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Visa Sponsorship Support Worker Jobs in UK 2024 – Apply Now

Liaise is an organization that operates under the guiding principles of personal, progressive, and constructive aid. We are currently seeking support staff who are committed to ensuring that each individual we assist leads a joyful and meaningful existence. We are seeking individuals with a strong sense of compassion to join our exceptional team in the role of Support Worker or Care Assistant. Although prior experience is not required, comprehensive training and support will be offered.

Details About Visa Sponsorship Support Worker Jobs in UK:

  • Location: UK
  • Offered Salary: £10.08 – £12.00 / hour
  • Experience: 2 Year
  • Gender: Both
  • Qualification: Certificate
  • Career Level: Executive

Benefits of Visa Sponsorship Support Worker Jobs in UK:

  • Access to Skilled Workers: Visa sponsorship provides employers in the United Kingdom with access to a global pool of qualified workers, thereby enhancing the workforce’s diversity and expertise.
  • Fill Skill Gaps: Employers can effectively resolve specific skill gaps that may prove difficult to fill through the utilization of local talent. This is especially crucial in sectors or industries where qualified labor is in limited supply.
  • Global Talent Pool: The provision of visa sponsorship expands the global talent pool through the attraction of candidates who possess a wide range of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. This may foster an environment that is more innovative and dynamic at work.
  • International Expertise: The inclusion of foreign workers can provide employers with valuable international expertise and cultural comprehension, thereby augmenting the organization’s overall capabilities.
  • Employee Retention: The provision of visa sponsorship has the potential to enhance employee retention rates, as sponsored personnel may develop a sense of allegiance and dedication towards the organization that enabled their migration.
  • An improved reputation: Organizations that offer visa sponsorship exhibit a dedication to fostering a diverse workforce and attracting exceptional personnel. This may bolster the organization’s standing as a preferred employer.
  • Long-Term Investment: Visa sponsorship can be perceived by employers as a strategic long-term investment in constructing a dependable and proficient workforce, thereby potentially bolstering the organization’s ongoing expansion and triumph.
  • Strict Adherence to Regulations: Visa sponsorship guarantees employers’ compliance with labor laws and immigration regulations. This may safeguard the employer against legal complications associated with the employment of foreign nationals.
  • Economic Contribution: Skilled laborers make economic contributions through tax payments, product and service expenditures, and potentially entrepreneurial endeavors. Visa sponsorship facilitates the influx of professionals possessing such expertise.
  • Career Development for Employees: This initiative offers sponsored personnel the chance to advance their careers and develop in a foreign setting, frequently gaining access to training and educational opportunities that are not accessible in their country of origin.

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What you will do:

  • Using the provided instructions, assist those we support with their daily responsibilities.
  • Be accessible for assistance in routine affairs, including visits to social gatherings, family gatherings, and excursions to nearby attractions that are truly remarkable.
  • Keeping records current to ensure that all pertinent information is recorded for each individual residing in the household.
  • Effectively collaborating with coworkers, families, and other organizations to assist individuals residing at home.

What we want you to be able to do:

  • Proficient in communication.
  • Preserves the dignity of vulnerable individuals and places protection first. Exhibits sound judgment and effective decision-making abilities.
  • Proficient in both planning and organizing.
  • All health and safety regulations are adhered to.

What you will receive if you join our fantastic Support Worker team:

  • Market-leading compensation rates.
  • service leave duration (up to five additional days of vacation).
  • Completely funded. The Blue Light Discount Card grants users access to Wagesteam, a financial well-being software that facilitates money savings, supermarket discounts, and income-on-earnings.
  • Employee Assistance Program (legal guidance and complimentary telephone counseling)
  • Access to complimentary compliance training and the chance to improve the NEST Pension Scheme.
  • Individual autonomy in designing a schedule to suit one’s lifestyle
  • A complimentary enhanced DBS check and life insurance worth double the pay are provided as benefits.

Certificate of Sponsorship:

Applicants with valid work authorization in the United Kingdom who need skilled worker sponsorship are encouraged to apply and will be evaluated in conjunction with all other candidates. Visit the UK Visas and Immigration website at for additional details.

Please submit your application if you believe you are a qualified candidate for the Support Worker position; a member of our specialized Recruitment team will subsequently reach out to you. We are an equal-opportunity employer that encourages and welcomes applications from individuals of all backgrounds. Should any accommodations be required, we will gladly discuss them. Kindly note that the Support Worker role is susceptible to a more stringent DBS investigation.

More Info

  1. How do I become a support worker UK?

    While there are no particular requirements for becoming a healthcare support worker, sufficient literacy and numeracy abilities are anticipated. In particular circumstances, GCSEs (or their equivalents) in English and mathematics may also be necessary. Some positions might demand healthcare credentials, such as an NVQ or BTEC.

  2. How many hours do care workers work in UK?

    A care worker is usually expected to put in 35–40 hours per week; however, the amount of work they do could differ depending on the demands of the job and the particular requirements of the service user.

  3. What are the duties of a support worker?

    Supporting individuals and their families with practical matters, such as domestic chores, personal care, and paperwork. Offering assistance and supervision for their medical requirements, such as taking medications and tracking their temperatures. Support their pursuit of activities and interests.

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