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Relief Support Worker Jobs in UK with Work Permit 2024

Possessing the drive and expertise to assist individuals with cognitive disabilities in experiencing the utmost of life? Could you support setting up an individual who desires to engage in enjoyable activities and achieve independence? We are in search of an individual who possesses the capacity to effect substantial change in the life of another by consistently demonstrating attentiveness to the inconsequential and intimate details that genuinely define every day.

We are seeking relief support workers to cover staff absences and holidays as well as illnesses for our East Sussex services, typically with advance notice but occasionally on short notice.

These positions are well-suited for individuals seeking to enhance their social care expertise and capabilities while enjoying considerable flexibility – whether it be for academic purposes, to accommodate family obligations, to transition to another occupation, to return to work after a sabbatical, or to establish a professional presence. You might be expected to adhere to a pre-established timetable and provide coverage for unforeseen absences during service provision. You have complete discretion regarding whether or not to accept assignments.

Applications are encouraged from individuals who are at least 18 years old and have knowledge and comprehension of individuals with cognitive disabilities and those who are vulnerable and require care. You might possess life skills or social welfare experience. While prior experience is not mandatory, it is advantageous to have a basic comprehension of what constitutes effective assistance, as these are the fundamental convictions we value the most. Strong communication skills, independence, and the capacity to establish positive and compassionate connections with others are prerequisites.

Details About Relief Support Worker Jobs in UK with Work Permit:

  • Location: UK
  • Offered Salary: £23,900 – £24,300 / year
  • Expiration date: July 31, 2024
  • Experience: 2 Year
  • Gender: Both
  • Qualification: Certificate
  • Career Level: Executive

Benefits of Relief Support Worker Jobs in UK with Work Permit:

  • Flexible Schedule: Relief support worker positions frequently provide a flexible schedule, enabling employees to select schedules that are compatible with their obligations or other responsibilities.
  • Achieving Exposure to Diverse Populations and Work Environments: These positions may entail responsibilities in residential care facilities, hospitals, community centers, or schools, among others.
  • Skill Development: Professional and personal growth is enhanced through the development of a vast array of skills, including empathy, problem-solving, communication, and collaboration, all of which are acquired through work as a relief support worker.
  • Rewarding Work: Engaging in rewarding work entails assisting individuals who may be afflicted with disabilities, mental health issues, or other exceptional requirements. Having a positive influence on the life of another individual can provide one with a sense of fulfillment and direction.
  • Progression in One’s Profession: Positions as relief support workers can function as a catalyst for additional employment opportunities in the education, healthcare, or social services industries. As individuals gain experience and further their education, they may consider pursuing careers in the support worker, care manager, or therapist fields.
  • Opportunities for Training: A considerable number of employers provide training and development initiatives aimed at augmenting the competencies and understanding of their personnel in domains including medication administration, behavior management, first aid, and safeguarding.
  • Stability and Security: Given the persistently high demand for support workers, particularly in sectors such as healthcare and social care, these positions frequently offer a degree of job security and stability.
  • Competitive Compensation: Although salaries may differ due to employer, location, and professional experience, relief support personnel generally receive comprehensive compensation packages that encompass health insurance, paid time off, and pension contributions.
  • Social Impact: Relief support workers make a crucial societal contribution by providing aid to vulnerable individuals in their day-to-day activities, thereby fostering greater independence, social integration, and inclusiveness within their respective communities.
  • Cultural Exchange and Diversity: Engaging in relief support work as an individual with a valid work permit in the United Kingdom affords the chance to engage in cultural exchange and interact with individuals of diverse origins, thereby augmenting both professional and personal growth.

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Application Process:

To submit your application for this position, kindly select the “Apply Now” icon located above. Be sure to include in your application a detailed explanation of how you meet each of the person specification’s requirements, referencing pertinent work/life experiences, academic achievements, or personal interests. Alternatively, please email the accompanying application form along with the job reference number to

  • Contact Valerie Marchant, Service Manager, at 01323 464400 for a casual conversation.
  • Kindly be advised that visa sponsorship is not available for this position.
  • Alter both your reality and theirs.

Additional Information:

  • An enhanced DBS check or Regulated Activity check with Disclosure & Barring Services (formerly the Criminal Records Bureau) is mandatory for this position. This procedure is described in greater detail at…. Please furnish evidence of a police check conducted overseas if you have lived or worked abroad.
  • The initial salary for applicants seeking term-time or part-time employment will be prorated.
  • Work Permits: Obtaining a Work Permit for this position is possible, but it is dependent on satisfying the requirements of the Points-based Immigration System of the UK Border Agency.
  • As a result of limitations, we are unable to assure that individuals who satisfy the criteria of the Points-based Immigration System will be authorized to acquire work permits.
  • Should you need to make any reasonable accommodations as a result of a disability to participate completely in the procedure, kindly reach out to the recruiting manager using the details provided above.
  • Reasonable modifications may consist of an offline application form. Please get in touch with us if you wish to discuss your requirements in greater detail.

Equal opportunities:

East Sussex County Council is an employer that values equal opportunity. All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply, irrespective of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, or disability. Each application is assessed on its merits.

More Info

  1. What do relief support workers do?

    Assisting service users with every aspect of their care, Relief Support Workers are committed to empowering them to nurture their autonomy, competencies, and overall well-being. An essential component is a person-centered approach to diversity and a solid understanding of equal opportunity.

  2. Are support workers in demand UK?

    The increasing demand for social care is going to remain constant. High turnover: According to Skills for Care, the direct employment staff turnover rate in adult social care was 28.3% in 2022/23, which corresponds to an estimated 390,000 workers leaving during the year.

  3. How much is the salary of a support worker in UK?

    The average yearly wage for a Support Worker in the United Kingdom is £24,725. With a range of £744 to £26,813, the mean additional financial compensation for a support worker in the United Kingdom is £4,466.

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