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Product Sales Specialist Jobs in UK 2024 – Visa Sponsorship

A position that generates revenue through the sale of products to both new and existing clients. Assist in developing a suitable sales lifecycle for legal software products and, when necessary, facilitate the sale of additional legal services commodities. The products you will be tasked with marketing will often be novel to both the organization and the industry. You will be provided with updates regarding products undergoing different stages of development.

Details About Product Sales Specialist Jobs in UK:

  • Organization: Weightmans
  • Location: UK
  • Offered Salary: £38,000 – £44,300 / year
  • Experience: 5 Year
  • Gender: Both
  • Qualification: Associate Degree
  • Career Level: Executive

Benefits of Product Sales Specialist Jobs in UK:

  • Commission-Based Compensation: A considerable number of Product Sales Specialist positions provide substantial monetary incentives contingent on performance. This may lead to increased overall remuneration in contrast to positions with fixed salaries.
  • Prospects for Professional Development: Achievements in the position of Product Sales Specialist may pave the way for prospects of career progression within the domains of sales and marketing. Individuals who have amassed sufficient experience and demonstrated success in sales have the potential to advance to managerial roles or transition into alternative domains within the sales or marketing sector.
  • Variety in Work: Product Sales Specialists frequently interact with a wide variety of clients and products, which contributes to the dynamic and engaging nature of the position. This variety affords opportunities to learn about various market segments and industries, thereby preventing monotony.
  • Developing Sales Skills: A diverse set of abilities is necessary for success in the sales industry, including relationship-building, negotiation, communication, and persuasion. Beyond the realm of sales, these abilities hold significant value in a multitude of professional and personal contexts.
  • Performance-Based Recognition: Sales success is frequently acknowledged and rewarded based on performance, whether through the provision of bonuses, incentives, or public recognition. As a result of increased motivation and morale, this recognition may increase employee job satisfaction.
  • Flexibility: Numerous positions for Product Sales Specialists provide geographical and time flexibility. Individuals may be able to achieve a more favorable work-life balance and accommodate personal obligations with this flexibility.
  • Prospects for International and Domestic Travel: Product Sales Specialists may be afforded opportunities for domestic and international travel, contingent upon the industry and product portfolio. Exploring foreign markets, cultures, and business practices through travel can contribute to professional growth and the expansion of one’s horizons.
  • Establishing a Professional Network: Sales positions entail regular engagement with clients, colleagues, and industry experts, thereby presenting abundant prospects for the development and augmentation of professional networks. Establishing connections with critical stakeholders has the potential to grant access to fresh business prospects and propel one’s professional growth.
  • Job Security: Sales professionals are invaluable assets to organizations due to their critical role in generating revenue and fostering development. The continued existence of product development and sales by businesses will ensure a sustained need for proficient sales specialists.
  • Transferable Skills: The competencies obtained through the Product Sales Specialist position are exceptionally adaptable across sectors and industries, including communication, relationship management, and strategic thinking. This can afford individuals the ability to make career changes or explore prospects in alternative industries.


  • Using novel strategies, generate a pipeline of qualified prospects for marketing and sales by prospecting new clients.
  • Using cold calling to generate new business and prospects to establish a pipeline of qualified leads for marketing and sales.
  • Attend relevant events to establish connections and market products to the intended audience.
  • Collaborate with internal teams, including upselling and cross-selling within the organization, to develop a pipeline of prospects for our existing client portfolio.
  • Extensively proficient in inquiry and exploration techniques.

Creating sales proposals:

  • They are persuasive, commercial in nature, capable of selling the Weightman’s enterprise, and capable of fostering fruitful negotiations.
  • Capability to maintain contact with each prospect.


  • Demonstrate practical business acumen during negotiations, prioritizing value and margin over price, and adhering to permissible pricing constraints that are product-specific and subject to change.
  • To generate upselling opportunities and construct the most client-centric bundle possible for them.


  • Under mutually agreed-upon objectives and market conditions, terminate all prospects.

Service behaviors:

  • To implement optimal service practices for the pertinent consumer, which may involve conducting necessary check-ins.

Reporting and measurement:

  • Parameter-related objectives and primary responsibilities for ensuring the authenticity of a product.
  • This position requires continuous development and guidance.
  • Productivity and overall activity will be incentivized by a predetermined bonus framework.

Other tasks:

  • Throughout the sales cycle, work in close collaboration with the Product Manager to collect feedback from prospects regarding product enhancements, pricing, and functionality.
  • Collaborate extensively with the Product Owner and Product Specialist to secure the support necessary for the promotion and demonstration of technical products to clients.
  • To assist in the mentoring of entry-level sales staff.

It is important to note that this list is not meant to be comprehensive; further responsibilities and obligations that are inherent to the role will be anticipated of you.

About You:

It is ideal if you possess prior experience in a comparable position and environment.

As the role is diverse, we are looking for you to have the following:

  • Knowledge of each phase of the sales lifecycle.
  • Sales prospecting and management throughout a predetermined product lifecycle constitute prospecting.
  • Proficient in negotiating and concluding deals.
  • Outstanding abilities in time management and organization.
  • commercially savvy and cognizant.
  • Self-motivated, resolute, and proactive individual.
  • Comprehend sales through the lens of the purchaser.
  • Sales assurance and resiliency – the capacity to endure setbacks
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, as well as relationship-building abilities.
  • Capable of fostering positive relationships with clients, prospects, and teammates.
  • Capable of mentoring novice sales staff members.

Should you meet the specified criteria and are confident that you can bring enthusiasm and a thirst for knowledge to this role, we eagerly await the receipt of your application.

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Why Work for Us?

  • Weightmans is a top-40 law firm with locations throughout the United Kingdom. We achieved unprecedented Chambers UK rankings and were recognized as the preeminent legal employer and tenth overall employer at the annual Britain’s Top Employers Awards 2023.
  • We are honored to hold the certification of a living wage employer.
  • Regarding industry recognition for distinction in the form of accomplishments, honors, and accreditations, please visit this link.
  • According to independent research, “Weightman fosters and develops talent at all organizational levels and provides excellent working conditions for its employees.”
  • Our organization is fully dedicated to fostering an inclusive and diverse culture where all members are valued and acknowledged for their valuable contributions.
  • Submissions from individuals of all ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, and disabilities are encouraged. At any stage of the application procedure, if you require any reasonable adjustments, kindly inform us.
  • Please do not hesitate to indicate your preferred pronouns in your application.

Weightmans is a company that values its employees.

Beyond being immensely proud of the work we accomplish for our clients and the work environment we cultivate for our staff, we also provide an extensive array of perks and advantages, which encompass:

  • Bank holidays and 28 days of annual leave (prorated for part-time employees).
  • Agile, which entails remote work, incorporates the provision of home office apparatus.
  • Medical coverage through Medicash
  • Plan for pensions
  • Insurance coverage is four times the compensation
  • Scheme for Interest-Free Travel Loans
  • The Employee Assistance Programme provides consumer advising, psychotherapy, and legal assistance.
  • Discounted membership to the gym.
  • Scheme for Dental Discounts
  • Cycle to Work Initiative
  • Deals and discounts.
  • Outstanding plan for rewards and recognition.

Your Recruitment Advisor can attest to the fact that only a negligible number of positions are unsuitable for remote work.

Please take note:

We encourage individuals to apply for the positions we have available or to contact us directly. It should be noted that any references to experience or PQE in our job descriptions or advertisements should be regarded as illustrative only. We welcome applications from individuals with a wide range of experiences and levels of proficiency who can effectively showcase their suitability for the position.

Employment offers are contingent upon the successful completion of background checks, which will be conducted as part of the standard procedure for selecting the candidate for this position. Additional details are available upon contacting the Recruitment team. Applications for part-time and job-sharing positions are welcomed.

Agency recruitment (PSL or non-PSL)

Weightman maintains a rigorous “preferred supplier list” (PSL) and is committed to establishing close collaborations with the recruitment agencies included in it. Weightmans prohibits unsolicited or speculative resumes, profiles, and introductions from PSL and non-PSL agencies. We reserve the right to consider any CV, profile, or introduction submitted by a PSL or non-PSL agency without prior instruction from a member of Weightman’s recruitment team as a gift. In such cases, we will contact the candidate directly without them accepting or agreeing to the agency’s terms, and we will not be held liable for any recruitment fees.

Eligibility to work in the UK:

Eligibility for employment in the United Kingdom will be verified in the concluding stages of the selection procedure. All candidates must have the legal right to work in the United Kingdom or satisfy the Home Office’s requirements for visa sponsorship before commencing employment. Before applying, individuals in need of sponsorship should evaluate the eligibility requirements set forth by the Home Office for a Skilled Worker visa.

More Info

  1. What does a product sales specialist do?

    Product Sales Specialists assist in the development of marketing strategies and sales plans that target consumers with the greatest potential to increase product sales and meet set sales objectives. In addition to performing sales presentations, sales specialists guarantee that sales records are accurate and current.

  2. How much do product sales specialists make in the UK?

    There were more job additions in the previous day. offers employment pay ranging from £38,662 to £45,533.

  3. Is a product specialist a good job?

    Product Specialist positions offer an exhilarating fusion of technical expertise, consumer engagement, and strategic debate. Product Specialists, acting as caretakers of a product, are liable for possessing comprehensive knowledge of the product and working as a link between the technical team and the client.

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