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Food Packer and Fruit Packing Jobs in Canada 2024

At present, fruit and food packaging positions are available due to the fact that numerous businesses employ fruit packers in addition to food and beverage packers. Applicants who wish to advance their careers in Canada’s produce and food packaging sectors and are seeking employment opportunities in Canada for foreign nationals should submit applications for any of the positions listed below.

Case packers, box packers, grocery packers, vegetable packers, fruit packers, biscuit packers, food packers, cookie packers, meat packers, apple packers, strawberry packers, and many others are among the numerous packing occupations available in Canada. We shall make every effort to offer you packaging positions that meet your qualifications.

Consult the most recent job postings in Canada for entry-level positions, professionals, and foreign nationals seeking employment in the food and produce packing industry. Employer information, salary ranges, and eligibility prerequisites are obtained.

Utilizing a variety of tools, the Food Packer is accountable for stacking and arranging items into the appropriate containers and preparing them for transport. Prior to fitting into containers, it is necessary to sanitize and prepare the items.

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Details of Food Packer and Fruit Packing Jobs in Canada

  • Location: Multiple places in Canada
  • Working Hours: 36 Hours – 40 Hours weekly
  • Job Type: Full-Time/Part-Time
  • Language Skills: English/French
  • Salary: $14-$20 per hour
  • Experience: Preferred

Benefits of Food Packer and Fruit Packing Jobs

  • Opportunities at an Entry Level: Food packaging and fruit packing positions frequently consist of entry-level duties, rendering them accessible to individuals lacking substantial or any prior industry experience.
  • Flexible Schedules: Numerous packaging positions provide adaptable work schedules, encompassing both part-time and full-time alternatives, thus catering to the needs of individuals with diverse availability.
  • Physical Activity: Packing occupations frequently entail lifting, sorting, and packing, which affords employees the chance to engage in physical activity throughout the course of the workday.
  • Collaboration and cooperation: Packing tasks frequently necessitates collaboration and cooperation with coworkers, which fosters a sense of camaraderie among employees.
  • Educational Prospects: Staff members assigned to packing positions may be exposed to a multitude of food industry facets, such as inventory control, packaging methodologies, and quality control.
  • Employment Stability: Sectors associated with food production and packaging are typically essential and stable, providing workers with employment that is relatively stable.
  • Opportunity for Overtime: Certain packaging positions may provide opportunities for overtime, which would enable staff members to augment their income by working additional hours.
  • Employee Discounts: Food packers and fruit packers may be eligible for discounts on the products they pack as well as other merchandise offered by the organization.
  • Training Programs: To ensure that employees comprehend safety protocols, packaging procedures, and quality standards, employers may offer on-the-job training.
  • Fast-Paced Environment: Those who take pleasure in working in a fast-paced environment may find packing positions to be a stimulating and dynamic setting.

Food, Fruit & Vegetable Packer Jobs in Canada for Foreigners

Several recently available packer positions in Canada are detailed below; interested candidates are encouraged to apply using the instructions provided.

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  1. How much does a fruit packing job pay in Canada?

    The average fruit packer’s gross salary in Canada is $40,634 or an equivalent hourly rate of $20. In addition, they earn an average bonus of $569.

  2. Can I go to Canada directly for a job? 

    A work permit allows you to work in Canada, but it alone does not permit you to travel to Canada. To come to Canada, you will need either a temporary resident visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), in addition to a valid passport.

  3. How much do food packing jobs pay in Canada? 

    The average food packing salary in Canada is $30,347 per year or $15.56 per hour.

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