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Anti-Corruption Jobs in Pakistan 2024 – Apply Now

Aspiring to service the nation, a career in the public sector is regarded by many individuals in Pakistan as a noble and gratifying endeavor. Those who are interested in making a positive contribution to Pakistan’s welfare through the fight against corruption in the civil service of the Punjab government are cordially invited to apply for a position with the Anti-Corruption Establishment (ACE).

The investigative and prosecutorial responsibility of ACE pertains to white-collar offenders who operate within government departments. ACE is currently accepting applications from individuals residing in Multan, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Bahawalpur, and throughout Pakistan for its most recent employment opportunities. This article will examine the qualifications, application procedure, available positions, and goals of the Anti-Corruption Establishment.

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About Anti-Corruption:

With the mission of identifying and apprehending white-collar criminals operating within the Punjab government, the Anti-Corruption Establishment (ACE) is an integral element of the Punjab government. With a strong association with the Services and General Administration Department (S&GAD), this establishment is dedicated to the elimination of corruption across multiple government departments in Punjab. ACE, which was founded in 1956 as the “Directorate of Anti-Corruption Establishment West Pakistan” and is supervised by the Chief Secretary, is committed to safeguarding truthful individuals by acting as a barrier against adversaries attempting to undermine the system.

Its principal aim is to apprehend and ensure that fraudulent public servants are held accountable under the law. At present, the leadership of ACE is vested in Director General Muhammad Gohar Nafees, who is accountable directly to the Chief Minister and Chief Secretary of Pakistan.

Anti-Corruption Jobs Details:

  • Organization Name: Anti-Corruption
  • Category: Armed Forces Jobs
  • Qualification: High School to Onwards
  • Website:
  • Location: Across Pakistan

Available Anti-Corruption Jobs in Pakistan

As of the most recent information, ACE is hiring for the following positions, among others:

  • Assistant (BPS-16)
  • Inspector (BPS-16)
  • Sub Inspector (BPS-14)

Benefits of Anti-Corruption Jobs

  • Ethical Principles: Advocating for and maintaining ethical standards in the private and public sectors, these positions cultivate integrity within governments and organizations.
  • The quality of transparency: The objective of anti-corruption professionals is to promote financial and administrative transparency, thereby averting instances of fraud and resource mismanagement.
  • Optimal Governance: These positions promote better governance by actively opposing corruption, thereby ensuring that policies and decisions are formulated with the public’s best interests in mind and not for personal benefit.
  • Maintaining Economic Stability: Economic instability can result from corruption-induced fund diversion, investment reduction, and cost escalation. Efforts to combat corruption function to establish equitable conditions, thereby fostering economic expansion and stability.
  • The pursuit of social justice: Combating corruption prevents exploitation and discrimination by promoting fairness and equality. Thus, a more just community is fostered and the most vulnerable members of society are assisted.
  • Consequences on a Global: Frequently, efforts to combat corruption transcend national boundaries, thereby promoting global cooperation and stability and facilitating a more interconnected and secure global community.
  • Career Satisfaction: Engaging in anti-corruption work can provide individuals with a sense of fulfillment and personal fulfillment, as they contribute to a cause that benefits the entirety of society.
  • Policy and Legal Development: Frequently, experts in this domain exert significant influence over the development of policies and legal structures aimed at thwarting and bringing to justice corruption, thereby aiding in the enhancement of structures and systems.
  • Cultivating Trust: These positions contribute to the integrity of institutions, enterprises, and citizens. The establishment and maintenance of trust is vital for the welfare of society and the efficient operation of institutions.
  • Preventive Actions: Proactive measures, such as education initiatives, awareness campaigns, and preventive strategies, are the focal point of anti-corruption work to avert corruption before it occurs.

How to Apply for Anti-Corruption Jobs

The application process for anti-corruption jobs is uncomplicated:

  • you can access the official ACE website.
  • To gain access to the application form, click “Apply Here.”
  • Complete the application form with your qualifications and personal information, including your name and that of your father.
  • Include copies of your academic credentials, CNIC, and DOMICILE.
  • The completed application must be submitted.

More Info

Candidates who meet the eligibility requirements will be notified via email regarding the written examination. It is recommended that candidates adequately prepare for the objective (MCQ) papers, as each incorrect answer will result in a deduction of 0.25 marks.


Engaging in a profession at the Anti-Corruption Establishment presents a vocation for effecting substantial change in Pakistan through the mitigation of corruption in governmental domains. Your dedication and commitment to this organization may contribute to a more transparent and just society while also paving the way for a prosperous career.

  1. What is an anti-corruption officer?

    The ACO can conduct such inquiries and investigations into matters involving corruption, extortion, deliberate harassment, revengeful attitudes, or misuse of special emergency powers with malafide intentions. 2. To collect intelligence against corrupt police personnel and lay traps under the rule.

  2. What is the Anti-Corruption Act in Pakistan? 

    Short title and extent: (1) This Act may be called the Prevention of Corruption Act, 1947. (2) It extends to the whole of Pakistan and applies to all citizens of Pakistan and persons in the service of government, wherever they may be. (3) Omitted by the Prevention of Corruption (Amendment) Act, 1949 (IX of 1950), S 2.

  3. What is anti-corruption work? 

    Anti-corruption (or anticorruption) comprises activities that oppose or inhibit corruption. Just as corruption takes many forms, anti-corruption efforts vary in scope and strategy. A general distinction between preventive and reactive measures is sometimes drawn.

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