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Visa Sponsorship Mechanisms Engineer Jobs in UK – Apply Now

SSTL is seeking a committed, results-oriented, and motivated mechanisms engineer to assist in the development and operation of a variety of space mechanisms utilized by SSTL spacecraft.

An enthusiastic, results-oriented, and committed mechanisms engineer is sought by the SSTL Mechanisms team to assist with the development and maintenance of the spectrum of space mechanisms utilized by SSTL spacecraft. This is an extraordinary opportunity for an engineer to work in a stimulating and mission-critical environment on space mechanisms!

A strong aptitude for electro-mechanical technical design, analysis, production, and testing, along with the capability to manage multiple work bundles, are essential qualifications for this position. Engineers possess the capability to contribute to a wide range of products and influence product offerings to fulfill the requirements of mission-critical projects. Strong engineering expertise and an optimistic outlook are required… Being adept in space is not!

A system of mechanisms Engineers confront many challenges throughout the spacecraft’s ascent into orbit. Due to the meticulousness and capacity to ensure that the supplied item can operate without any maintenance for a potential fifteen years with one hundred percent dependability, all the while delivering cost-effective, innovative solutions that are designed for manufacture (DFM), each day presents a unique challenge. In addition to developing an abundance of space mechanisms, SSTL must contend with approaching satellite missions.

In addition to overseeing and enhancing its current product lines (evolution), SSTL will be required to develop innovative mechanisms at the vanguard (revolution).

Details About Visa Sponsorship Mechanisms Engineer Jobs in UK:

  • Organization: SSTL
  • Location: UK
  • Offered Salary: £45,000 – £55,000 / year
  • Expiration date: March 31, 2024
  • Experience: 5 Year
  • Gender: Both
  • Qualification: Associate Degree
  • Career Level: Executive

Important Tasks:

  • Design and analysis of newly developed or upgraded mechanism products, including system trade-off collaboration with other business divisions.
  • DFM is an abbreviation for “production design.”
  • An experiential approach to engineering that encompasses flight construction, testing, and spacecraft assembly, as well as development.
  • I am managing multiple work bundles and tasks concurrently while maintaining shifting priorities.
  • Customer interaction, both internal and external, encompassing technical evaluations and presentations.
  • Producing technical documentation (design reports, test reports, and procedures, for instance).

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Previous Work Experience:

  • SSTL is seeking a graduate who is enthusiastic about new challenges and has a genuine interest in mechanisms/mechatronics engineering or mechanical/mechanism/mechatronic engineering experience, preferably in a high-reliability environment. Additionally, they should demonstrate a strong desire to obtain or maintain employment in the space industry. The compensation would be proportional to the required level of expertise.
  • Expertise in the mechanical design of components subject to extreme stress, including analysis of precise tolerances, drafting, materials, and manufacturing processes.
  • While other teams at SSTL will be responsible for the electronics and software design for flight, it is advantageous to have a working knowledge and understanding of how software firmware and electronics are utilized in an engineering context, in addition to the ability to assist electronics and software engineers with testing and debugging.

Qualifications Knowledge and Abilities:

  • MEng, BEng, or a degree in engineering (mechanical, mechatronic, or comparable) that is equivalent.
  • Knowledge of the Design for Manufacture (DFM) methodology.
  • Accountable, inventive, self-motivated, and attentive to detail.
  • Practical expertise.
  • Capability to function independently, in collaboration with project teams, and a “One Team” environment.
  • Effective communication both internally and externally with suppliers and customers.
  • Capacity to function efficiently and effectively in a fast-paced setting while operating under pressure: a positive and tenacious attitude.
  • dynamic and capable of adjusting to changing priorities.
  • Component comprehension that will be applied to mechanisms.
  • Proficient knowledge of CAD and FEA software is advantageous when the objective is to design or idealize.
  • Microsoft Office (including Excel, Word, and PowerPoint).
  • Capable of exemplifying the values and conduct of the organization, including accountability, driving and delivering, self-management, effective communication, and teamwork.


The position’s principal office is situated in Guildford, the same location as our manufacturing and testing facilities.

Benefits of Visa Sponsorship Mechanisms Engineer Jobs in UK:

  • Access to Specialized Talent: Visa sponsorship enables employers in the United Kingdom to recruit and retain Mechanisms Engineers who possess specialized and limited-supply skills that may be difficult to find in the domestic labor market.
  • Addressing Critical Skill Gaps: If the region experiences a dearth of suitably qualified Mechanisms Engineers, visa sponsorship allows employers to strengthen their organizations by filling critical skill gaps.
  • Innovation and Problem-Solving: Mechanisms for Innovation and Problem-Solving Engineers possessing a wide range of international experiences have the potential to contribute to the team’s overall creativity and problem-solving capabilities through the introduction of novel solutions and unique perspectives on engineering challenges.
  • Global Collaboration: Hiring Mechanisms Engineers via visa sponsorship promotes international collaboration and the exchange of knowledge, which is especially beneficial for businesses with a global presence or those engaged in international initiatives.
  • Diverse Workforce: The sponsorship of visas encourages a diverse workforce, nurturing an inclusive culture that values and incorporates a range of perspectives, thereby potentially augmenting creativity and innovation.
  • Competitive Advantage: Employers can gain a competitive edge in attracting top talent from around the globe by providing visa sponsorship, especially in industries where specialized engineering skills are in high demand.
  • Employee Retention: Organizations that allocate resources towards the career advancement and professional development of Mechanisms Engineers via sponsorship of visas may observe increased levels of employee retention and satisfaction.
  • Sustained Contributions: Visa-sponsored personnel are anticipated to provide the organization with enduring contributions in the form of expertise and stability in the domain of mechanisms engineering.
  • International Expansion: In the pursuit of expanding operations globally, organizations may find it advantageous to employ Mechanisms Engineers via visa sponsorship, as this can facilitate a more seamless transition into international markets.
  • Ensuring Compliance with Regulations: Employers who adhere to appropriate procedures for sponsoring visas effectively mitigate legal liabilities and potential sanctions associated with immigration policies.
  • Opportunities for Networking: Mechanisms Engineers who are sponsored by their home countries and enter the workforce on visas may contribute significant professional networks, which could enable the employer to establish business connections and opportunities.

Visa Support:

SSTL is currently accepting applications for UK Skilled Worker Visas; furthermore, sponsorship for this position is available. Additionally, relocation assistance is offered.

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  1. What does a mechanical engineer do?

    Mechanical engineers have responsibility for the design of systems that generate and consume electricity, gas and steam turbines, internal combustion engines, and electric generators. In addition, they develop air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Mechanical engineers also create lifts and elevators, among other devices, that operate within structures.

  2. What are the qualifications for a mechanical engineer?

    While a bachelor’s degree in the field of mechanical engineering is essential, work experience and equivalent qualifications are also taken into consideration by employers. Candidates for this position need to have a perceptive work ethic and an in-depth knowledge of scientific and mathematical principles.

  3. Are mechanical engineers in demand in UK?

    Construction, manufacturing, technology, and engineering have all experienced substantial employment growth in 2017. Currently, mechanical, electrical, industrial, and civil engineering positions are some of the most demanded in the United Kingdom [i].

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