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Barber Jobs in Canada with LMIA 2024 – Apply Now

Supreme Cuts Limited is employing a barber to fulfill the responsibilities and obligations delineated in the job description. It is advisable for candidates who meet the job requirements to apply, as this is a full-time position with flexible hours. Candidates who exhibit exceptional performance during interviews will be permitted to initiate the employment process immediately. This position has been authorized by the LMIA.

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By pursuing a career as a barber in Canada, you will have the opportunity to contribute to a dynamic society and work in a field that requires professional workers. If you are prepared, 2024 is an excellent year to enter the Canadian barbering industry.

Description of Barber Jobs in Canada

The selected candidate is responsible for:

  • Hair trimming and cutting
  • Suggesting designs that are in harmony with the client’s physical characteristics
  • Hairstyles and perms
  • Hairstyles that involve straightening and wafting
  • Shaving and pruning facial hair and beards
  • Scalp massage and hair coloring
  • Hair is trimmed and cut in accordance with the client’s preferences and instructions.
  • Execute administrative duties.
  • Shampooing the customer’s hair as necessary
  • Hair thinning among users

Requirements of Barber Jobs in Canada with LMIA

The aspirant who is selected must:

  • Highly knowledgeable regarding hair coloring techniques.
  • Capable of utilizing colors.
  • Proficient in the application of hair highlights and patterns.
  • Gain an understanding of the proper methods for conditioning and coloring hair.
  • Requires the ability to interact with individuals and make decisions.
  • A strong team member is necessary.
  • Must be reliable.
  • The individual must possess exceptional written and verbal communication abilities.
  • It is necessary to devise a plan.
  • Possess a positive outlook and be lively.
  • Proficient in completing tasks promptly.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the administration of time.
  • Ensure that you are easily accessible.
  • Requires dependability and amicability.
  • Demonstrate exceptional leadership abilities.

Benefits of Barber Jobs:

  • Innovativeness and Artistry: Through haircut designs, styling, and grooming techniques, barbers have the opportunity to express their artistic panache and creativity. This profession enables creativity and self-expression.
  • Constant Demand: Constant demand for haircuts and grooming services guarantees a stable employment market for barbers. People require haircuts frequently, so barbers typically have a steady flow of customers.
  • Diverse Customer Base: Barbers interact with a wide variety of customers, each with distinct preferences and hair types. This diversity can make a task more engaging and interesting.
  • Ability Improvement: These abilities are essential and can contribute to career advancement.
  • Job Versatility: Barbers frequently have the option to select their own work hours, which can be advantageous for attaining work-life balance or pursuing other interests.
  • Lack of dependence: Numerous barbers work in their own shops or as independent contractors, allowing them to be their own managers and control their business operations.
  • Customer Relations: Barbers frequently develop strong relationships with their consumers, resulting in repeat business and devoted patrons. Customer service and interpersonal skills are crucial for success in this field.
  • Possibility for Entrepreneurial Activity: Barbers who own their own stores have the potential for entrepreneurship, including the chance to expand their businesses, hire more employees, and increase their earnings.
  • Satisfaction at Work: Personal fulfillment and job contentment can result from providing clients with well-executed haircuts and grooming services.
  • The value of networking: Barbers frequently network with other hygiene and fashion industry professionals, which can lead to opportunities for collaboration and exposure to the latest trends.
  • Actual Results: Barbers are able to see the immediate results of their work, which can be rewarding when clients depart with a clean, well-groomed appearance.
  • Job Protection: The demand for grooming services is unlikely to decrease substantially, which provides barbers with some job security.
  • Continuous Education: The industry of cosmetics and grooming is constantly adapting to new trends and techniques. Barbers have access to opportunities for ongoing education and professional development.
  • Diverse Working Conditions: Traditional barbershops, upscale salons, mobile barbershops, and even the entertainment and fashion industries offer employment opportunities for barbers.
  • Competitive Compensation: When they develop a loyal clientele or specialize in specific services, such as intricate hair designs or beard grooming, experienced and competent barbers can earn competitive salaries.

Details of Barber Jobs in Canada with LMIA

  • At the very least, the selected candidate must possess a high school diploma.
  • One to two years of professional experience in a related field
  • Type of contract: Full-time employment
  • Language Proficiency: Proficient in the English language
  • Abbotsford, British Columbia


The applicant who is selected will be required to work 35 hours per week at a rate of $17.00 Per Hour.

How to Apply

Apply to email:


It is a wise decision for individuals who are enthusiastic about acquiring new knowledge and advancing in their professions to pursue employment as a barber in Canada in 2024. Embrace the opportunity to establish yourself as a successful barber in Canada by utilizing the knowledge and advice contained in this book.

  1. How do I get a barber’s license in Canada?

    There are six stages you will need to complete in order to get your hair license in Ontario.
    Sign up and enroll at a registered hair school.
    Get hired as an apprentice.
    Register for your apprenticeship.
    Work, work, work, work, work. …
    Test time! …

  2. Do you need a license to cut hair in Ontario?

    Whether you want to be a hairstylist or a barber in Ontario, you will need to work towards getting your Ontario hair license classified as NOA-332 under Canada’s National Occupational Analysis. In Ontario, hairstyling is considered a compulsory trade.

  3. Can I work as a barber in Canada?

    This is what you typically need for the job. Trade certification for barbers is compulsory in Ontario and available, but voluntary, in the Yukon. The completion of secondary school education is required. Several years of experience may replace formal education and training.

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