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Visa Sponsorship Hardware Design Engineer Jobs in UK 2024

By 2030, Nexperia aspires to be a $10 billion corporation. This objective can be realized by implementing state-of-the-art facilities, advancing manufacturing sustainability on an ongoing basis, and, above all else, making substantial investments in our workforce. We are expanding our workforce and are currently in search of a Hardware Design Engineer.

Details About Visa Sponsorship Hardware Design Engineer Jobs in UK:

  • Location: UK
  • Offered Salary: £35,000 – £45,000 / year
  • Experience: 4 Year
  • Gender: Both
  • Qualification: Associate Degree
  • Career Level: Executive

What will our Hardware Design Engineer do?

Assist the Quality Labs team in delivering innovative test methodologies for product characterization and validation as a member of a small group of exceptionally trained electronic engineers and project managers. You will be accountable to the Manager of Equipment Development.

Benefits of Visa Sponsorship Hardware Design Engineer Jobs in UK:

  • Global Talent Access: By sponsoring visas, British businesses can gain access to a talent pool that spans the globe. This is especially crucial in industries such as hardware design engineering, which frequently experience a scarcity of specialized personnel.
  • Diversity and Innovation: The employment of personnel with varied backgrounds and experiences can foster a work environment that is more conducive to innovation and creativity. Visa sponsorship allows organizations to recruit individuals who possess distinctive viewpoints and concepts.
  • Mitigation of Skill Shortages: Certain sectors, such as engineering and technology, might encounter domestic deficiencies in the number of proficient professionals. Sponsorship for visas assists in filling these skill deficits by luring qualified candidates from abroad.
  • Knowledge Transfer: International professionals frequently contribute distinct industry practices and experiences. This can facilitate the exchange of knowledge among team members, promoting an environment that values ongoing education and progress.
  • Competitive Edge: Organizations that have a multinational workforce can attain a competitive advantage in the worldwide market. A business that employs diverse personnel may find it more feasible to comprehend and cater to various markets.
  • Long-Term Talent Retention: Sponsorship of visas for employees may serve as a motivating factor for their continued dedication to the organization. Acknowledging the organization’s commitment to an employee’s immigration status may enhance job satisfaction and loyalty.
  • The execution of specialized functions: Engineering hardware design frequently necessitates particular technical proficiencies. Sponsorship of visas permits businesses to locate and employ candidates who possess the precise skill set required for specialized positions.
  • Meeting Project Deadlines: Maintaining Project Timeliness is of the utmost importance in industries characterized by rapidity. Using visa sponsorship, businesses can gain access to a global talent pool, enabling them to assemble teams more swiftly and effectively, thereby ensuring the timely completion of projects.
  • Economic Contribution: Skilled immigrants make a significant economic contribution to the local community through their tax payments, expenditures on products and services, and potentially the establishment of new enterprises. This economic activity may be advantageous to the community as a whole.
  • Cultural Exchange: Cultural exchange is fostered in the workplace through the provision of visa sponsorship. Employees hailing from various nations impart a wealth of knowledge, traditions, and perspectives that enrich and foster an inclusive corporate environment.

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Among the key Responsibilities will be:

  • Providing complex hardware solutions for the characterization of power semiconductor devices
  • Collaborating with project managers to generate design specifications to the requirements of stakeholders
  • Responsible for overseeing the hardware, firmware, and software development processes
  • Developing digital and analog designs by predetermined criteria
  • Informing critical stakeholders (project management, marketing, testing, and application) of the progress made on project delivery.
  • Junior engineers are provided support and guidance as a result of their endeavors.

What our Hardware Designer will Require:


  • Electronic engineering degree and demonstrated hardware design experience
  • Proficiency in both analog and digital design
  • Knowledge of high-current and high-speed design
  • Familiarity with simulation applications including LT Spice, SIMULINK, and similar programs
  • Knowledge of the complete hardware product lifecycle, starting from concept to final solution
  • Skilled in crafting specifications for outsourced development operations
  • Expertise with CAD PCB design (PCB and schematic).
  • Proficient communication abilities are crucial when imparting complex solutions to colleagues who possess less experience.


  • Knowledge of power semiconductor devices, including IGBTs, GaN, and SiC
  • Programming expertise with microcontrollers (ARM, ST, TI, PIC) and VHDL
  • Capability to oversee project operations from plan delivery through testing, release, and execution
  • Experience as a technical supervisor in complex development teams
  • Knowledge of developing testing instruments
  • Programming capability in LabVIEW
  • Knowledge of automotive reliability tests and certification standards (HTRB, H3TRB, IOL, etc.).

Why should you work for us?

  • A competitive base salary, an annual incentive plan, a decent contributory pension scheme, a recognition rewards scheme, income protection, twelve times salary life insurance, visa sponsorship, and relocation assistance, when available, are all components of the compensation and benefits package.
  • A variety of social and sporting organizations, a flexible benefits system, additional ill pay, on-site medical facilities, a subsidized canteen, an employee assistance program, 33 days of annual leave including bank holidays, and a hybrid working policy are all provided.
  • Professional Development—Funded scholarly assistance up to the doctoral level, employee goal establishment and development strategies, substantial internal and international growth prospects, and the capacity to utilize and contribute to state-of-the-art technologies.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability – An all-encompassing pledge to achieve carbon neutrality on a global scale by 2035, establish cooperative relationships with suppliers who uphold and support the Nexperia Supplier Code of Conduct, and provide paid leave for all staff members to participate in philanthropic endeavors.
  • Corporate members of Disability Confident Employer, Neurodiversity in Business, and Employee Resource Groups for Women and Neuroinclusion; commitment to increase the proportion of women in management positions to 30% by 2030; and diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Diversity is important to our company not only because it is the moral thing to do, but also because diverse teams are more productive. We maintain an inclusive and transparent recruitment process, ensuring that all applicants are treated fairly. Furthermore, we ensure a secure working environment and make reasonable accommodations as required.

What happens next?

Please submit your application today if you are interested in the Hardware Design Engineer position.

If you have relevant experience but do not believe you meet all of the requirements, we still encourage you to submit your application. While this position may not align with your interests and qualifications, the subsequent one could be. When inquiring about the position or the organization, kindly reach out to us directly.

Be a part of Something Greater.

Acquisition of talent in response to vacancies at Nexperia is disapproved. Nexperia copyright protection applies to employment advertisements, and the Nexperia® brand is a registered trademark.

More Info

  1. What does a hardware design engineer do?

    A Hardware Design Engineer is responsible for designing and creating computer hardware and equipment related to computers. Develops and evaluates hardware. Possesses the capacity to oversee hardware component manufacturing or offer technical support throughout hardware installation.

  2. Is there a demand for hardware engineers?

    Demand for hardware engineers is anticipated to increase by 5% between 2021 and 2031, consistent with the average for all occupations, according to the BLS. This profession fulfills the requirements of constantly expanding technological developments.

  3. Is hardware engineer a good job?

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) states that the average median salary for a computer hardware engineer is $128,170 as of 2021. According to the BLS, the sector will expand by 5% annually between 2021 and 2031, with an expected 5,300 new job openings. In conclusion, now is the perfect moment to enter this rapidly developing industry.

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