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Visa Sponsorship Classroom Teacher Jobs in USA 2024

A Classroom Teacher is required at the Wediko School/The Home for Little Wanderers in Hillsborough, New Hampshire. Situated on 450 acres of lakefront property, Wediko School is a residential treatment facility that offers educational and therapeutic support to male students in their middle and high school years who are grappling with significant academic, behavioral, and social-emotional challenges. This position is eligible for a $10,000 maximum signing incentive. We offer relocation assistance as well as sponsorship for visas.

Details About Visa Sponsorship Classroom Teacher Jobs in USA:

  • Location: USA
  • Offered Salary: $25 – $35 / hour
  • Position Type: Full-Time
  • Experience: 2 Year
  • Gender: Both
  • Qualification: Associate Degree
  • Career Level: Executive

Benefits of Visa Sponsorship Classroom Teacher Jobs in USA:

  • Fulfillment of Passion: Since teaching is frequently a vocation motivated by passion, visa sponsorship enables instructors to teach in the United States and have a significant impact on the lives of their students.
  • Professional Development: Engaging in teaching in the United States can provide opportunities for professional growth and the acquisition of cutting-edge teaching methodologies, educational resources, and resources that augment an educator’s expertise and competencies.
  • Cultural Exchange: Teaching in the United States of America affords educators the chance to engage in cultural exchange by learning about American society, educational practices, and diversity while sharing their cultural perspectives.
  • Job Stability: Numerous teaching positions in the United States provide benefits and job stability, including paid leave, health insurance, and retirement plans, which give educators and their families a sense of security.
  • Career Advancement: Teaching in the United States of America may provide the instructor with access to leadership positions, specialized teaching positions, and additional education or certifications, all of which are avenues for professional development.
  • Global Networking: Educators have the opportunity to exchange ideas with counterparts from around the world and network with professionals from various backgrounds while teaching in the United States. This not only enhances their professional experience but also broadens their global connections.
  • Personal Development: Development and growth can result from immersion in a new educational system and culture; it can cultivate adaptability, resilience, and cross-cultural communication skills.
  • Community Engagement: Teaching in the United States of America affords educators the chance to interact with students, parents, and community members, thereby contributing to the development and well-being of the local community as a whole.
  • Contribution to Education: Educators in the United States help influence the future by cultivating the next generation of leaders, innovators, and informed citizens through their work in the country’s education system.
  • Pathway to Residency: Certain visa sponsorship programs designed for educators may furnish a means to obtain a permanent residency (Green Card) in the United States, thereby granting the prospect of establishing a lasting domicile and obtaining citizenship.

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How You’ll Make a Difference:

In assigned courses, the Wediko Classroom Teacher is responsible for supervising all aspects of instruction and classroom administration. At Wediko School, classroom instructors are responsible for both lesson preparation and the monitoring and reporting of student progress. Classroom teachers at Wediko School work in close collaboration with auxiliary teachers and other school officials to exemplify positive conduct within the classroom and its environs. In addition, it is the responsibility of the classroom teachers at Wediko School to establish and uphold structures that foster both student well-being and academic achievement.

Classroom Competency:

  • Coordinate and oversee classroom and tutorial instruction at Wediko School.
  • Establish a conducive atmosphere wherein student conduct is uniform and unambiguous.
  • Establish and exhibit amicable and appropriate professional relationships with students of Wediko School.
  • Incorporate technology into pertinent domains of the academic curricula of the students.

Therapeutic Milieu:

  • Establish and maintain a secure, consistent, and nurturing draught environment for Wediko students (direct care).
  • Demonstrate your availability to facilitate or guide group transitions.
  • Establish regular and structured routines for breakfast and supper.

Monitor student progress:

  • Provide Wediko students with timely and pertinent evaluations of their assignments.
  • Utilize the student/parent interface of the Wediko School to input precise and expeditious information.
  • Students must submit unit plans and portfolios to the administration by the specified due dates.


  • Assume a supervisory position throughout the weekly classroom meetings.
  • Assist and provide feedback to the assistant teachers at Wediko School.


  • Complete documentation in an expeditious, consistent, and professional fashion.
  • Answer supervisory demands and expectations regarding job-related activities at Wediko School accurately.
  • Assist and provide support to Wediko School and dorm team members.

Professional Development:

  • Preserve your license.
  • Obtain the requisite expertise to provide content area training and assure adherence to licensure standards in particular content areas through collaboration with content area consultants.
  • Actively pursue additional resources, including workshops, professional seminars, and continuous education.
  • Participate actively in teacher instruction and oversight.


  • Bachelor’s degree with certification in New Hampshire special education or a Statement of Eligibility (SOE) eligibility. The Wediko School will assist the appropriate candidate in completing the Site-Based Internship requirement to obtain a complete license.
  • Proficient in communication.
  • The successful completion of CPI training and the capacity to work both independently and collaboratively are prerequisites for this position.
  • Candidates with a preferred driving record are granted transportation in Wediko vehicles.

What the Home Can Offer You:

The Home for Little Wanderers not only offers the chance to positively influence the lives of the children we assist on an ongoing basis but also provides competitive compensation and an extensive benefits program comprising the following:

  • Six weeks of paid time off, seven vacation days, and ten illness days by the NH DOE calendar are provided as benefits. Furthermore, health and dental insurance coverage is promptly furnished during the recruitment process.
  • Comprehensive training for newly hired personnel
  • Tuition reimbursement is limited to $2,400 per fiscal year.
  • Retirement Plans with Employer Match under 403(b)
  • Long-term and short-term disability insurance, in addition to fundamental life and AD&D insurance, are funded by employers.

Valuing diversity:

Developing a culture that upholds these principles is in tandem with our commitment to excellence in diversity, equity, and inclusion. It is our conviction that the differentiations we provide enhance our capacity to provide exceptional care and service to an extensive array of children, families, and communities. Moreover, our values align with diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, which seek to facilitate the development of enduring, positive connections between vulnerable children and their families.

Job Requirements:

  • Preferably, one year of experience in the pertinent field is required.
  • A degree of bachelor’s is preferred.
  • Visas for labor, residence, or citizenship are required.

Contact Information:

  • Human Resources
  • 10 Guest Street, Brighton, MA 02135
  • Phone: 617-267-3700.
  • Email:

More Info

  1. Can a foreigner be a teacher in the USA?

    Qualified foreign nationals may teach full-time in accredited public and private U.S. elementary and secondary institutions (K–12) for up to three years via the Teach USA program. Teachers might be eligible for a 12- to 24-month program extension after this period.

  2. What are the qualifications for a teacher in the US?

    For instruction, a bachelor’s degree is essential. You could choose the traditional route of getting a bachelor’s degree in education with a concentration in a particular discipline, such as English, mathematics, science, or history, by attending college.

  3. How long do teachers work in the US?

    A fresh poll conducted by the RAND Corporation believes that instructors put in 53 hours of work per week, which is seven hours longer than the average adult in the workforce. In addition, contrasted to other working adults, teachers are significantly less satisfied with their base pay, and they also perform 25% of their duties unpaid.

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