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Visa Sponsorship Associate Librarian Jobs in UK 2024

At this time, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham Library is seeking an Associate Librarian, Band 4. We seek a motivated individual to become a member of our innovative and dynamic library staff, assisting healthcare personnel in obtaining the latest evidence.

Responsible for the supervision and enhancement of library collections, services, and resources. Assisting and participating in the successful implementation of Library Outreach services will be among the responsibilities. The incumbent will maintain oversight and actively contribute to the efficient functioning of the library’s Enquiry Desk. Additionally, they will provide daily guidance and support to the Library Assistants.

This position entails the development of the Enquiry Desk Rota and the provision of support and maintenance for the daily operations of frontline services. Additionally, they will contribute to the marketing and promotional endeavors of the library, in addition to aiding in its literature search and current awareness services.

In addition to possessing exceptional customer service, administrative, communication, and interpersonal abilities, the successful candidate must be capable of managing and prioritizing their own responsibilities effectively while making a positive contribution to the library team and the development of the service. The Librarian and Site Library Manager will provide guidance to the candidate; however, they must also possess the ability to operate autonomously and demonstrate initiative when working without supervision. Required is prior experience working in an administrative or active library environment.

Details of Visa Sponsorship Associate Librarian Jobs in UK:

  • Location: UK
  • Offered Salary: £25,100 – £27,600 / year
  • Experience: 3 Year
  • Gender: Both
  • Qualification: Certificate
  • Career Level: Executive

Benefits of Visa Sponsorship Associate Librarian Jobs in UK:

  • Access to Talent Pool: Sponsorship of visas grants employers access to a more extensive talent pool outside of the United Kingdom, facilitating the recruitment of individuals possessing specialized expertise and experiences that might be limited in supply within the country.
  • Diverse Perspectives: The employment of international candidates contributes to the workplace’s diversity of experiences and perspectives, which may foster innovation and creativity while also enhancing the overall work environment.
  • Retention of Skilled Workers: Sponsorship of visas can assist in the retention of competent laborers who would otherwise pursue employment opportunities in nations with more lenient immigration policies. This could potentially result in increased organizational stability.
  • An edge in the competition: Particularly in industries where skilled professionals are in high demand, employers who sponsor visas may have an advantage in attracting top talent.
  • Global Networking: International employment can provide the organization with opportunities for global networking, which may lead to collaborations and partnerships with international institutions and professionals.
  • Cultural Exchange: The provision of visa sponsorship facilitates cultural exchange among employees, fostering an inclusive atmosphere where individuals from diverse backgrounds can contribute to a dynamic organizational culture and gain knowledge from one another.
  • Fulfillment of Legal Requirements: In order to comply with immigration regulations, employers who are legally obligated to sponsor visas on account of particular job positions or skill shortages must ensure that such sponsorship is extended.
  • Long-Term Investment: Sponsoring visas for proficient individuals can be perceived as an enduring investment in the talent pool of the organization, thereby making a sustained contribution to its expansion and triumph.
  • Enhanced Reputation: Organizations that exhibit a dedication to facilitating the entry of international talent by means of visa sponsorship can bolster their standing as employers that are progressive and inclusive. This can have favorable implications for employer branding and the attraction of prospective personnel.
  • Personal Growth Opportunities: Visa sponsorship provides sponsored employees with prospects for both personal and professional development within an unfamiliar cultural and occupational setting. Such sponsorship may even result in career progression and the enhancement of skills.

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Main Responsibilities, Tasks, and Abilities Required:

  • Support the development of library collection services and resources.
  • Contribute to and provide support for the efficient implementation of Library Outreach services.
  • Promote current awareness and research supported by evidence.
  • Oversee and participate in the operation of the Enquiry Desk service.
  • Supervisory and auxiliary library assistants.
  • In charge of the Enquiry Desk Rota
  • Assist and engage in the routine functioning of front-line library services.
  • Participate in all marketing and promotional initiatives for the UHB library.

About us:

We are recognized as a preeminent NHS Foundation Trust in the United Kingdom. To accomplish our mission of “Building Healthier Lives,” we are cognizant that we will need to employ personnel of the highest caliber.

Our commitment to our staff is to provide them with an optimal working environment. Furthermore, we are devoted to:

  • Demonstrating a dedication to promoting employee health and well-being through the implementation of flexible work arrangements whenever feasible;
  • We offer an extensive array of training and development opportunities to our staff in order to assist them in attaining their individual and occupational objectives.

With a welcoming and inclusive environment, UHB is dedicated to ensuring that all of our employees are treated fairly and have a sense of belonging. The subject matter pertains to equal opportunity, the elimination of all obstacles (including prejudice), and the guarantee that every staff member realizes their utmost capabilities, accomplishes their objectives, and flourishes in their professional roles. This is not mere verbiage. We intend to take action.

Our commitment to fostering an inclusive culture is pervasive throughout the organization, ensuring that all perspectives are valued. This is further supported by the Fairness Taskforce, which is overseen by our CEO, and our diverse and engaged staff networks. We cultivate a corporate environment that promotes the stance of employees against discriminatory conduct and empowers individuals to offer their complete selves in order to nurture a more inclusive, compassionate, and courageous setting for work. University Hospitals Birmingham strictly prohibits smoking.

Person Specification:



  • Completion of GCSE coursework, earning Cs in English and Mathematics
  • An ECDL or an equivalent credential in the field of IT.
  • An NVQ level 3 in library and information science or comparable work experience in a relevant discipline is required.


  • Degree-level qualification.
  • A-level qualifications.



  • Experience with customer service through in-person interactions
  • Gaining comprehension of evidence-based healthcare.
  • Knowledge of standards for customer service and professional conduct.
  • Knowledge of fundamental NHS policies and procedures, including patient protection and safeguarding, data protection, and confidentiality.
  • The administration of staff.


  • Successful contribution to a team or endeavor.
  • Prior experience working in a specialized, academic, or NHS library.

Additional Criteria:


  • I possess strong IT skills, specifically in using Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook).
  • Excellent organizational abilities
  • Capable of reaching deadlines and setting priorities.
  • Proficient time management abilities to effectively handle a fluctuating caseload.
  • Advocate for proactive troubleshooting of challenges.
  • Proficiency in interpersonal relations and communication across all organizational tiers
  • Effective member of the team.
  • Proven precision and meticulousness.
  • Capability to safeguard and manage confidential and sensitive data.
  • The capacity to operate harmoniously amidst a noisy environment.
  • Willingness to acquire new skills and maintain current professional knowledge as required.
  • An inclination to advance education and training within the healthcare environment


  • Promotion and Marketing
  • Implementing video conferencing.
  • The Koha Library Administration System.
  • Willing to assist in the growth and development of others’ talents.

Certificate of Sponsorship:

Applicants who are seeking employment in the United Kingdom and require sponsorship as qualified workers are encouraged to apply and will be evaluated in the same manner as all other applicants. Please refer to the UK Visas and Immigration page for additional details.

Applicants for entry clearance into the United Kingdom as skilled workers were obligated to present a criminal record certificate from each country in which they had resided continuously or cumulatively for a minimum of 12 months over the preceding ten years, effective April 6, 2017. This stipulation is similarly applicable to adult dependents, which are defined as individuals aged 18 or older. Here, guidance is available for reference. Background investigations for criminal activity on international candidates.

More Info

  1. Can I work as a librarian in the UK?

    Either a Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP)-accredited bachelor’s degree or a degree in any field complemented by a CILIP-accredited postgraduate diploma or master’s degree in librarianship or information science/management is usually needed to work as a public librarian.

  2. How much do librarians get paid UK?

    In the United Kingdom, the average annual salary for a librarian is £29,675, which is equal to £15.22 per hour. The average yearly wage for an entry-level position is £25,308, whereas a majority of experienced workers may make up to £37,616.

  3. Do you need qualifications to work in a library UK?

    If you have volunteer or additional pertinent experience working in a library, archive, or data service, you are qualified to apply for the position of library assistant. An application may require GCSEs with grades 9 to 4 (A* to C) or their equivalents, English included.

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