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Data Engineer Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship – Apply Now

We are the world’s movers and shakers, shaping its future. Every day, we get up, roll our sleeves, and collaborate to improve the world. At Ford, we’re all part of something bigger than ourselves. Are you prepared to change the way the world operates?

Product Development uses design thinking and user experience methodologies to produce unique products and services that our consumers like. We bring fresh, exciting, and sustainable ideas to life. We have opportunities for you to help advance autonomy, electrification, smart mobility technologies, and other sectors worldwide! This is a hybrid role, and we prefer candidates who can work from our Dearborn, Michigan location.

Details About Data Engineer Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship:

  • Location: USA
  • Experience: 5 Year
  • Gender: Both
  • Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree
  • Career Level: Executive

Benefits of Data Engineer Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship:

  • Visa Sponsorship: Visa sponsorship is likely the most significant benefit for those seeking employment in the United States from other nations. Visa sponsorship indicates that the company is willing to support your visa application, which may be required for lawfully working in the country.
  • High Demand: Data engineering is a fast-growing sector, with a strong need for skilled workers in the US. Companies in a variety of industries, including technology, finance, healthcare, and retail, rely on data engineers to manage and analyze their data successfully.
  • Competitive Salaries: Salaries for data engineers in the United States are often competitive due to their specific skill set and strong demand. With visa sponsorship, you can apply for these lucrative career prospects.
  • Career Growth: Data engineering provides numerous options for career advancement. As you develop experience and competence in the industry, you can advance to more senior jobs like senior data engineer, data architect, or even data scientist.
  • Work with Cutting-Edge technology: Data engineers frequently use cutting-edge technology and tools to handle, store, and analyze data. This exposure to cutting-edge technology not only improves your skills but also keeps your job fresh and challenging.
  • Networking possibilities: Working in the United States affords good possibilities to network with professionals in your sector. You can network with other data engineers, data scientists, and people in similar fields, which can lead to new possibilities and collaborations.
  • Access to Top Businesses: The United States is home to numerous leading technology businesses, innovative startups, and industry giants. Working in the nation provides you with access to top-tier work options that can greatly advance your career.
  • Diverse Work Environments: The United States provides a wide diversity of work environments, from fast-paced startups to established enterprises. You can select a work culture that matches your interests and career aspirations.
  • Learning and Development: Data engineering jobs frequently include tackling complex challenges and working on difficult projects. Continuous learning and problem-solving can help you build essential talents that are in great demand in the market.
  • Quality of Life: While this may vary depending on your preferences and the location of your job, many sections of the United States provide a high standard of living with access to excellent healthcare, education, cultural amenities, and recreational opportunities.

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Position Responsibilities:

  • Use the Google Cloud Platform to design, develop, and implement data engineering solutions based on standards, templates, patterns, and best practices.
  • Full-stack data engineering solutions that work with both structured and unstructured data include development, ingestion, curation, implementation, deployment, automation, and monitoring.
  • Collaborates with the Data Factory Engineering Organization, Data Architecture, PEM, GDIA, Information Technology, and Data Consumers to drive data engineering capabilities, product design, and proof of concepts, and MVPs, broaden understanding, define technical optimization, explore configurations, and overcome challenges.
  • Create high-quality, visually appealing data engineering solutions that are cloud-first, encapsulated, repeatable, automated, and auditable.
  • Build, test, maintain, and troubleshoot data solutions both independently and with a team.
  • Continuously integrates and deploys data solutions with CI/CD.
  • Follow Test Driven Development and Code Pairing Practices.
  • Create and update detailed documentation for data engineering processes, systems, and pipelines to guarantee clarity, transparency, and client satisfaction.

You will have:

  • Bachelor’s degree in a technological discipline. Computer Science, Data Science, Computational Finance, Statistics, Economics, and Mathematics Masters Preferred
  • 5+ years of experience designing and delivering data solutions, pipelines, marts, and/or warehouses through agile development approaches.
  • The ability to propose, test, and implement solutions necessitates critical thinking skills.
  • 2+ years’ experience in a Data Engineering Competency on a public cloud (Google, Microsoft Azure, AWS)
  • 2+ years of integration and configuration scripting with Tekton and Terraform.
  • 3+ years of experience developing advanced SQL.
  • 3+ years of experience implementing data solutions using Python, Java, Scala, or Go.
  • A thorough understanding of data service ecosystems, including data warehouses, lakes, metadata, meshes, fabrics, and analytical use cases.
  • User experience advocacy is achieved through sympathetic stakeholder relationships.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication abilities for both internal and external team members.
  • Excellent documentation skills for technical specifications, customer requirements, and GitHub repository documentation.

Even better, you might have:

  • 2+ years of Extensive knowledge and understanding of GCP’s packaged services, particularly those relevant to data operations, including Cloud Console, BigQuery, Data Flow, Data Fusion, PubSub / Kafka, Looker Studio, and VertexAI.
  • Experience with Teradata, Hadoop, Hive, Spark, and other on-premise/legacy data systems.
  • Experience optimizing data solutions and data science/analytical procedures, including recording, redevelopment, and refactoring.
  • Data Governance concepts, including GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), CCPA (California Consumer Protection Act), and PoLP, and how they can affect technical design.

You may not check every box, and your experience may differ significantly from what we’ve described, but if you believe you can contribute value to Ford Motor Company, we encourage you to apply!

As a well-established multinational organization, we provide the advantage of choice. You have the ability to shape your Ford future: will your story take you around the world or stay close to home? Will your job involve a deep dive into your passion, or a series of new teams and skills? Will you be a leader, a change agent, a technical expert, a culture builder, or all of the above? Regardless of which option you choose, we provide a work environment that works for you, including:

  • Offers rapid medical, dental, and prescription drug coverage.
  • Our benefits include flexible family care, parental leave, new parent ramp-up programs, and subsidized backup childcare. We also offer a vehicle discount program for employees and family members and management leasing options.
  • Tuition Assistance
  • Existing and functioning employee resource groups.
  • Paid time off for individual and group community service.
  • A substantial number of paid holidays, including the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day.
  • Paid time off with the option to purchase additional vacation time.

Visa sponsorship is available for this position. Candidates for positions at Ford Motor Company must have legal authorization to work in the United States. Employment eligibility must be verified at the time of hiring.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to developing a culturally diverse workforce. All qualified candidates shall be considered for employment, regardless of race, religion, color, age, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability status, or protected veterans status. If you have a disability and need a reasonable accommodation for the online application process in the United States, please call 1-888-336-0660.

More Info

  1. Is Data Engineer in demand in USA?

    The expected job growth rate for data engineers is 21% from 2018 and 2028. Over the next decade, there is projected to be approximately 284,100 new data engineer jobs. Data engineers’ salaries increased by 10% over the last five years. The United States currently employs more than 10,573 data engineers.

  2. How much are data engineers paid in us?

    The typical yearly salary for a Data Engineer in the United States is $1,53,435. The average additional cash pay for a Data Engineer in the United States is $32,506, with salaries ranging from $24,380 to $45,509.

  3. Is data engineer a good career in USA?

    Working in this field may be both rewarding and demanding. You will contribute significantly to an organization’s success by making data more accessible to data scientists, analysts, and decision-makers. You’ll use your knowledge of programming and problem-solving skills to develop solutions that are scalable.

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