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Jobs in Italy with Free Visa 2024 – Apply Now

Free Visa positions in Italy are those that, upon recruitment, provide financial assistance for the applicant’s visa and relocation expenses. It signifies that to commence employment, the employer will assist in your relocation to the designated country and organization. Your documents will be submitted to the immigration authorities by the visa-sponsoring employer to obtain a work permit that will allow you to legally work in the country. Nevertheless, the length of time fluctuates by the sponsorship of your visa. It may last for a maximum of ten years or a minimum of two.

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Details of Jobs in Italy with Free Visa:

Your visa may be renewed, however, so long as you maintain employment in that country. Additionally, while employed, certain individuals may petition for a green card.

Procedure To Obtain A Gratis Visa For Italy

Foreign nationals from non-EU countries are subject to distinct criteria to lawfully reside and engage in employment in Italy, similar to numerous other European nations.

As per the official website of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of Italy (, foreign nationals seeking employment-related entry into the country are required to possess both a valid work permit and an open work visa.

To accomplish this, you must secure a position in advance with an Italian company and execute an employment agreement that stipulates a complimentary visa upon request.

After obtaining a work permit from the local immigration offices (Sportello Unico in l’Immigrazione) on behalf of a foreign applicant, the employer transports the applicant to Italy.

Benefits of Jobs in Italy with Free Visa:

  • Operating and Residing in Italy: The legal capacity to reside and conduct business in Italy is the most obvious benefit. Italy is a highly sought-after destination for tourists owing to its esteemed culinary heritage, awe-inspiring natural scenery, and sophisticated cultural milieu.
  • Cultural Experience: An entirely new cultural experience can be acquired by establishing a residence or working in Italy. Through active participation in the local customs, language, and way of life, individuals can develop a deeper understanding of the Italian way of life.
  • Language Learning: Being granted the opportunity to secure employment in Italy affords individuals the chance to obtain or improve their command of the Italian language. Developing one’s linguistic abilities is unquestionably most effectively accomplished in an extremely linguistic environment.
  • Opportunities for Networking: Working in Italy allows forging new connections and broadening one’s professional network. This can foster prospects for cooperation and subsequent undertakings, which is beneficial for one’s career advancement and personal growth.
  • Gain of Access to the European Union (EU): The potential benefits of residing in Italy include enhanced facilitation of work and travel in other European Union countries, contingent upon the type of visa held.
  • Career Development: A career in Italy could potentially be beneficial for one’s professional development, contingent upon the sector and vocation. Proximate advantages of acquiring fresh perspectives, abilities, and competencies include career progression.
  • Beautiful Environment: Italy boasts a remarkable and diverse topography, comprising picturesque rural regions and historic cities. You can discover a location that complements your way of life, regardless of whether you favor an urban or more tranquil setting.
  • Healthcare System: The Italian healthcare system is held in the highest regard. Depending on the status of your visa, you might be eligible to utilize the public healthcare system, which would ensure the delivery of essential medical treatment.
  • Social Life and Entertainment: Italy is widely recognized for its vibrant social climate, exquisite gastronomy, and extensive array of cultural and recreational activities. Staff members are provided with ample opportunities to engage in cultural activities, explore the nation’s landmarks, and luxuriate in regional gastronomy.
  • Work-Life Balance: In Italian culture, a healthy work-life balance is frequently emphasized. How an employer and industry assess the worth of vacation and leisure time can differ, potentially influencing an employee’s motivation to strive for a more harmonious and fulfilling way of life.

Jobs Available without a Visa in Italy:

Visa promotes equal employment opportunity. Qualified candidates will be evaluated based on their employability, irrespective of their protected veteran status, ethnicity, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability.

Furthermore, in adherence to EEOC regulations and relevant local legislation, Visa will evaluate qualified job candidates who have criminal records.

Visa sponsorships and collaborations in the domains of fashion, entertainment, and sports have the potential to foster international unity and propel the company forward beyond its competitors.

They extend their support to esteemed international occasions such as the National Football League, the Olympic and Paralympic Games, and FIFA Tournaments, which serve as sources of inspiration and universal solidarity.

  • Chief Vacancy in Italy Fintech and Digital Partnerships
  • The responsibility of identifying, developing, and implementing partnership opportunities with Fintech, non-traditional clients, challenger banks, and digital partners that offer digital payment solutions to consumers and businesses in Italy and beyond falls on the Italy Fintech and Digital Partnerships Lead within Business Development.

The ideal candidate for this role is a seasoned business developer capable of cultivating connections with these stakeholders, understanding their capacities, recognizing potential collaborations that benefit both parties, and organizing and negotiating advantageous circumstances that will influence Visa’s growth.

The opportunity is to join Visa’s Southern Europe Business Development team, which executes partnership opportunities across the payments and fintech ecosystem in close collaboration with Visa’s product organization and other internal stakeholders.

Principal Responsibility:

Enterprise Expansion

  • Identify and pursue partnership opportunities, including incentive agreements with clients, across all of Visa’s products and services.
  • Develop and implement commercial contracts
  • Assist with client launches, press releases, and additional fintech industry activities.
  • To expand Visa’s presence, develop vertical expertise in key fintech growth areas and segment strategies.
  • Provide public relations support, attend industry events on behalf of Visa, and advocate for the organization’s initiatives and strategic goals.
  • Establish and maintain productive relationships with all critical internal and external stakeholders, while collaborating with cross-functional groups to promote cooperation and support.
  • In Southern Europe, participate in cluster-wide programs that support regional business development initiatives.

Assistance with Product GTM Onboarding, Program Development, and Coordination

  • Contributing strategic input and market and commercialization feedback to enhance and broaden the offerings of Visa’s services and products.
  • Provide support to product leaders in the process of prioritizing and developing products and solutions, which entails identifying and pursuing enablement partnerships and end fintech clients.
  • Assist and synchronize the aforementioned with the workstreams of the new member induction process.

Operations & Analytics in Sales:

  • Generate reports and analyses concerning the fintech pipeline, new ventures, and special initiatives.
  • Perform strategic analysis and research regarding fintech verticals and trends.
  • The nature of this position is composite. Hybrid personnel are permitted to divide their workdays between the office and from home. Depending on business requirements, the hybrid workforce is anticipated to be in the office for two days per week, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, with a general guideline of being present 50% of the time.

Qualifications for Free Visa Jobs in Italy:

  • Possesses over ten years of professional experience and five years of business experience, including a background in product or business development for the payments, financial services, or fintech sectors.
  • Proven ability to plan, manage, and close complex, competitive sales campaigns, as well as oversee the execution of transactions from negotiation to delivery.
  • Proven experience collaborating with stakeholders and cross-functional teams to execute operational decisions, policies, and strategic initiatives.
  • Robust pre-existing network encompassing Fintech, payments, and banking Strategic cognition and leadership in philosophy
  • Proficient in problem-solving and analysis, with a strong aptitude for intellectual and analytical rigor, meticulousness, and the ability to organize and evaluate data.
  • Proficient in interpersonal and communication abilities to persuade clients and functional and regional leaders while establishing one’s credibility.
  • A high accountability, results-oriented mindset that maintains a healthy balance between relationships and team building/collaborations.
  • Success requires the application of teamwork, interpersonal, and relationship-building abilities, as well as the capacity to influence and lead by example.
  • Proficient in management/navigation, communication, and partnership across multiple organizational divisions and disciplines.
  • The ability to effectively navigate a dynamic and often uncertain environment while also having the power to sway senior executives and other relevant stakeholders.
  • English competence is vital.
  • Availability to travel when required

Methods for Applying for Free Visa Jobs in Italy:

To apply, please follow the link below and promptly complete the application form.

More Info

  1. Can I get a job in Italy from Pakistan?

    Italy has job opportunities in Pakistan is a popular keyword in Pakistan currently. Italy has increased the number of job visas available to non-natives to a total of 82705, which is going news.

  2. Which job is easy to get in Italy?

    Teachers are always in demand, and Italy is no exception. If you have experience teaching English as a second language or any other subject, you should consider teaching in Italy. Engineering professionals. Italy is a country with a rich history and many ancient sites that need to be maintained.

  3. How do I get a work visa for Italy? 

    An employment visa can be applied for based on an appointment letter from India and the original “Employment Contract” between the applicant and the employer, along with a photocopy. The period of the visa will depend on the validity of the contract, which is limited to a maximum of 5 years.

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