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Head Chef Jobs in UK with Visa Sponsorship 2024 – Apply Now

Mr. Mohammed Sheraz T/A Whingate Fisheries, one of our clients in Leeds, is seeking a Head Chef to join their rapidly expanding quick food takeaway. Do you enjoy preparing delectable fish dishes, pizzas, kebabs, and Indian curries? Our client operates a renowned fast food/pizza establishment and takeaway business in the center of the food cluster; therefore, your search is over. A rise in regional demand has contributed to the expansion of our client’s enterprise. To accommodate the requirements of the local populace, the organization is in search of a Head Chef for its Leeds location.

Details About Head Chef Jobs in UK with Visa Sponsorship:

  • Organization: Whingate Fisheries
  • Offered Salary: £26,000 – £28,000 / year
  • Experience: 4 Year
  • Gender: Both
  • Qualification: Certificate
  • Career Level: Executive
  • Location: UK

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Construct and cook fast food items, such as pizzas, kebabs, fish and chips, Indian curries, and entrees.
  • Contribute to the procurement and monitoring of inventory.
  • Maintain elevated standards of food safety, health, and sanitation.
  • Serve food with proper portion control and food preparation abilities.
  • Assisted coworkers in meeting delivery deadlines.
  • Comply with all operational kitchen processes and procedures of the business.
  • Oversaw live cooking stations and ensured the production of high-quality cuisine.
  • Oversee the consumption of food to guarantee the utmost client contentment.
  • Facilitate the implementation of novel regional and seasonal entrées.
  • Disseminate your culinary expertise and knowledge to the entire kitchen staff.
  • Suggested commercially viable and innovative solutions for enhancing product quality.


  • One responsibility of this position is to ensure adherence to hygiene, safety, and health protocols, in addition to monitoring standards for sanitation and critical control point (HACCP) compliance.
  • Monitor and ensure the integrity of food.
  • Performs quality assessments on the merchandise procured from suppliers.
  • Oversees and guarantees compliance with recipe specifications.
  • Guarantee that the task assigned to you is adequately staffed, directed, and organized.
  • Establish a daily schedule to ensure that all personnel needs are addressed.
  • Develop, inspire, and direct subordinate staff.

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Relevant Experience:

  • Knowledge of Indian gastronomy.
  • A minimum of two years experience in high-volume catering or the kitchen.
  • Faultless knowledge of all relevant culinary and health and safety regulations.
  • Capabilities in effective documentation, communication, and organization.
  • Restaurant experience, the capacity to lead and superintend a high-volume staff, and work experience in establishments with annual sales exceeding $25,000.
  • Capable of composing requisitions, production schedules, and F&B proposals.

Benefits of Head Chef Jobs in UK with Visa Sponsorship:

  • Professional Growth: The position of head chef frequently presents prospects for professional advancement and the enhancement of one’s skill set. Gaining experience in reputable establishments can provide valuable exposure to a wide range of culinary techniques, ingredients, and cuisines, thereby augmenting one’s expertise in the field.
  • Competitive Salary: In the United Kingdom, head chefs generally receive competitive remuneration, particularly when employed by esteemed hotels or restaurants. Visa sponsorship may additionally encompass supplementary advantages like healthcare coverage, retirement schemes, and incentives.
  • Sponsorship for a Visa: Visa sponsorship from a British employer enables legal residence and employment in the country. Particularly if you are seeking to establish a long-term career or investigate new opportunities overseas, this can be a substantial advantage.
  • Cultural Experience: Working as a chief chef in the United Kingdom allows becoming intimately acquainted with British cuisine and culture. You will be afforded the chance to engage in collaborative endeavors with nearby suppliers, interact with a varied staff and clientele, and delve into the gastronomic milieu of the area.
  • Opportunities for Networking: Head chef positions frequently entail engaging in professional networking with fellow chefs, suppliers, and potential collaborators. Establishing a robust professional network can facilitate access to prospective employment opportunities and collaborative ventures.
  • Work-Life Balance: Although the culinary industry is notorious for its long hours, reputable establishments that employ chief chefs may provide a more favorable work-life balance in comparison to entry-level kitchen positions. This assertion holds particular validity in organizations that place a premium on the welfare of their employees and foster a positive work environment.
  • Creative Freedom: In your capacity as the chief chef, you will be afforded the chance to exhibit your aptitude for culinary ingenuity and direction. By participating in activities such as menu development, recipe creation, and kitchen administration, you have the opportunity to significantly influence the culinary identity of the establishment.
  • Job Security: Proficient chefs are in high demand across the globe, including in the United Kingdom. There is a high chance of job security and opportunities for advancement within the organization or in the industry, provided that you perform admirably in your position.
  • Personal Growth: As a chief chef, you must possess exceptional leadership, communication, and problem-solving abilities to manage a kitchen staff. You can develop these skills through employment in this position; they apply not only to the culinary industry but to a variety of other fields as well.
  • Quality of Life: With access to superior healthcare, education, cultural amenities, and recreational activities, the United Kingdom provides a high quality of life. Working and residing in the United Kingdom can offer a secure and intellectually stimulating setting for you and your family to flourish.

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More Info

  1. How much is the salary of a head chef in the UK?

    In the United Kingdom, the average annual salary for a chief chef is £35,000, which equates to £17.95 per hour. Most experienced workers can earn up to £45,000 per year, while entry-level positions start at £29,317 per year.

  2. What is a head chef called?

    Head Chef also known as Executive Chef. The highest-ranking individual is the head chef. The Head Chef takes the operational oversight of the kitchen, which includes menu planning, staff coordination, supplier liaison, and budget management.

  3. How many hours do you work as a head chef?

    It is not unusual for chefs and chief cooks to work early mornings, late evenings, weekends, and holidays while employed full-time. Certain individuals work more than 40 hours per week.

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