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Visa Sponsorship Industrial Engineering Supervisor Jobs in USA

The belief held by Ford Motor Company is that human progress is propelled by the freedom of mobility. Additionally, we believe in granting you the autonomy to set and accomplish your objectives. Given our ambitious goals for the future of mobility, we offer you a multitude of opportunities to progress in your professional journey while contributing to the development of transportation systems of the future.

The individual in question shall have the duty of providing support in the evaluation of future models and capacities for every milestone, encompassing both direct and indirect labor in the domains of vehicle operations, battery cell manufacturing, and powertrain. This position will be predominantly hybrid, with future travel to multiple industrial sites possible.

Details About Visa Sponsorship Industrial Engineering Supervisor Jobs in USA:

  • Location: USA
  • Offered Salary: $13 – $30 / hour
  • Experience: 5 Year
  • Gender: Both
  • Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree
  • Career Level: Executive

Benefits of Visa Sponsorship Industrial Engineering Supervisor Jobs in USA:

  • Access to Global Talent Pool: Visa sponsorship grants employers the opportunity to access a wide-ranging and international talent pool, facilitating the recruitment of proficient professionals from various countries to occupy specialized positions.
  • Matching Skill Sets: Supervisors in industrial engineering frequently demand particular expertise and skill sets. Support for visas allows employers to locate applicants who possess the precise credentials and professional background required for the position.
  • Addressing Workforce Requirements: Certain regions might experience a scarcity of competent professionals available for employment. By sponsoring visas, employers can effectively bridge this labor market divide and ensure the selection of the most qualified candidates, irrespective of their geographical location or nationality.
  • Competitive Advantage: A competitive advantage may accrue to employers who provide visa sponsorship as a means of attracting and retaining high-caliber personnel. For the proper opportunity, a significant number of qualified professionals are willing to relocate; therefore, visa sponsorship can enhance the appeal of a job offer.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: International hiring can foster a workplace environment that is more inclusive and diverse. The incorporation of diverse viewpoints and cultural heritages has the potential to augment innovation, consensus-building, and the cohesiveness of a group as a whole.
  • Long-Term Retention: Visa-sponsored employees frequently develop a sense of allegiance towards the employer who enabled their temporary work. This may potentially enhance employee retention rates, given that individuals are more hesitant to resign from an organization that has invested in their immigration procedure.
  • International Business Relationships: Employing personnel with varied origins can facilitate the development of partnerships and connections with clients and partners on a global scale for organizations engaged in international business.
  • Fulfillment of Legal Obligations: Visa sponsorship guarantees compliance with immigration laws and regulations by both the employer and the employee, thereby mitigating potential legal complications associated with unauthorized employment.

Responsibilities of Visa Sponsorship Industrial Engineering Supervisor Jobs in USA:

  • To meet labor targets, direct a team in the development of a new model for labor optimization through internal and external benchmarking, goal setting, process modification monitoring, and program-wide replication.
  • Ensure program consistency by directing the development and implementation of labor-related battery production strategies, procedures, guidelines, a bill of materials, and manufacturing design standards.
  • Develop your knowledge of the industrial engineering of battery cells.
  • Collaboration is essential, as is close cooperation with personnel from manufacturing engineering, material handling, ergonomics, finance, and/or the plant staff.
  • Foster team motivation and optimize equipment and labor utilization through effective collaboration and communication with cross-functional groups, such as Plant Operations, PD, Manufacturing Engineering, and others.
  • Implement and promote labor efficiency through the utilization of global IE processes, instruments, and standards.
  • Strive to uphold a proficient and positive reputation of Ford Motor Company in all collaborations (including joint ventures and industry forums).
  • Assist equipment manufacturers (OEMs) during concurrent engineering meetings, as directed by program teams.
  • Collaborate with facilities to conduct and evaluate time studies utilizing MODAPTS as the standard measurement tool.
  • Leverage Manufacturing Continuous Improvement and Lessons Learned methodologies to identify best-in-class processes.
  • As required, personnel must be guided, mentored, coached, counseled, acknowledged, and empowered.
  • Priorities must be established and maintained consistently to optimize the use of engineering resources.

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Qualification for Visa Sponsorship Industrial Engineering Supervisor Jobs in USA:

  • Bachelor in Engineering
  • Leadership experience of five years or more in an engineering organization
  • Experience with MODAPTS, time studies, and labor analysis
  • Experience working in a dynamic, ever-changing environment
  • Outstanding communicator
  • Outstanding organizational and strategic skills

Preferred Skills:

  • Manufacturing operations and industrial engineering experience in a facility setting are preferred.
  • Experience with the fabrication of battery cells is preferred.

Although not all of your qualifications may align with those outlined, we cordially invite you to apply if you are confident that you can contribute significantly to Ford Motor Company.

What you’ll get in return:

We offer the advantage of selection as a well-established multinational corporation. One has the option to choose whether their Ford narrative will encompass the globe or remain at a local level. Will your profession consist of a succession of new teams and competencies, or a deep dive into your passion? Do you envision yourself as a catalyst for change, a leader, a technical expert, an influencer of culture, or all five? Regardless of your selection, we can provide you with a work life that is conducive to your needs, which may include:

  • Other available benefits include subsidized backup child care, flexible family care, parental leave, and new parent ramp-up programs.
  • Discounts on vehicles for employees and family members, in addition to management leases
  • Financial aid for tuition
  • Prominent and actively involved employee resource organizations
  • Paid leave for group and individual community service
  • An extensive compensated holiday schedule, which encompasses the week spanning from Christmas to New Year’s Day.
  • Paid vacation time with the opportunity to purchase additional days off.

More Info

This position is eligible for visa sponsorship.

Applicants for positions at Ford Motor Company are required to possess valid work authorization in the United States. Verification of employment eligibility will be required at the moment of hire.

As an Equal Opportunity Employer, we are committed to maintaining a diverse workforce. All qualified candidates will be taken into consideration for employment, irrespective of their national origin, religion, color, age, sex, handicap status, or protected veteran status. If you have a disability and require a reasonable accommodation for the online application process in the United States, please contact us at 1-888-336-0660.

About Us:

We at Ford Motor Company believe that what propels human progress is the freedom of movement. We offer an extensive array of opportunities for professional growth and collaboration to shape the future of transportation in alignment with our ambitious goals for the field of mobility.

About the Team:

Ford Motor Company has long held the belief that freedom of movement promotes human advancement. Our conviction motivates us to deliver vehicles of the highest quality to our customers. Presently, our electrification and autonomous vehicle teams are transforming how the world travels. Ford is developing a scalable autonomous vehicle business that can travel from city to city to facilitate the transportation of people and goods in a dependable, entertaining, and user-friendly manner.

More Info

  1. What does an industrial engineering supervisor do?

    Supervise delivery as well as supply chain projects, such as the management and execution of the WMS as the primary duty.

  2. Is industrial engineering in demand in USA?

    One of the most desired specialties in the United States is industrial engineering. The range of skills needed for industrial engineering and the capacity of industrial engineers to succeed in managerial and technical positions are not difficult to understand.

  3. Does industrial engineering have a future in USA?

    From 2022 to 2032, industrial engineer employment is projected to increase by 12%, which is far greater than the average for every other job. On average, 22,800 job openings are expected to become available annually for industrial engineers over the next decade.

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