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Victim Services Counsellor Jobs in Canada 2024 – Apply Now

At present, the Ontario Public Service, which is headquartered in Simcoe, ON, is seeking self-motivated individuals with exceptional interpersonal skills to fill the position of victim services counselor. Applications are currently being accepted. It is expected that the successful candidate will begin work immediately. Vacancies may pertain to full-time, contract, or term employment.

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Details of Victim Services Counsellor Jobs in Canada:

  • Employer NameOntario Public Service
  • Position: Victim Services counselor
  • No. of vacancies: 1
  • Salary: $1,187.72 weekly, or 36.25 hours per week.
  • Employment type: term or contract, full-time
  • Location: Simcoe, ON

Benefits of Victim Services Counsellor Jobs:

  • Assisting Others: A notable advantage of working in victim services counseling is the chance to effectuate constructive change in the lives of victims or survivors of victimization or trauma. Counselors can assist clients in overcoming adversity and progressing in life by offering encouragement, validation, and a course of action.
  • Profound Satisfaction: A significant number of individuals find the occupation of victim services counselor to be extraordinarily gratifying, owing to the gratification derived from assisting others in surmounting obstacles and reconstructing their lives. Observing the development and fortitude of clients can afford one personal satisfaction.
  • A Diverse Work Environment: Victim services counselors may be employed in hospitals, government agencies, non-profit organizations, community organizations, and law enforcement agencies, among others. This diversity enables counselors to work with a wide variety of clients and acquire experience in various fields.
  • Professional Growth: Victim services counselors are allowed to enhance their expertise and competencies through participation in professional development seminars, training programs, and other related activities. This continuous education can increase job satisfaction and opportunities for career advancement.
  • Flexible Schedule: Part-time and remote work options are among the flexible work arrangements that victim services counselors may be granted, contingent upon the employer and the particular responsibilities of the position. This adaptability can accommodate individual preferences and requirements.
  • Strong Sense of Community: Counselors and other professionals in the field are frequently united by a strong sense of community when they work in victim services. Enriching and supportive, collaboration with coworkers who share comparable values and objectives can be beneficial.
  • Skill Development: Counselors who provide victim services cultivate an extensive array of competencies, such as advocacy, active listening, crisis intervention, empathy, and conflict resolution. These abilities can contribute to one’s professional and personal development and apply to a wide range of domains.
  • Advocacy Opportunities: Victim services counselors are frequently presented with the prospect of advocating for policy reforms, fostering social justice, and increasing public consciousness regarding matters about victimization. This advocacy labor can contribute to a more just society and effect systemic change.
  • Employment Stability: The demand for counselors specializing in victim services persists due to the perpetual presence of individuals requiring assistance in the aftermath of traumatic incidents. Consequently, employment security is frequently high in this industry.
  • Personal Satisfaction: Individuals who pursue a career in victim services counseling can harmonize their values with their vocation, thereby fostering a sense of personal fulfillment and contentment in their professional endeavors.

Requirements of Victim Services Counsellor Jobs in Canada:

  • The candidate must speak English with proficiency.
  • Candidate requirements include a bachelor’s degree.
  • A candidate with less than or equal to one month of experience in a relevant industry is considered optimal.

How to Apply for Victim Services Counsellor Jobs in Canada:

To express interest in applying, please utilize the provided application methods.

More Info


Kindly incorporate the following when applying:

  • 212164 is the job reference number.
  • Address of the cover letter

Working in Canada

It is unsurprising that a significant number of individuals opt to reside and work in Canada, given that the country boasts one of the most robust economies in the world and a relatively low cost of living.

Niagara Falls, the Rocky Mountains, maple syrup, and ice hockey teams are among the numerous natural marvels that Canada is renowned for. Did you know that the second-largest country in the world has a low crime rate and is consistently considered one of the most peaceful and desirable locations to reside?

There are numerous reasons why expatriates are attracted to the country, one of which is the fact that English is the primary language, with French being the primary language in the province of Quebec. Ottawa, Vancouver, Edmonton, Oakville, and St. Albert are among the most frequently visited destinations for job seekers in Canada.

Canada becomes an even more alluring destination when this is combined with the friendly and tolerant nature of the local population.

  1. What are victim services in Canada? 

    Court-based victim services provide support for people who have become involved in the criminal justice process as either victims or witnesses. Court-based victim services provide information, assistance, and referrals to victims and witnesses to try to make the court process less intimidating.

  2. How much do victim services get paid in Canada?

    The average salary for victim services is $60,852 per year in Canada. The average additional cash compensation for victim services in Canada is $7,340, with a range from $2,763 to $19,502.

  3. How do I become a victim service worker in Ontario?

    The Victimology Ontario College Graduate Certificate program prepares you for work in a variety of fields, providing services to victims of crime. This program provides specialized knowledge and skills in victimology and victim services.

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