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Pakistan’s national jobs portal is an internet-based platform for government job postings. For employment applications, the Pakistani government has launched a specialized website. Citizens of Pakistan may submit applications for government positions at at this time. This will provide guidance on how to locate employment using the National Jobs Portal. Candidates will be able to establish accounts in 2024 in order to apply for federal and provincial government jobs across Pakistan. The National Positions Portal is presently hosting thousands of available positions. Utilize the national employment portal to find a suitable position.

National Jobs Portal Jobs:

The National IT Board is responsible for managing the National Employment Portal, the first centralized online platform for government employment in Pakistan. One of the primary initiatives of the “Digital Transformation of Pakistan” objective of the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications is the National Job Portal (NJP). Job aspirants from various parts of the country and the world can register for public sector positions at this pivotal location.

Benefits of National Jobs Portal Jobs:

  • Centralized Access to Job Opportunities: National job portals offer job applicants a centralized platform from which they can retrieve a vast array of employment prospects spanning diverse industries and sectors throughout the nation.
  • Efficient Job Search: These portals frequently provide sophisticated search and filtering capabilities, enabling users to customize their job searches according to specific factors including location, industry, job type, and skills, thereby enhancing efficiency.
  • Increased Visibility for Employers: Employers can increase their visibility by utilizing national job portals to connect with a more extensive pool of prospective candidates. This can prove particularly advantageous for organizations that operate in multiple locations or seek to recruit personnel from diverse geographical areas.
  • Standardized Application Process: Numerous national job portals offer a standardized application process, which eliminates the need for job applicants to create separate accounts for each employer when applying for multiple positions.
  • Resources and Information Availability: National job portals frequently provide access to information and resources, including resume construction guidance, career counseling, and industry trend data. Potential employers may find this information beneficial when seeking to improve their credentials and market standing.
  • Data Analytics for Improvement: The application of data analytics in portals can facilitate the monitoring of labor market trends, thereby empowering employers and job seekers to make well-informed choices. This information can be utilized to enhance the portal’s functionality and accommodate shifting labor market demands.
  • Government Support and Initiatives: Government agencies may, in certain instances, provide support or instigate national job portals to tackle unemployment concerns and facilitate the connection between job seekers and available opportunities.
  • Reduced Unemployment: National job portals have the potential to lessen unemployment rates and enhance labor market dynamics as a whole by facilitating a more streamlined and convenient means for job seekers to establish connections with employers.

Online Apply | National Jobs Portal Jobs

The employment search procedure has been digitized by the government. Candidates don’t need to find employment everywhere. They are advised to make use of the National Employment Portal. Candidates from Pakistan and around the world are able to register online for the positions they desire. Applications for government positions are submitted electronically within the designated period via the national job portal.

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National Jobs Portal Jobs:

You can direct the transmission of your application through the national employment portal. The subsequent steps are necessary to establish a NJP account. Create an account by providing your CNIC, full name, and email address. Then, via email, you will be required to configure your sign-up account. You are now able to include your personal information, qualifications, courses, and experience in your CV and profile.

National Jobs Portal Jobs:

The National Jobs Portal provides job seekers with valuable resources. They can populate their account with precise details. However, by 2024, they will be required to opt in and register for the jobs they desire. NJP is entrusted with the application process by the Ministry of Human Resources, the Ministry of Housing and Works, FBR, Single Window, the National Shipping Corporation, and the Ministry of Education.

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Login | National Jobs Portal Jobs:

Access to the National Job Portal is granted to all individuals seeking employment. On the national job portal, candidates with literate, primary, middle, secondary, intermediate, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees may search for employment based on their education and experience. NJP is made available to all job seekers without charge. Similarly, employment seekers can locate opportunities based on their location.

Punjab Job Portal:

Then, application submission is completed by candidates with a single click. Job seekers can search for and register for positions in a variety of categories via the National Job Portal. Government officials in Punjab have introduced a new employment website. Similar to the national employment portal, job seekers will find the Punjab job portal beneficial. A considerable number of job seekers have secured employment via the Punjab portal.

List of National Jobs Portal Jobs:

Register for an account on the national employment portal,, to apply for FBR positions. Furthermore, the national employment portal can be accessed by visiting and selecting the corresponding link. The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has declared the opening of additional positions at its headquarters in Pakistan.

1.Accountancy & FinanceExplore Jobs
2.Administration & FinanceExplore Jobs
3.Administration & ItExplore Jobs
4.Agriculture EngineeringExplore Jobs
5.Agriculture ResearchExplore Jobs
6.AuditExplore Jobs
7.Business ManagementExplore Jobs
8.Chemical ScienceExplore Jobs
9.Civil EngineeringExplore Jobs
10.Communications & MarketingExplore Jobs
11.Cooking & Culinary ArtsExplore Jobs
12.Corporate AffairsExplore Jobs
13.EducationExplore Jobs
14.Electrical EngineeringExplore Jobs
15.Engineering & ManagementExplore Jobs
16.Environmental EngineeringExplore Jobs
17.Health & MedicineExplore Jobs
18.Hr/Communications/MarketingExplore Jobs
19.Human ResourceExplore Jobs
20.Information TechnologyExplore Jobs
21.Insurance And ReinsuranceExplore Jobs
22.Labour & ManpowerExplore Jobs
23.Law & JusticeExplore Jobs
24.MarketingExplore Jobs
25.Mechanical EngineeringExplore Jobs
26.Ministerial/Office StaffExplore Jobs
27.Monitoring & EvaluationExplore Jobs
28.Nature, Forest & WildlifeExplore Jobs
29.Oil, Gas And MiningExplore Jobs
30.Planning And DevelopmentExplore Jobs
31.Power & EnergyExplore Jobs
32.ProcurementExplore Jobs
33.Project ManagementExplore Jobs
34.Quality Assurance/Quality ControlExplore Jobs
35.Research & AnalysisExplore Jobs

National Jobs Portal Jobs:

For more information on the available Federal Board of Revenue FBR positions, please visit Online application submission is available at Those who have been qualified and invited for an interview will be the only ones to receive communication.

Government Jobs in Pakistan Today Online Apply:

To uphold transparency, job openings are advertised on a sophisticated back-end portal that empowers the organization to select competent candidates exclusively on the grounds of their merit. Job seekers can search for and register for positions in a variety of categories via the National Job Portal. FBR Quetta, FBR Peshawar, FBR Karachi, and FBR Lahore are all recruiting.

Punjab Job Portal:

Short-term advisors are needed by the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training (FE&PT) to assist with the “Action to Strengthen Performance for Inclusive and Responsive Education” initiative. To maintain their integrity, the positions are advertised via a well-developed back-end portal that enables the company to hire candidates exclusively based on merit.

login | National Jobs Portal Jobs:

The National IT Board is responsible for managing the National Employment Portal, the first centralized online platform for government employment in Pakistan. Register for government positions by entering your username, email address, and password. If you have forgotten your previous password, you can generate a new one by clicking “Forgot Password.” Additionally, an account can be created by accessing the sign-up link.

More Info

  1. What is the national job portal?

    It is a single platform for job seekers from all over the country and across the globe to get a job in the public sector.

  2. What is the Punjab Job Portal?

    The Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training (FE&PT) requires short-term advisors for a program titled “Action to Strengthen Performance for Inclusive and Responsive Education.” The positions are advertised through a well-developed back-end portal that enables the business to hire candidates solely based on merit to preserve their integrity.

  3. Which subject is best for a government job?

    Numerous opportunities can be accessed with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in international relations, health care the field of economics business administration, administrative science, or public policy.

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