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General Cleaner Jobs in UK for Foreigners 2024 – Work Permit

In the role of a General Cleaner at Maid2Clean, your primary duty will be to ensure the meticulous cleaning and proper maintenance of the residences and areas of our esteemed clients. Your meticulousness regarding sanitation and your dedication to providing outstanding service will aid in establishing a congenial and sanitary atmosphere for our clientele.

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Details of General Cleaner Jobs in UK for Foreigners:

  • Title: General Cleaner Jobs in UK for Foreigners – Work Permit
  • Company: Maid2Clean
  • Location: UK, United Kingdom


  • Secondary, Bachelor’s Degree, or Diploma


  • 1-3 years of experience

About Us:

In the United Kingdom, Maid2Clean is a reputable and reliable provider of professional cleaning services. We are presently in search of committed individuals to fill the position of General Cleaners on our team. Interested individuals who possess a meticulous nature and derive satisfaction from upholding hygienic and structured environments are cordially invited to submit their applications for this gratifying position.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Conduct a variety of cleaning procedures, such as vacuuming, dusting, mopping, scouring, and sanitizing.
  • Dispose of and disinfect appliances, surfaces, and fixtures.
  • Empty garbage cans and, as necessary, replace liners.
  • Adhere to the cleaning schedules and client-provided instructions.
  • Maintain a meticulous and spotless level of hygiene.
  • Maintain effective communication with both clients and the Maid2Clean staff.


  • A meticulousness for detail and a diligent work ethic.
  • Capability to operate autonomously and adhere to cleansing protocols.
  • Sponsorship eligibility for work permits and visas in the United Kingdom.
  • Proficient in effective communication.
  • While preferred, prior experience in cleansing is not mandatory.

Benefits of General Cleaner Jobs:

  • Entry-Level Accessible Position: General janitorial positions often require only the bare minimum of qualifications or experience, making them viable options for individuals who are transitioning into a different industry or are new to the workforce. Those lacking formal education or specialized skills but anxious to begin working may find this information especially useful.
  • Adaptable work schedules: A wide range of general janitorial positions offer flexible scheduling options, including part-time, overnight, day, and evening responsibilities. This capacity for adaptability enables one to accommodate various personal circumstances, such as the obligation to attend to children, pursue additional education, or manage multiple employment roles.
  • Consistent Employment: In addition to residential and commercial settings, cleaning services are required in the healthcare, hospitality, and commercial industries. As a result, general cleaning positions often provide job stability and security, as their demand remains constant, even during economic downturns.
  • Possibilities for Progress: While entry-level positions for general cleaners may be accessible, cleaning companies and related industries often offer opportunities for advancement. Those employees who demonstrate dependability, dedication, and a strong work ethic may be promoted to leadership positions, including specialized housekeeping or supervisory roles, within the organization.
  • Proficiency in transferable abilities: General cleaning positions provide valuable opportunities to develop transferable skills such as diligence, efficiency, coordination, and collaboration, among others. These competencies are highly adaptable and can be leveraged to advance one’s professional trajectory or successfully transition into a different role in the future.
  • Physical Exercise: General cleaning responsibilities, including scouring, mopping, vacuuming, and lifting objects, necessitate physical exertion. One way in which this can improve physical fitness and foster holistic well-being is through the integration of exercise into job duties.
  • Self-Governance and Separation: While general cleansers may work in a collaborative environment, they often exercise a degree of independence and autonomy in carrying out their responsibilities. Every person possesses the freedom to accept accountability for their responsibilities, proceed at their preferred pace, and employ their judgment in regard to coordinating and satisfying purifying obligations.
  • Making an Impact on Health and Safety: To maintain health and safety standards in residential, public, and occupational contexts, it is necessary to maintain hygienic and clean environments. The utilization of general cleansers is critical for preventing the spread of pathogens, eliminating pollutants, and creating a safe and welcoming environment for occupants.
  • Delight derived from measurable outcomes: General cleansers often experience a profound sense of satisfaction upon witnessing the tangible results of their efforts. Practicing proper sanitation and improving the aesthetics of spaces via cleansing fosters a sense of satisfaction and respect for one’s involvement in the betterment of others.
  • Inclusive Employment Prospects: General cleaning positions possess the capacity to offer inclusive employment opportunities for individuals from diverse backgrounds, including but not limited to those with limited education, physical disabilities, or linguistic proficiency. To ensure the success of each employee in their designated role, cleaning companies might provide training, accommodations, and support.

How to Apply For General Cleaner Jobs in UK for Foreigners?

Should you possess a strong desire to contribute to the satisfaction of our clients and take great delight in designing hygienic and inviting environments, we cordially invite you to investigate the General Cleaner opportunities at Maid2Clean. For more information and to submit an application, please visit our official website or contact us via this link. Your commitment to upholding hygiene is greatly appreciated and valued.

More Info

  1. What skills are necessary for a cleaner?

    Skills and experience will be required. 
    A reasonable level of fitness. 
    Punctual, reliable, and trustworthy. 
    Able to manage time effectively. 
    I possess the ability to work both independently and collaboratively. 
    Awareness of health and safety procedures. 
    Reading skills for following instructions. 
    Math skills for measuring cleaning fluids.

  2. What is the average salary for a cleaner in the UK?

    Temporary Cleaner, City of London £11.50-£13.22 p/h Includes paid break Flexible shifts On a temporary basis, we are looking for a cleaner to join us in 5*, high-end residential buildings in and around the City of London.

  3. What qualifications are required to become a cleaner in the UK?

    There are no set entry requirements, but you’ll need to show that you’re reliable and able to do the job. If you’re looking for specialized cleaning work, such as in a medical setting, it can help to have some experience.

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