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Knowledge Transfer Manager Jobs in UK – Visa Sponsorship

The post holder will be an employee of Waitrose’s Leckford Farm in Stockbridge, Hampshire, and will be employed by the University of Reading. This position is an affiliate of Innovate UK’s Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP). This full-time, 36-month fixed-term contract at Leckford provides the chance to assist Waitrose in its endeavor to become a pioneer in the United Kingdom’s implementation of regenerative agriculture.

Leverage your capabilities to advocate for transformative initiatives across the Waitrose supply chain and the broader retail industry, with the ultimate goal of enhancing the sustainability of food production at the farm level. Your contribution will be instrumental in the development of a Regenerative Agriculture (Transition) Programme Package (REAPP), which will furnish farmers with communication and engagement frameworks through the use of printed, interactive, virtual, and in-person training materials, among other tools and communication interventions. Enhancing supplier resilience to climatic and economic disruptions will lead to increased profitability, thereby contributing to the long-term environmental and financial sustainability of Waitrose.

Details About Knowledge Transfer Manager Jobs in UK:

  • Location: UK
  • Offered Salary: £39,000 – £42,000 / year
  • Experience: 4 Year
  • Gender: Both
  • Qualification: Associate Degree
  • Career Level: Manager

Benefits of Knowledge Transfer Manager Jobs in UK:

  • Opportunities for Professional Progression: Knowledge Transfer Managers frequently operate within dynamic environments that provide myriad avenues for professional advancement. Potential strategies for career advancement encompass transitioning into senior management positions, industry specialization, or entry into related fields like innovation management or consulting.
  • Attractive Compensation and Benefits: In general, these positions offer competitive compensation and benefits packages, which encompass health insurance, pension schemes, and additional advantages such as allowances for professional development.
  • Opportunities for Professional Development: The position grants individuals access to a wide array of professional development initiatives, such as seminars, conferences, and training programs. This environment of continuous learning assists managers in remaining current on the most recent industry trends and technologies.
  • Opportunities for Networking: This position requires collaboration with a diverse group of stakeholders, such as funding organizations, policymakers, researchers, and industry executives. This exposure facilitates the development of a strong professional network, which can be advantageous for opportunities and career advancement.
  • Impactful Work: Knowledge transfer is an influential task. To transform research and innovations into practical applications that benefit society, managers play a crucial role. This can be extraordinarily gratifying, as the results of your efforts can be observed in sectors including healthcare, technology, and the environment.
  • Workplace Diversity: The position frequently necessitates collaboration with teams comprising individuals from various disciplines and sectors. This diversity can contribute to an intellectually stimulating and enlightening workplace.
  • Freedom and Autonomy: Numerous positions provide some level of flexibility about the time and place of work. In addition, knowledge transfer managers generally possess considerable independence in the administration of projects and initiatives.
  • Contribution to Economic Development: Knowledge transfer managers make a direct contribution to innovation and economic development in the United Kingdom through their facilitation of the commercialization of research. This function facilitates the growth of enterprises, products, and services.
  • Support from the Government and Institutions: Knowledge transfer activities are backed by financial resources and policy initiatives from the United Kingdom government and numerous institutions. This backing may provide professionals in this discipline with additional opportunities and resources.
  • Improved Problem-Solving Abilities: The occupation demands the resolution of intricate dilemmas through the development of inventive approaches. This practice improves one’s capacity for problem-solving and strategic reasoning.
  • Job Satisfaction: Job satisfaction is frequently enhanced by the collaborative, impactful, and diverse nature of the work. It can be extremely satisfying to know that your efforts assist in closing the divide between research and practical applications.
  • Cultural and Institutional Diversity: Cultural and institutional diversity abound in the United Kingdom, where employment offers the opportunity to behold such a dynamic milieu. A dynamic atmosphere for Knowledge Transfer Managers is fostered by the nation’s robust focus on innovation and research excellence.

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Skill improvement through training:

A training fund of £6,000 is allocated to support personal development alongside residential management skills training.

About Waitrose and the Leckford Estate:

John Lewis Partnership is the largest employee-owned enterprise in the United Kingdom. The Waitrose and John Lewis retail brands, which operate both in-store and online, comprise the Partnership.

Waitrose & Partners operates 329 stores in Great Britain and the Channel Islands, including 65 “small Waitrose” convenience stores, making it the twelfth-largest grocery retailer in the United Kingdom. The John Lewis Partnership is committed to advancing the business world; this determination is driven by the organization’s mission, partnership values, and business strategy. Visit

Leckford Estate is the only property owned by a UK retailer and is a subsidiary of Waitrose. A regenerative enterprise, it functions in symbiosis with the natural environment. The estate is under the professional management of 100 Partners. (Leckford, n.d.)

You’ll have:

  • Equivalent experience or a master’s degree in agriculture, ecology, or environmental science.

A minimum of the following essential talents is required:

  • Excellent analytic abilities
  • Outstanding communication abilities.
  • Teamwork competencies
  • Capability to solve complex problems with innovative approaches.
  • Proficient labor experience in a farming environment.
  • Knowledge of environmentally sustainable agricultural practices
  • Familiarity with the multifaceted characteristics of a KTP project and expertise in overseeing and directing commercial contracts.

Recognizing that our employees are vital to our success, we emphasize them significantly. There are numerous benefits associated with collaborating with us.

Both the University and Waitrose value maintaining a healthy work-life balance by offering their employees generous annual leave allowances. Waitrose provides an extensive entitlement of 25 days, which includes 8 bank holidays.

We recognize that to realize our goal of becoming a university of international renown, innovation, self-assurance, and ambition, we must recruit, support, and cultivate personnel from the broadest range of backgrounds possible. To continue our illustrious tradition of diversity and inclusion, we are actively engaged in the following initiatives: Diversity (

Further details regarding the advantages of employment at the University of Reading are available at the following link:

Informal contact details:

  • Contact role: Research Professor, Sustainable Land Management
  • Contact name: Professor Simon Potts
  • Contact phone: +44 (0) 118 378 6154
  • Contact email:

Alternative informal contact information:

  • Contact role: Professor, Sustainable Land Management
  • Contact name: Professor Martin Lukac
  • Contact phone: +44 (0) 118 378 8470
  • Contact email:

Sponsorship may be accessible through the Skilled Worker Route, contingent upon the SOC code that is relevant to this position. Before applying, candidates for the SWR must satisfy the points requirements. To obtain additional details, please consult the website of UK Visas and Immigration.

The University promotes LGBT+ equality and endorses the Athena SWAN Charter for Gender Equality and the Race Equality Charter to foster a diverse and inclusive workforce. Part-time, job-sharing, and flexible work arrangements are highly encouraged and will be evaluated under the requirements of the organization.

More Info

  1. How much do transition managers make in the UK?

    In London, the average annual salary for a Transition Manager is £62,527. In London, the mean supplementary salary for a Transition Manager is £6,762, exhibiting an average deviation of £14,500 from £3,154.

  2. What is a knowledge transfer manager?

    By literally holding employees (including the workforce’s experts-mentors and learners-apprentices) accountable for implementing knowledge transfer plans, the KT manager upholds good knowledge management practices through clear communication of expectations, problem-solving, and follow-up.

  3. Is knowledge transfer a skill?

    Knowledge transfer (or KT in software) relates to a process whereby employers or employees convey their skills, data, knowledge, concepts, or capabilities to other companies, departments, or individuals.

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