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Visa Sponsorship Jobs in UK 2024 – Apply Now

Apply for employment in the United Kingdom that sponsors visas; over 46,000 British businesses have been granted sponsorship licenses. This information was obtained from the official UK website. The authorized government of the United Kingdom provides a catalog of employment opportunities that fund aspirants. Further visa-related information will be disseminated after the job offer.

Obtain an offer letter from a UK-based company first. All transnational candidates from any nation are eligible to apply for these positions. Find employment in the United Kingdom in any sector. Currently, 398 backing positions exist in the United Kingdom. Each of them provides visa support. There is no necessity to proceed distinctly.

Employment is perpetual, transitory, and part-time. Minimum payment amounts vary between £1,000 and £,000. The United Kingdom is experiencing a significant labor shortage. Currently is the ideal time to submit applications for positions that sponsor visas. With both domestic and international employment, the United Kingdom intends to add over three million jobs to its current frugality. The British government therefore also introduced the New Scale Up Visa UK.

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Details of Visa Sponsorship Jobs in UK

  • Job Country: UK
  • Job Type: Part-time, Permanent
  • Visa Sponsorship: Yes
  • No. of Jobs Right Now: 2,348

Job Location:

The Sponsorship Jobs are offered in the following regions of the United Kingdom:

  • South East England (393)
  • Eastern England (312)
  • London (287)
  • Scotland (246)
  • East Midlands (238)
  • North West England (232)
  • South West England (199)
  • Yorkshire And The Humber (183)
  • West Midlands (173)
  • North East England (50)
  • Wales (41)
  • Northern Ireland (5)
  • Channel Islands (1)

Job Category:

Is the category field accessible? It displays the number of available tasks that are sponsored. It is located below.

  • Health Care and Nursing Jobs (786)
  • HR and Recruitment Jobs (262)
  • Accounting and Finance Jobs (171)
  • Hospitality and Catering Jobs (164)
  • Other/General Jobs (150)
  • Admin Jobs (133)
  • Teaching Jobs (116)
  • Engineering Jobs (102)
  • Domestic Help and Cleaning Jobs (86)
  • Social Work Jobs (86)
  • Sales Jobs (53)
  • Scientific and QA Jobs (47)
  • IT Jobs (31)
  • Logistics and Warehousing Jobs (29)
  • PR, Advertising, and Marketing Jobs (27)
  • Maintenance Jobs (25)
  • Consulting Jobs (21)
  • Creative and Design Jobs (20)
  • Social Care Jobs (20)
  • Customer Services Jobs (19)
  • Manufacturing Jobs (14)
  • Trade and Construction Jobs (11)
  • Retail Jobs (7)
  • Graduate Jobs (4)
  • Legal Jobs (4)
  • Real Estate Jobs (3)
  • Travel Jobs (3)
  • Security and Safety Services Jobs (2)
  • Agriculture, Fisheries, and Forestry Jobs (1)
  • Energy, Oil, and Gas Jobs (1)

List of Approved Companies in the UK

These are only a few instances of authorized United Kingdom businesses. There are over 46,000 companies on the complete list that can sponsor applicants. You may view the complete list by consulting the List of UK Approved Employers.

  • PwC
  • Deloitte
  • NHS
  • Google
  • KPMG
  • J.P. Morgan
  • GSK
  • Unilever
  • Barclays
  • HSBC
  • Amazon
  • IBM
  • Microsoft
  • P&G
  • Shell
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Airbus
  • L’Oreal
  • Apple
  • Bloomberg
  • Vodafone
  • Huawei
  • Facebook
  • Citi
  • Siemens

Benefits of Visa Sponsorship Jobs in UK:

  • Availability of skilled talent: Visa sponsorship enables employers in the United Kingdom to tap into a wider range of qualified individuals by recruiting individuals from abroad who possess qualifications and specialized abilities that may be scarce within the country. This assists in addressing skill shortages in numerous industries and filling critical positions.
  • Inclusion and Diversity: Promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace, the practice of sponsoring visas for international talent facilitates the integration of individuals with distinct cultural backgrounds, experiences, and points of view. Diversity has the potential to augment innovation, problem-solving, and creativity within organizations and teams.
  • A Global Viewpoint: International hires contribute valuable insights into international markets, consumer preferences, and cultural nuances, thereby imbuing the workplace with a global perspective. This can prove to be advantageous for corporations that have a worldwide presence or aim to venture into untapped markets.
  • Transfer of Expertise and Knowledge: Visa-sponsored personnel frequently contribute distinctive proficiencies, talents, and optimal methodologies originating from their country of origin or prior professional engagements. This promotes the exchange of knowledge and the transmission of skills among team members, thereby fostering professional growth and organizational learning.
  • Competitive Advantage: By granting UK employers sponsorship for visas, they can gain access to a skilled and diverse workforce, which can provide them with a significant edge in the global marketplace. Organizations that successfully recruit and retain highly skilled individuals from around the world are more aptly positioned to foster innovation, respond to shifts in the market, and propel corporate expansion.
  • Addressing labor shortages: In the United Kingdom, specific sectors, including healthcare, technology, engineering, and hospitality, may encounter labor constraints for proficient personnel as a result of demographic shifts, technological progress, and evolving consumer preferences. Sponsorship for visas assists in addressing these labor shortages by allowing employers to recruit foreign talent.
  • Retention and Loyalty: Organizations that allocate resources towards visa sponsorship for their personnel exhibit a dedication to fostering their employees’ professional growth and enduring prosperity. Promoting a sense of loyalty and commitment among sponsored employees has the potential to result in increased retention rates and decreased turnover costs.
  • Cultural Exchange and Networking: By promoting cross-cultural understanding, collaboration, and cooperation, visa-sponsored employees contribute to cultural exchange and networking in the workplace. This practice enhances the overall work atmosphere and fosters more robust connections among peers.
  • Contribution to the Economy: International laborers who are sponsored to enter the United Kingdom on a visa make economic contributions using their employment, expenditures on goods and services, tax payments, and possible engagement in entrepreneurial or investment endeavors.
  • Personal and Professional Development: Working in the United Kingdom provides opportunities for personal and professional development for visa-sponsored employees, including the chance to develop a global network of contacts, exposure to new work environments, and career advancement prospects.

How to Apply for Visa Sponsorship Jobs in UK?

The positions listed below are offered by authorized UK-based employers that provide financing for applicants. These are government-certified in the United Kingdom.

After submitting a job offer, you are still required to have a job offer from an approved UK employer to file for a work visa. Approved employers, who fund your entry or remain in the United Kingdom, are also referred to as guarantors.

Then, how do you locate and apply for a visa-supporting job in the United Kingdom?

  • Visit the website of the United Kingdom Government.
  • There will be a search bar displayed. Enter “Sponsorship or Visa Sponsorship” followed by the Enter key.
  • All UK sponsorship opportunities from approved UK companies will be listed here. Moreover, you can register online directly from that page.

More Info

  1. How do I get sponsorship to work in the UK?

    For employers, the system requires employers in the UK to obtain a sponsorship license. Once they have this license, they can then assign certificates of sponsorship to migrant workers, who can then apply for a visa to work in the UK.

  2. How much is a UK sponsorship visa?

    For a small or charitable sponsor, the immigration skills charge is £364 for the first year and £182 for each additional six months. So the cost of sponsoring someone for five years would be £1,820. For a medium or large sponsor, the charge is £1,000 for the first year and £500 for each additional six months.

  3. Can I sponsor myself in the UK?

     Self-sponsorship in the UK is not a specific type of visa but rather a way for business owners to stay or live in the UK to run their active trading business. This involves using a skilled worker visa combined with having a sponsor license for your own UK-based business.

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