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Health Care Support Worker Jobs in UK 2024 – Apply Now

As Mental Health Support Workers, we are in search of exceptionally qualified and driven candidates. The Crises Resolution Intensive Support Program (CRISS), which offers home-based treatment and round-the-clock crisis assessments to individuals of working age in the city, is a dynamic and flexible organization. These opportunities are both intriguing and active. By Core Fidelity standards, the service is presently undergoing development to unite both aspects of the service in diverse locations across the city.

Mental Health Support Workers with prior experience in acute care who are enthusiastic about assisting our service users in attaining improved mental health in the community are being sought. Proficient candidates would possess prior experience in the field of mental health, where they would have provided assistance and attended to the comprehensive physical, mental, and individual needs of service users while operating under the oversight and guidance of more seasoned peers.

Details About Health Care Support Worker Jobs in UK:

  • Location: UK
  • Offered Salary: £22,816 – £24,336 / year
  • Experience: 2 Year
  • Gender: Both
  • Qualification: Certificate
  • Career Level: Executive

Benefits of Health Care Support Worker Jobs in UK:

  • Rewarding Work: Every day, in the capacity of a Health Care Support Worker, one is presented with the gratifying prospect of effecting substantial change in the lives of individuals. You will be contributing to the well-being and quality of life of individuals who are elderly, unwell, or otherwise in need by providing them with essential care and support.
  • Stability of Employment: The healthcare industry continues to offer employment opportunities that are comparatively stable due to the increasing demand for healthcare services. Positions as health care support workers are frequently sought after due to their long-term career prospects and job security.
  • Variety of Settings: Health Care Support Workers are capable of performing their duties in nursing homes, hospitals, clinics, community care facilities, and more. This diversity enables individuals to acquire a wide range of experiences and investigate various facets of healthcare provision.
  • Flexible Work Options: Numerous healthcare facilities provide flexible work options to accommodate employees with diverse preferences and requirements. Individuals who are managing work alongside other obligations, such as education or caregiving, may find this flexibility especially advantageous.
  • Training and Development: Healthcare support workers are generally granted training and development opportunities by their employers, which afford them the chance to augment their expertise and understanding within the discipline. Continuous education has the potential to result in professional growth and enhanced job contentment.
  • Competitive Compensation: Health Care Support Worker positions in the United Kingdom frequently offer competitive compensation and benefits. Contingent upon the employer and the particular position, employees might be granted supplementary privileges including healthcare provisions, paid vacation, and pension schemes.
  • Prospects for Advancement: Health Care Support Workers may be able to advance to more specialized positions within the healthcare industry, including Registered Nurse, Healthcare Assistant Practitioner, or Nursing Assistant (depending on their credentials and professional goals), through the acquisition of additional training and experience.
  • Job Satisfaction: Numerous healthcare support workers derive immense gratification from their work because they are positively influencing the lives of others. Providing assistance to patients and offering support to healthcare teams can elicit a profound sense of reward.

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Other Information:

Through home-based care, you will contribute to an MDT-led team whose objective is to prevent hospital admissions and promote early discharge. Care for individuals with acute mental health issues will require collaboration on your part with service users, caregivers, and the multidisciplinary team.

Possessing a valid driver’s license and access to a vehicle for work-related obligations are prerequisites.

The selected candidate will be an integral member of a multidisciplinary team that works in close conjunction with inpatient and community mental health providers. In the capacity of a Mental Health Support worker, one’s duties will encompass a diverse array of care provision and support activities, culminating in the provision of exceptional care to community-based service users. This will involve delivering healthcare services in adherence to predetermined care plans, occasionally with the oversight of a certified professional. Opportunities will arise for you to engage in independent work with service users, bolstered by consistent supervision to provide guidance and support in this role.

Potential candidates should possess relevant work experience managing a diverse range of clients who present with intricate mental health challenges. Additionally, they should be capable of providing effective crisis response and recognize the significance of accurately documenting and reporting such incidents to senior members of the team. Additionally, you ought to possess a comprehensive understanding of how mental illness can impact an individual’s overall welfare, along with a steadfast commitment to the recovery model and its application in the provision of treatment.

You will receive regular management and clinical supervision sessions, along with assistance in your professional development to help you reach your full potential, in this intriguing endeavor.

The primary provider of mental health and learning disability services in Leeds is the Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (LYPFT). We also provide specialized inpatient care in York, as well as other highly specialized services across the nation. We are a hub for teaching, research, and development, functioning as a teaching trust that maintains robust affiliations with nearby universities.

Working for LYPFT offers a multitude of benefits, such as exceptional support for employee well-being, flexible and remote work arrangements, access to the NHS Pension Scheme, mentoring, assistance, and career advancement opportunities, support for education and training, and a range of exclusive discounts and payment schemes for automobiles, additional leave days, and other NHS discount promotions.

In addition, our bank department is exceptional and offers positions in administration clerical, healthcare support worker, nursing, and allied health professions. Automatically, permanent staff members are added to the bank.

It should be noted that the Trust will exclusively provide sponsorship for UK work visas for registered healthcare practitioners. Satisfying both the Trust’s sponsorship criteria and the Home Office visa requirements is a fundamental requirement for the role. Failure to do so will result in the Trust being unable to extend an offer of employment.

Participation in the provision of planned care.

Facilitate and support service users’ access to a variety of community opportunities, including employment, social groups, education, spiritual pursuits, and leisure activities, to promote their social inclusion and maintain their overall health. As required, work autonomously with service recipients in their residences, potentially conducting home visits or engaging in other community-based endeavors.

Participate in CPA meetings as required.

Provide support to individuals in the process of identifying meaningful and achievable recovery objectives. Work with them to develop these goals in alignment with the service care route and under the guidance of senior team members.

Presently is a remarkable occasion to commence employment with the CRISS service, as we investigate novel operational approaches and enhance the provision of acute community care. This position will provide opportunities for professional development and will be challenging and varied. In addition to excellent communication skills, this occupation demands a positive outlook, compassion, and perseverance.

More Info

  1. How much does a health care support worker earn UK?

    The average yearly wage for a Support Worker in the United Kingdom is £24,980. The mean supplemental pay for a Support Worker in the United Kingdom is £4,635, covering a range of £728 to £29,508.

  2. How can I work as a support worker in UK?

    While there are no particular requirements for becoming a healthcare support worker, sufficient skills in reading and writing are anticipated, and in particular circumstances, GCSEs (or their equivalents) in both English and math may also be mandatory. Certain jobs may also require healthcare credentials, such as an NVQ or BTEC.

  3. Are support workers in demand UK?

    The situation is projected to deteriorate more due to rising demand and an aging population, which will probably require the creation of over 400,000 more jobs within the next decade or so. Afterward, the sector is gradually reliant on foreign labor to staff nursing homes and assist in the supply of additional vital amenities.

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