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Senior Accounting Manager Jobs in UK 2024 – Apply Online

The Senior Manager of Accounting is responsible for the financial and accounting operations of the administrative offices located throughout the continent. The ideal candidate for this position will be tasked with executing enterprise-wide strategies that result in the delivery of services and products that not only satisfy the requirements and anticipations of MI Corporate but also division chiefs, department heads, and office colleagues.

This role is tasked with overseeing the accounting and local financial reporting obligations of administrative entities in EMEA, in addition to assisting with other general administrative requirements. While coordinating execution and business outcomes with the Continent’s and MI’s strategies and establishing robust internal controls to mitigate risk and safeguard corporate assets, the incumbent directs critical financial initiatives. This individual reports to the Director of Finance and Accounting for Europe and is responsible for overseeing administrative staff.

Details About Senior Accounting Manager Jobs in UK:

  • Company: Zoey
  • Location: Uk
  • Offered Salary: £32,000.00 – £36,000.00 / year
  • Experience: 5 Year
  • Gender: Both
  • Qualification: Associate Degree
  • Career Level: Manager

Scope of Senior Accounting Manager Jobs

The responsibilities of the senior manager of accounting may include some or all of the following:

  • Supervises the daily accounting operations of the administrative entities allotted to the Continent.
  • Contributes to the formulation and consolidation of the Continent’s annual operating budget objectives.
  • Aids in the formulation of the yearly Capex budget allocated to administrative departments located within the workplace.
  • Manages the month-end closings for the office’s administrative units in strict adherence to the corporate schedule.
  • Assists the Continent’s Finance Team in preparing financial analyses, including cash flows, to identify opportunities to reduce administrative expenses.
  • Supervises cultivates, and assists administrative assistants in the administrative office, in addition to offering essential HR support.
  • Authorizes payment releases, vendor configurations, and PeopleSoft installations for the Marriott Administrative Entities.
  • The balance sheet accounts of Marriott Administrative Entities are reconciled every month.
  • Certification in MIP-66 for administrative entities of Marriott worldwide.
  • Responsible for ensuring the correct configuration and reconciliation of fixed assets, as well as producing an annual certification for administrative offices.
  • Robust internal controls are upheld.
  • Contributes to the selection procedure for principal accounting officers (SAOs).
  • Responsible for the accounting of the general administration.
  • Conspicuous and persuasive communication is employed to convey financial matters, fostering comprehension and motivating favorable conduct.
  • Conducts information review meetings with the management team to facilitate criticism sessions.
  • It constrains administrative office processes and policies to adhere to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and maintain a focus on controls.
  • Establishes objectives and expectations for direct reports and holds staff accountable for successful performance using the Leadership Performance Process (LPA); coaches team members by providing specific feedback to enhance performance; conducts annual performance reviews with direct reports.
  • Provide support to the Senior Finance Leadership Team and the Director in carrying out any assigned duties.

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Contribution Expected for Senior Accounting Manager Jobs

  • Executes all responsibilities punctually, guaranteeing the observance of all deadlines, including those of the team.
  • The management may assign additional pertinent duties.
  • Adhere to the procedures and policies established by Marriott International.
  • At work, be proactive and flexible, consistently meeting the requirements of the team and the organization.
  • Constantly maintain a positive outlook and a steadfast commitment to delivering outstanding service to both clients and colleagues.
  • Regardless of status or position, demonstrate concern for the needs and emotions of others; acknowledge and reconcile interpersonal variances; and cultivate a constructive rapport with all staff members and clientele.
  • It is imperative to retain knowledge of every Marriott product line.
  • Retain knowledge of computer systems, including but not limited to Windows, Outlook, and Excel.
  • Prior knowledge of PeopleSoft is preferred.
  • Collaborate with all peers, consistently assisting the team and the organization.


  • Financial management experience is required; experience in hotel accounting and finance is preferred.
  • Financial records and transactions, in addition to a comprehensive comprehension of accounting principles, methods, and techniques, including but not limited to generally accepted accounting principles.
  • Proficient in accounting, finance, and analysis, in addition to possessing practical knowledge of financial management, forecasting, revenue management techniques, long-term capital expenditure strategizing, and project administration.
  • Exhibits the ability to evaluate business trends to influence corporate strategies.
  • Effective at resolving problems and addressing concerns by maximizing the use of available resources.
  • Responsible for translating organizational requirements into actionable tasks, ensuring optimal work completion efficiency, upholding a high standard of performance, and achieving effectiveness through strong collaborative efforts.
  • Ensures that timely information flows effortlessly throughout the organization; demonstrates exceptional communication and presentation abilities.
  • Provides support, supervision, and the inception of organizational change while eliminating obstacles and quickening its pace.
  • Actively endeavors self-improvement and learning to advance one’s career, organization, and personal standing, and imparts this information.
  • Purchasers must have knowledge of inventory controls, equipment, and supplies.
  • Proficient time management skills, in addition to a propensity for independent work and initiative.
  • It is necessary to transform financial concepts into practical business strategies and plans.
  • The candidate must possess exceptional interpersonal abilities and be capable of influencing and negotiating with individuals of all ranks, including senior management.
  • Capable of making effective decisions and rapidly selecting a course of action despite ambiguity or peril.
  • Proficient in problem-solving; encourages the generation of original and creative concepts when required.
  • The ability to achieve consensus among a wide range of stakeholders who possess distinct priorities.
  • Capacity for effective change management.

Benefits of Senior Accounting Manager Jobs in UK:

  • Opportunities for professional development: Organizations frequently allocate resources toward the advancement of senior management personnel through the provision of training programs, seminars, and conferences that bolster both technical and leadership proficiencies.
  • Benefits for Health and Retirement: Senior executives are frequently granted all-inclusive health insurance and retirement benefits, which safeguard their financial stability and overall welfare throughout their professional trajectories.
  • Performance-Based Bonuses and Incentives: Numerous senior management positions encompass performance-based bonuses and incentives, which furnish supplementary monetary rewards contingent upon the successful attainment of predetermined objectives or targets.
  • Options on stocks or equity: Senior managers may be eligible for stock options or equity as a component of their compensation package in specific organizations, thereby harmonizing their interests with the organization’s overarching performance.
  • Adaptable Work Schedules: Certain organizations provide senior managers with flexible work arrangements, including schedules and telecommuting, to promote work-life balance and accommodate their requirements.
  • Salary Competitiveness: In accounting, senior management is frequently remunerated competitively, by their responsibilities, level of experience, and the intricacy of the financial functions they supervise.
  • Programs for Sharing Profits: As an additional financial incentive, some businesses implement profit-sharing programs in which a portion of the company’s profits are distributed to employees, including senior management.
  • Vehicle Allowance or Company Car: If travel constitutes a substantial portion of the responsibilities of senior management, a car allowance or access to a company vehicle may be granted, contingent upon industry standards and organizational policies.
  • Coverage under comprehensive insurance: Senior executives may be granted supplementary insurance coverage, including but not limited to life insurance, disability insurance, and other specialized policies, in addition to health insurance.
  • Paid Time Off: Generally, senior executives are granted ample paid time off, including vacation days, holidays, and other opportunities for rest and rejuvenation.
  • Prestige and Acknowledgment: Professional recognition and prestige are frequently associated with a senior management position in accounting, both of which increase career satisfaction.
  • Advancement Opportunities in the Workplace: Senior management positions frequently function as a transitional phase to more senior executive positions within the organization, thereby affording prospects for professional growth.

Desired Skills and Knowledge:

  • PeopleSoft knowledge

Professional Certification and Education:

  • Experience with UK GAAP accounting is preferred, preferably acquired through coursework or professional development.

The workplace at Marriott International is diverse. We are committed to fostering an inclusive, people-first culture and employing a diverse workforce. Our organization is fully dedicated to ensuring that no protected ground is discriminated against, including veteran status and disability, in addition to any other premise that is recognized and protected under applicable legislation.

Marriott International, boasting an extensive portfolio of hotels, brands, and opportunities for professional development, is the preeminent hotel corporation globally. Be where you can give your all, start pursuing your passion, be a member of an extraordinary global team, and perfect yourself.


  1. Are accounting jobs in demand in the UK?

    Skills shortages are still rife for part-time and newly qualified accountants, and demand far outstrips supply. With more workers going freelance post-pandemic, the demand for accountants is only going up.

  2. Is a senior accountant higher than a manager?

    The hierarchy of accounting positions typically consists of four main levels: junior, staff, manager, and senior.

  3. What is the highest salary for an accountant in the UK?

    Graduates can expect to earn salaries of up to £40,000. During training, the average earning potential can be up to £65,000. The average annual salary for a chartered accountant in business is £134,000, with an average yearly bonus of over £17,000.

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