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Personal Assistant Jobs in UK 2024 – Apply Now

A Personal Assistant who demonstrates exceptional organization and accountability is desired to support Professor Claire Smith, Deputy Pro-Vice Chancellor of Education and Innovation. The individual will be responsible for overseeing the calendar, coordinating meetings and appointments, making travel and lodging provisions, and preparing reports and communications. You will serve as the principal liaison for incoming and outgoing phone calls and emails, demonstrating exceptional proficiency in communication and maintaining a formal tone when on the phone.

Collaboration is essential to your position, as you will interact with Executive Assistants and colleagues in the VCO from across the university. You will be responsible for both independent and VCO Team assignments. You will be assigned tasks such as attending meetings, taking minutes, and following up on action items in support of the Deputy Pro-Vice Chancellor’s efforts to achieve the university’s strategic objectives.

Details About Personal Assistant Jobs in UK:

  • Location: University of Sussex, Brighton
  • Hours: 24 hours every week. Requests for flexible work arrangements (subject to company requirements) will be considered.
  • Salary: Starting salary ranges from £24,533 to £27,979 per year, per rata for part-time employees. Please be advised that any role graded less than 5.4 or £31,396 per year will not be eligible for sponsorship.
  • Contract Type: Fixed-Term Contract

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Benefits of Personal Assistant Jobs in UK:

  • Diverse job responsibilities: Personal assistants are frequently entrusted with a variety of duties, including administrative checks, scheduling, correspondence management, and occasionally personal missions. This diversity can prevent monotony by making the job dynamic and engaging.
  • Close working relationships: PAs generally maintain close working relationships with their employers, including entrepreneurs, high-level administrators, and individuals with specific requirements. This close professional relationship frequently results in the formation of a solid alliance and the chance to gain direct knowledge from seasoned experts.
  • Transferable skills: The proficiencies gained through experience as a personal assistant, including but not limited to organization, time management, communication, and problem-solving, possess considerable value and applicability in diverse sectors and positions. PAs frequently acquire a breadth of skills that can facilitate access to a variety of professional opportunities.
  • Professional development: Positions as personal assistants may present prospects for professional advancement and progress. PAs can improve their career prospects by gaining exposure to strategic decision-making, business operations, and networking opportunities through direct collaboration with executives or entrepreneurs.
  • Networking opportunities: PAs interact frequently with administrators, clients, vendors, and colleagues, among other professionals. This networking opportunity may potentially result in the formation of beneficial connections that can contribute to future career progression or prospects.
  • Flexibility: In terms of work hours and, at times, remote work arrangements, personal assistant positions may provide flexibility, contingent upon the employer and the characteristics of the role. Personal obligations or those in pursuit of a more harmonious work-life equilibrium may find this flexibility advantageous.
  • Variety of industries: Personal assistants are employed in numerous sectors, including but not limited to business, entertainment, healthcare, and non-profit organizations. This diversity enables PAs to broaden their expertise and receive insight into various industries.
  • Job satisfaction: Providing assistance to an employer in effectively managing their duties, attaining objectives, and improving efficiency can elicit a profound sense of job satisfaction. A personal assistant’s contribution to the success of their employer is frequently crucial, which can result in job satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment.
  • Competitive compensation: Prominent and proficient personal assistants are in high demand and can demand competitive compensation. This is particularly true for positions that demand specialized abilities or provide services to high-profile individuals.

Further Information:

This position offers a distinctive opportunity to engage in close collaboration with senior executives and cultivate connections across the University and with external stakeholders. An optimal candidate will possess a strong secondary education in addition to suitable professional training, credentials, or relevant work experience. In addition to exceptional organizational and time management skills, candidates should possess remarkable adaptability and flexibility, and demonstrate flawlessness in both oral and written communication, as well as in presentations.

You must have the ability to prioritize and multitask a constantly shifting workload, work effectively under duress to meet strict deadlines, and make sound decisions. You must be capable of working autonomously, distinguishing between emails, reports, and phone calls that require escalation and those that do not, interacting with and presenting to senior officials.

  • Please contact Marta Appleyard, Senior Executive Advisor in the VCO, at, for informal inquiries.
  • It is imperative to note that any work submitted to the University must be finalized within the borders of the United Kingdom.
  • Visa Sponsorship: The Skilled Worker route does not provide eligibility for sponsorship for this particular role.
  • Consult or dial 01273 873743 for assistance with navigating our application portal.

More Info

  1. How much do personal assistants get paid in the UK?

    For employees over the age of 21: £11.44 hourly.
    For 18- to 20-year-old workers: £8.60 annually.
    Under-18 employees earn £6.40 per hour.
    Apprentice-aged laborers at £6.40 per hour.

  2. Do you need qualifications to be a personal assistant?

    It is possible to get entry without a degree, HND, or foundation degree, given that general office skills, personal qualities, and experience are thought of as more significant. For many positions, GCSE English and mathematics (or their counterparts) are necessary for entry. An IT certification may also be required.

  3. Is personal assistant a good career?

    Career advancement prospects exist for those who obtain success in the role of personal assistant. You can pursue higher-level positions, such as assistant jobs for top-level executives, or at progressively larger companies if you find the role to be pleasant.

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