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P&H Farming Jobs in Canada 2024 – Visa Sponsorship

Agriculture represents the most prevalent form of low-skilled and menial labor. Working on 189,874 farms in Canada 2.1 million individuals. Canada ranks second in terms of both cattle production and exports. Consequently, Canada is home to a multitude of agricultural occupations that are associated with cattle.

In addition, greenhouse agriculture, for which Canada is renowned worldwide, is a prominent method of producing fruits and vegetables, predominantly strawberries and tomatoes. Obtaining employment at P&H Farming Ltd., a prominent Canadian agribusiness, that operates in Canada’s most prospective agricultural sector, and other such organizations, is the subject of this article. Apply directly from the official website of P&H Farming by clicking the link at the bottom of the page. For further details, please continue reading.

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Why pick P&H?

  • As a significant agriculture corporation in Canada, it facilitates visa applications for foreign candidates. Foreign labor is utilized across all organizational levels, including delivery couriers, egg packers, and management personnel.
  • The organization provides a diverse range of internship opportunities throughout the year, with particular attention paid to the Summer Internships Programme. There are numerous opportunities for both paid and volunteer internships.
  • With clients spanning twenty-four countries, employment is never in short supply.
  • Canadian businesses find it particularly attractive to hire foreign workers because they are prepared to accept lower pay.
  • The majority of foreign labor is employed in the feed mill, flour mill, grain merchandising, and agricultural input industries.

Details about P&H Farming Jobs in Canada

  • Job title: Farm Jobs.
  • Job location: Canada.
  • Company: The employer’s name is P&H Farming.
  • Nationality: Applicants can be of any nationality.
  • Expected Minimum wage: $15.65 per hour.
  • Free food: No.
  • Accommodation: There is no free accommodation, however relocation assistance is available.
  • Free Transport: Transportation is not provided for free.
  • Free Medical Insurance: Yes
  • Minimum knowledge: required for skilled occupational jobs.
  • Minimum experience: Required for skilled occupational jobs; desirable, but not required for unskilled job roles.

Benefits of P&H Farming Jobs

  • Contribution to Food Production: Employment in P&H agriculture is essential for the cultivation of commodities and makes a direct contribution to the food supply chain. Laborers assigned to planting and harvesting duties are indispensable in guaranteeing communities a consistent and dependable food supply.
  • Job Security: Agriculture is a critical sector, and employment in planting and harvesting is frequently consistent and less vulnerable to economic contractions. Agricultural product demand remains comparatively stable, providing workers in these fields with a sense of job security.
  • Outdoor Work Environment: Working outdoors is a common aspect of P&H farming employment, providing employees with the opportunity to appreciate the natural surroundings and breathe clean air. Individuals who favor working in open spaces as opposed to indoor or office environments may find this environment appealing.
  • Physical Activity and Exercise: Engaging in planting and harvesting tasks frequently necessitates physical exertion, thereby promoting consistent physical fitness and exercise. This may prove advantageous to the health of those who value an active way of life.
  • Seasonal Employment Opportunities: A considerable number of planting and harvesting occupations are contingent on the seasons, offering temporary employment to qualified candidates during particular periods of the year. Individuals pursuing temporary employment or attempting to augment their earnings during periods of high demand may find this flexibility to be beneficial.
  • Skill Development: P&H farming positions require the execution of a variety of duties, including planting, cultivating, and harvesting. Employees acquire competencies in crop administration, machinery operation, and various agricultural practices, thereby augmenting their comprehensive repertoire of skills.
  • Connection to Nature: Engaging in planting and harvesting activities fosters a profound sense of connection between individuals and the agricultural cycle, as well as with nature. A stronger appreciation for the environment and sustainable cultivation practices may result from this connection.
  • Community Involvement: Agriculture is frequently intricately intertwined with the fabric of local communities. P&H agricultural employment offers individuals the chance to actively participate in community affairs by collaborating with neighbors and making economic contributions to the area.
  • Prospects for Entrepreneurship: Certain individuals engaged in the activities of planting and harvesting may elect to pursue entrepreneurial endeavors, including the establishment of their own modest agricultural enterprises or farms. This may foster an attitude of autonomy and proprietorship.
  • Diverse Job Roles: A wide range of responsibilities and positions are involved in the planting and harvesting process, which includes operating tractors, maintaining equipment, managing irrigation, and inspecting crops. This diversity enables individuals to discover positions that correspond with their interests and abilities while exploring various facets of farming.

P&H Farming recruits personnel from various sectors, including information technology, agricultural (particularly grain farming), and fruit and vegetable picking, packaging, delivery, and transportation. The following are, according to P&H’s official careers website, some of the most sought-after positions among international candidates:

  • Egg packer.
  • Delivery driver.
  • Administrative assistant.
  • Crop Input Intern.
  • Intern as a Warehouse Operator.
  • Administrative and desk support specialists.
  • Crop Input Manager.
  • Terminal Manager / Assistant Terminal Manager.
  • Elevator operator.
  • Equipment operator.
  • IT interns.
  • General laborer.
  • Summer students and interns.
  • Talent acquisition specialist.
  • Facility Assistant or Senior Facility Assistant.
  • FX accountant.
  • Operations intern.
  • Health and Safety Intern.
  • Truck driver.
  • Assistant Head Miller/Miller.
  • Cleaner / Intern.
  • Mill Wright.
  • Material handler.
  • Intern in Technical Writing.

Requirements of P&H Farming Jobs in Canada

  • A valid work permit is necessary in order to legally operate in Canada. Frequently, obtaining a work visa from an employer willing to sponsor the applicant is a prerequisite for visa sponsorship.
  • Proficient knowledge: Although specific criteria may differ depending on the organization and the task at hand, previous experience in the fields of plumbing, heating, or agriculture is often favored. This may encompass prior experience in plumbing and heating system maintenance, agricultural environments, or other pertinent trades.
  • Certification or education: For P&H agricultural positions, some employers may require a high school diploma or its equivalent. In addition, the acquisition of appropriate certifications or licenses in plumbing, HVAC, or analogous fields can enhance professional prospects.
  • Physical Fitness: P&H farming occupations often require strenuous physical exertion, including bending, carrying, and operating in diverse weather conditions. Employees must therefore be physically fit and competent in order to conduct their duties.
  • Safety Instruction: Engaging in agricultural labor and managing drainage and heating systems may present inherent safety risks. To ensure a secure working environment, employers may mandate that personnel achieve certification in workplace safety standards or complete safety training.
  • Effective Communication Abilities: P&H agricultural personnel are required to possess the capability to engage in productive dialogue with colleagues, superiors, and potentially clients or suppliers. It is advantageous to have proficient conversational skills in either French or English, the official language of Canada.
  • A readiness to acquire knowledge: Plumbing and heating systems, in addition to farming techniques, may vary across regions and employers. In order to be eligible for P&H farming positions in Canada with visa sponsorship, candidates must satisfy the work permit eligibility requirements set forth by the Canadian government. They must be adaptable to new environments and techniques, eager to learn new methods, and compliant with supervisors’ directives. This typically entails maintaining an impeccable physical condition and a spotless criminal record.

How to Apply

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P&H Farming Ltd. provides agricultural employment opportunities in Canada, including competitive compensation, professional development, and visa sponsorship. By applying for a variety of fields and obtaining relocation assistance, individuals can launch a rewarding career in the agriculture sector and contribute to Canada’s burgeoning industry.

  1. Are farm workers in demand in Canada?

    Farm jobs in Canada are growing in demand. Whether you’re a Canadian citizen or an international applicant, there are opportunities available for everyone under the Canada Agriculture Worker Program, specifically the Agriculture Stream.

  2. What do Parrish and Heimbecker do?

    Parrish & Heimbecker, Limited (P&H) is a Canadian, family-owned agribusiness with over 110 years of success in the agriculture industry. Our operations include grain merchandising, crop inputs, flour milling, and feed mills.

  3. Who is the CEO of Parrish and Heimbecker?

    The name of the most senior paid officer (i.e., the designated filer) will appear on all in-house lobbying activity reports, whether or not he or she participated in the activity.

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