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Visa Sponsorship Busser Jobs in Canada 2024 – Apply Now

Presently, Hard Rock Casino Vancouver is preparing Canada’s inaugural Gordon Ramsay burger. We eagerly anticipate the arrival of Gordon Ramsay Burger, our subsequent bus attendant. Incorporate expertise in the culinary arts into Chef Ramsay’s innovative burger concept, which fulfills a craving for comfort food while creating an indelible gastronomic encounter.

The forthcoming bus person, Gordon Ramsay Burger, will be responsible for providing an unparalleled standard of service and an unforgettable experience for guests. Are you prepared to seize this exceptional opportunity to contribute to the enhancement of Canada’s culinary landscape?

No professional or educational prerequisites apply to this position. You will receive sponsorship through TFWP, and depending on your performance, you may even be assisted in obtaining a work permit for full-time employment. As this is a typical restaurant, you will be required to put in extended periods and irregular schedules. Visit the following page for information on bus driving positions in Canada that provide free lunches, employee perks, and visa sponsorship.

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Details of Visa Sponsorship Busser Jobs in Canada

  • Country: Canada
  • Sector: Food & Hospitality
  • Job Type: Bus Person
  • Experience: No Experience
  • Education: No Education
  • Employed: Temporary and Full-Time (Subject to Extension of Visa)
  • Hourly Pay: CAD 17.62 per hour

Requirements of Busser Jobs in Canada:

  • Proficient in delivering visitor service and possessing a proactive “Make it Happen” attitude.
  • To effectively interact with visitors and colleagues, it is critical to possess both self-awareness and awareness.
  • A fervent aspiration to attain service excellence through the provision of an exceptional visitation experience for our internal visitors.
  • One ought to exhibit integrity, collaboration, success motivation, service quality, and a sense of community in the workplace.
  • Proficiency in interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Capacity to drag and lift objects weighing up to thirty pounds, stand for extended periods, and perform a variety of tasks.
  • Required is a certificate from Serving It Right.
  • The ability to obtain a criminal background check through the Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch (GPEB) in a timely and efficient manner.

Duties of Busser Jobs in Canada:

  • Countertops and tables should be promptly cleaned and sanitized following each customer’s departure. Dishes, paper products, glassware, flatware, and linens ought to be removed and disposed of by the operational protocols of the establishment.
  • Assisting with the general maintenance of the windows, flooring, and walls in the F&B areas.
  • Whenever required, assist servers in restocking coffee trolleys.
  • Ensuring that bus containers are properly filed to prevent breakage
  • Maintaining an orderly inventory area and restocking supplies
  • Providing meals and attending to the requirements of customers Removing spillage immediately
  • Ensuring effective coordination and communication with the pertinent operational departments.
  • In addition to performing various responsibilities, ensuring compliance with regulations about health, safety, and licensing
  • Performing additional responsibilities as directed or required.

Benefits of Busser Jobs:

  • Jobs Available: Employment Available Employment opportunities are made available to individuals who would otherwise be unable to work in Canada through visa sponsorship. This facilitates employment opportunities for international bus passengers in Canadian companies, thereby boosting labor force participation and aiding in the reduction of the skills divide in the labor market.
  • Legal Work Status: Legal work status is bestowed upon bus passengers in Canada who are sponsored by a visa. This status guarantees them the ability to obtain lawful employment and is by the labor rights and protections stipulated by Canadian legislation.
  • Economic Stability: The financial viability of bus passengers en route to Canada is impacted by the sponsorship of a work visa. Employers compensate workers with wages that enable them to sustain themselves and their families, and in some cases, even remit funds to their countries of origin from Canada.
  • Cultural Exchange: An opportunity for cultural exchange is afforded through a visa-sponsored bus driving position in Canada. By interacting with Canadian clients and collaborating with local restaurant staff, staff members can gain knowledge of Canadian customs, language, and culture.
  • Skill Development: A career as a bus person can provide numerous training and skill development opportunities in areas such as restaurant operations, food safety, customer service, and collaboration. The provision of visa sponsorship enables individuals to acquire hands-on experience in a reputable restaurant setting.
  • Progression in Profession: Visa sponsorship for bus person employment in Canada can facilitate the acquisition of entry-level positions such as restaurant manager, presenter, or server. This can positively impact the long-term career prospects of individuals in the hospitality industry. It is possible that employees can acquire skills and experience that apply to various positions within the organization.
  • Accessibility to Benefits: Health insurance, employee discounts, and retirement savings plans are a few of the benefits that bus laborers employed in Canada under sponsorship may be eligible for, contingent upon their employer and the terms of their employment contract.
  • Pathway to Permanent Residency: Obtaining a visa sponsorship to work as a transportation worker in Canada may, under certain conditions, facilitate the acquisition of citizenship or permanent residency. Certain advantages, including tenure sustainability and assimilation into Canadian society, may be extended to personnel who meet the prerequisites for citizenship or residency. The particular prerequisites for each visa program may vary, contingent upon the circumstances of the individual employee.


Bus driver compensation in Canada can vary by region, level of expertise, and particular enterprise. The average hourly wage for a transit worker in Canada varies from $14 to $18. Some organizations even incorporate the determination of visa sponsors into the recruiting process for particular positions.

  1. What is the qualification of a busser?

    The primary qualifications for a busser job are being able to work well in teams, having strong customer service skills, and working efficiently with stamina. Some organizations might also prefer prior work experience in a restaurant or hospitality setting and a high school diploma or equivalent.

  2. How much do bussers make in Canada?

    The average busser salary in Canada is $32,235 per year or $16.53 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $29,677 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $36,930 per year.

  3. Is busser a hard job?

    Bussing is a physically demanding job. Bussers spend most of their time on their feet, which can be tiring, especially during long shifts. It’s essential for bussers to have good lifting techniques and to take breaks as needed. Bussers must often bend to clear tables and lift heavy objects, such as trays of dishes.

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