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Hungary Work Visa 2024 – Check Here

You must be seeking well-paying employment abroad. Because of this, I urge you to contemplate Hungary as your next work destination. You might be surprised to learn that Hungary ranks among the ten countries with the most severe deficiencies in skilled labor. Consequently, securing a well-compensated employment opportunity in Hungary would likely not be difficult.

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Hungary Work Visa

Choosing the proper Hungarian work visa is the initial stage in the employment search in Hungary. To aid you in doing so, this article details the work permits and visas that foreign workers from EU and non-EU countries will be able to acquire.

Joint Work permit for Hungary (90 days+)

It is mandatory to obtain a Hungarian joint work permit to commence employment in Hungary and remain for a duration exceeding ninety days.

Individual work Permit of Hungary (Less than 90 days)

Individual work visas for Hungary are mandatory if you are employed and intend to remain in the country for less than ninety days.

Seasonal Employment VISA of Hungary

You may not be cognizant of the fact that the majority of Hungarians are advancing in age (Aging Trends in Hungary, Journal of Cross-Cultural Gerontology). This contributes significantly to the scarcity of qualified labor among young people in Hungary, particularly in the agricultural, fishing, horticultural, and animal care sectors.

Employability in Hungary will be a straightforward task for individuals possessing a degree and relevant work experience in any of the aforementioned fields, notwithstanding the seasonal nature of each position. Immediate action would be to apply for a Hungarian seasonal work visa before departure for Hungary.

Residence Permit of Hungary

The Tartózkodási is, essentially, an employment permit for Hungary. It grants non-EU laborers a maximum stay of ninety days in Hungary. This residency visa is also issued by Hungary to non-Hungarian nationals who intend to study, work, visit family, participate in a traineeship program, or receive medical treatment in Hungary.

Application Process of Hungary Work Visa

A 180-day permit to reside in an EU country can be obtained by citizens of EU member states through a unified application procedure, on the condition that their company is duly registered with government officials of EU member states.

European Union (EU) Blue Card for Hungary

Additionally, EU blue card holders are eligible to apply for a residence permit from the Hungarian government. This means that if you possess an EU blue card and are a skilled worker or if your occupation is on Hungary’s list of positions where skilled workers are in limited supply, relocating to and residing in Hungary will be a straightforward process.

Schengen Business or Work VISA

An added pathway has been created to enable highly educated professionals from European Union countries to reside and operate in Hungary lawfully. A Schengen work or business visa facilitates travel to Hungary for business or employment purposes, given that Hungary is a Schengen member state.

List of Unskilled Jobs Available in Hungary for Foreigners

1. Cleaning and Janitorial Services

In Hungary, particularly in urban areas, janitorial and cleaning services are prevalent menial labor. Some of the most prevalent options for cleaning and janitorial work are as follows:

  • As part of housekeeping and domestic services, private residences and apartments are cleaned and maintained.
  • Normal office cleaning responsibilities include restroom cleansing, vacuuming, dusting, and maintaining office space.
  • The upkeep of warehouses, factories, and other industrial sites is a component of industrial cleaning duties.
  • The standard scope of commercial cleaning duties consists of the upkeep and sanitation of commercial establishments, such as hotels, restaurants, and retail establishments.
  • It is the responsibility of healthcare facilities, including clinics and hospitals, to be cleansed and maintained as part of their healthcare and hospital cleaning duties.

2. Kitchen and Restaurant Work

Kitchen and restaurant labor is another prevalent unskilled occupation in Hungary, particularly in the hospitality industry.


  • Any foreign national seeking employment in Hungary is required to possess a valid work permit.
  • Additionally, certain unskilled jobs may require only a basic understanding of Hungarian, whereas others may require proficiency in English.
  • Furthermore, while the majority of menial jobs do not necessitate formal education or training, certain positions might demand specialized certification or training.
  • Certain employers of foreign laborers in Hungary may mandate the possession of a health certificate, which is readily obtainable from a physician.
  • Additionally, some organizations may require international employees to undergo a criminal background investigation.
  • In particular, certain employers may mandate that their personnel be at least 18 years old.

3. Customer Service and Retail Sales

Customer service and retail sales, particularly in the service and retail sectors, are additional examples of common menial labor that are in high demand in Hungary.


  • Customer service and sales entail delivering product information, responding to inquiries, and facilitating customers with their purchases.
  • In addition, cash management entails customer service at the register, operating cash registers, and accepting payments.
  • Merchandise management encompasses various duties such as inventory organization, shelf replenishment, and product categorization.
  • Establishing exhibits, cleaning and maintaining the sanitation of the store, and ensuring an orderly and tidy work environment are all components of store maintenance.
  • Customer service entails addressing the concerns and inquiries of patrons.
  • Depending on the position and employer, additional responsibilities may include managing deliveries, opening and closing the store and performing other duties.

4. Construction and Manufacturing Laborers

There is significant demand for construction and manufacturing positions in Hungary, specifically within the building and manufacturing industries. Opportunities for employment as a manufacturing and construction laborer include:

  • General Laborer
  • Construction Worker
  • Welder
  • Painter
  • Machine Operator

5. Agriculture and Farming

Agriculture and farming constitute additional prevalent menial occupations in Hungary, especially when the country experiences its “growth season” that spans from April to October. The following are some of the most sought-after careers in agriculture and farming:

  • Fruit and Vegetable Picker
  • Farmhand
  • Field Worker
  • Livestock Caretaker

More Info

  1. Is the Hungary visa open to Pakistan?

    Yes, Pakistani citizens must get a Hungarian Schengen visa before traveling to Hungary or any other country within the Schengen Area. The Schengen visa permits you to travel freely within the 27 Schengen countries that comprise the Schengen Zone, and this, of course, includes Hungary.

  2. Does Hungary reject visas?

    A person can be denied a Hungarian visa if it’s considered a trouble to public policy, internal security, or public health. Also, if the aspirant doesn’t enjoy acceptable and valid trip medical insurance where applicable,

  3. Is a Hungary visa easy?

    To apply for a Hungary visa, you need to fill out the Schengen visa application form. The Hungary visa application process is straightforward. Put your details as listed in your passport. Double-check the spelling and dates listed in your passport.

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