able to obtain a visa. Particular employment vacancies in sectors such as animal services, cleaning, healthcare, and hospitality are enumerated. Critical factors include the responsibilities, prerequisites, and benefits associated with each occupation. The article additionally discusses the organization’s commitment to the well-being, diversity, and egalitarian opportunities of its workforce.

  1. How can I get work visa sponsorship in the UK?

    How to get a sponsor license
    Check if your business is eligible.
    Check if your job is suitable for sponsorship.
    Choose the type of license you want to apply for; this will depend on what type of worker you want to sponsor.
    Decide who will manage sponsorship within your business.
    Apply online and pay the fee.

  2. How do I find companies that sponsor visas in the UK?

    The Home Office maintains the sponsorship list to identify all employers that have the required permission to employ sponsored workers under routes such as the Skilled Worker visa and other temporary work visas.

  3. Are UK companies willing to sponsor visas?

    The UK is home to a wealth of companies that are eager to provide sponsored visas to talented individuals like you who are looking to relocate. Within the Register of Licensed Sponsors, you’ll find a diverse pool of over 3,200 organizations actively seeking to support foreign workers in their relocation endeavors.

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