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State Bank of Pakistan Jobs For IT Trainee Program 2024

For you, the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has a remarkable opportunity. The SBP, the Central Bank, is seeking dynamic and talented candidates to fill Assistant Director (OG-2) positions as part of the IT Officers Training Scheme. These positions present a stimulating professional trajectory in the realm of information technology and are situated in the dynamic metropolis of Karachi. We will cover every aspect of the application process for this prestigious IT Trainee Program in this article.

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State Bank of Pakistan

The central bank of Pakistan is the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), which regulates the monetary and financial system. SBP, an establishment of paramount significance for the economic development and stability of the nation, consistently pursues exceptionally skilled individuals to assist in the pursuit of its mission.

Technological aficionados will have an exceptional opportunity to enroll in the prestigious SBP IT Trainee Program. This program provides opportunities for individuals to pursue Assistant Director (OG-2) positions and initiate a dynamic professional trajectory. These positions are situated in Karachi, a dynamic metropolis in Pakistan, which offers a stimulating atmosphere for individuals who are well-versed in technology to flourish.

Details of State Bank of Pakistan Jobs For IT Trainee Program

Position: Assistant Director (OG-2)

In your capacity as an Assistant Director, you will assume significant responsibilities and investigate a multitude of prospects. By providing state-of-the-art IT solutions, your objective will be to assist SBP in its endeavors to strengthen and expand Pakistan’s financial industry.

Location: Karachi

Having Karachi as its base, the program provides a vibrant and heterogeneous environment that harmonizes with the technologically advanced tasks that you will be performing.

Benefits of State Bank of Pakistan Jobs

  • Monetary Policy Management: The SBP is responsible for formulating and implementing Pakistan’s monetary policy. It employs instruments such as interest rate adjustments to control inflation, stabilize the economy, and guarantee pricing stability.
  • Economic Stability: To maintain financial stability, the SBP monitors and regulates the financial sector, including banks and financial institutions. It establishes prudential rules to assure the health of financial institutions.
  • Currency Distribution: As the solitary entity authorized to issue and manage currency in Pakistan, SBP ensures the availability and integrity of currency notes and coins, which is essential to the country’s monetary system.
  • Foreign Currency SBP manages foreign exchange reserves, regulates the foreign exchange market, and formulates exchange rate policies in order to stabilize the value of the Pakistani rupee and promote international commerce.
  • Banking Regulation: The SBP supervises and regulates banks and financial institutions to ensure their compliance with banking laws and regulations, safeguard depositors, and preserve the stability of the banking system.
  • Payment Methods: It supervises payment and settlement systems to guarantee efficient, secure, and dependable payment services in Pakistan, which are indispensable for economic transactions.
  • Financial Participation: SBP promotes financial inclusion by instituting policies that encourage underserved populations’ access to banking services, thereby reducing poverty and promoting economic development.
  • Credit Management: Through its monetary policy instruments, SBP influences the availability and cost of credit, which can impact investment, economic growth, and employment opportunities.
  • Economic Analysis and Research: SBP researches various economic and financial aspects, providing policymakers, enterprises, and the general public with valuable data and analysis.
  • Government Finance: The SBP serves as the government’s banker, administering its accounts, facilitating government transactions, and assisting with debt management.
  • Foreign Reserves Administration: It administers the nation’s foreign exchange reserves, ensuring their sufficiency to meet external payment obligations and ensuring the stability of the currency exchange rate.
  • Financial Literacy: The SBP promotes financial education and literacy programs to equip individuals and enterprises with financial knowledge and skills.
  • Governance of Payment Systems: It regulates payment and settlement systems to ensure their security and efficacy, thereby facilitating electronic fund transfers and lowering transaction fees.
  • Consumer Security: SBP works to safeguard the interests of consumers of financial services by ensuring that financial institutions handle their clients fairly and openly.
  • Financial Stability Monitoring: In order to prevent financial crises and disruptions, SBP plays a crucial role in assessing and mitigating systemic risks in the financial system.

Eligibility Criteria of State Bank of Pakistan Jobs For IT Trainee Program

In order to qualify for the SBP IT Trainee Program, the following requirements must be met:

Academic Requirements: Applicants must hold a Master’s, Bachelor’s, or an equivalent degree, along with a minimum of sixteen years of educational experience, and a grade point average of 60 percent (where applicable) or 2.5 out of 4.0 (where GPA is applied). Your academic background should encompass pertinent IT disciplines that are in accordance with the operations of SBP, including but not limited to Computer Sciences, Information Systems and Technology, Data Sciences, Information Security, and Cybersecurity.

Applicants are required to be below 26 years of age at the time of the application deadline.

Join the SBP IT Trainee Program

SBP is offering one hundred positions through the IT Trainee Program, which gives tech aficionados a one-of-a-kind chance to contribute to the technological advancement of Pakistan’s financial sector.

Application Process of State Bank of Pakistan Jobs

Follow these steps to apply if you are prepared to take the initial step toward a thrilling career with SBP:

Visit NTS Website: Interested citizens of Pakistan, including those residing in Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Jammu & Kashmir, are obligated to access the National Testing Service website at NTS Website.

More Info

  • Online Application: To apply, please refer to the instructions supplied on the NTS website.
  • Shortlisting: NTS shall dispatch admit cards to the designated postal addresses and notify shortlisted candidates via SMS. Furthermore, admit cards will be accessible for distribution through the official NTS website.
  • Written Test: Invited shortlisted candidates will be required to appear at designated test centers for a written examination.

This is an exceptional opportunity to begin your IT career at the State Bank of Pakistan. Apply now to join the group that propels financial sector innovation and expansion.


Becoming a part of the SBP IT Trainee Program could lead to a prosperous IT career. This program presents a multitude of employment prospects, competitive remuneration, and the chance to contribute to state-of-the-art initiatives, rendering it a stimulating opportunity for individuals enthusiastic about technology. Should you satisfy the necessary qualifications, we encourage you to promptly submit your application and commence your professional voyage with the State Bank of Pakistan.

  1. How do I get a job at the State Bank of Pakistan?

    Interested Pakistani nationals who meet the eligibility criteria for the above posts may apply with their detailed resume and three recent passport sizes available for download at our website, SBP K Employment can apply by sending the filled-out application form.

  2. What is the starting salary of the State Bank of Pakistan?

    After joining, the Grade 1 officer selected for SBP BSC will be paid an initial monthly salary of Rs. 16,481/- in the pay scale of Rs. 16,481–47,850.

  3. What are the qualifications of the State Bank of Pakistan?

    Master’s or Bachelor’s degree (16 years) from a recognized university or a recognized foreign university Candidates with a diploma in secretarial services, office management, or administrative skills will be preferred. Maximum 35 years, relaxed in cases of higher qualification or more experience.

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