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Accounting Clerk Jobs in Canada 2024 – Apply Now

Have you demonstrated bookkeeping expertise and are you an aspiring accounting clerk? Our Consumer is a private damage law firm that is highly regarded and well-known, with a presence in Ottawa and Toronto. They are assisting the injured and defenseless in obtaining the support they are entitled to. We are currently seeking an Accounting Clerk to supervise and ultimately assume most of the responsibilities of the firm’s Accounting Clerk, who is becoming a licensed CPA.

Details About Accounting Clerk Jobs in Canada:

  • Company Name: Agricultural Manufacturers of Canada (AMC)
  • Job Category: Driver Jobs
  • Job Type: Full Time
  • No. of Vacancies: 1
  • Jobs Location: 133 9 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 2M3, Canada
  • Salary: CAD 15 – CAD 25 Per Hour
  • Country: Canada

Tasks for Accounting Clerk Jobs in Canada:

  • Maintained books of account, prepared checks, posted invoices, entered entries into the journal, and conducted reconciliations for the agency’s working and holding companies.
  • Assessment and submission of HST returns, as well as various compliance filings
  • Verify bank card statements with the corresponding documentation.
  • Assemble funds and invoicing.
  • By the Regulation Society of Ontario Guidelines, conduct money receipts and disbursements for the agency belief account.
  • Engage in correspondence with distributors and purchasers
  • Assemble the necessary materials for the year-end monetary statements and tax reporting.
  • Provide administrative and clerical support to the administration as needed.
  • Report to the two house proprietors on all monetary aspects of the legislation agency while working independently, in conjunction with the next.


  • A well-timed foundation is used to sustain and update accounting books.
  • The correspondence between distributors and purchasers has been conducted promptly.
  • The year-end monetary statements and tax experiences have been prepared and submitted in advance of the deadlines.
  • Bank card statements are verified accurately in conjunction with the accompanying documentation.
  • Remittances and funds are processed punctually.
  • Firm house proprietors receive assistance with administrative and clerical duties.

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  • A bachelor’s degree in accountancy or a related field
  • Ideally, one should strive to obtain the CPA designation.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in accounting
  • Proficient in the use of expert providers’ billing and accountancy software, which is reminiscent of QuickBooks, PC Regulation, or other comparable software.
  • Professionalism and proficiency in the use of laptops for workplace purposes, as well as strong organizational and administrative skills
  • Quick respondent, action taker, and “can do” perspective
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Maintain a professional excellence monitor file that is profitable
  • The only “A” gamers who believe that to become a top-tier account specialist, must work long hours, frequently study, and always go the extra mile.
  • Your actions should be consistent with your words. Adhere to your instructions.
  • Group and Planning: Develop, organize, and schedule forthcoming financial deadlines and milestones.
  • Always exudes an abundance of vitality and enthusiasm
  • Work ethic: Demonstrates a willingness to work extended hours to achieve exceptional results
  • Your exceptional emotional intelligence and fluid abilities will allow you to extract optimal performance from all those with whom you collaborate.
  • Creativity, decision-making capabilities, and unwavering honesty and integrity. Acquires an inordinate amount of confidence in accounting
  • Ideally, within the Higher Toronto Space or Ottawa. However, the appropriate A Participant will reside in any location in Ontario provided that they are willing to make a trip to Ottawa and Toronto.

Tradition & Compensation:

  • The organization fosters diversity and individuality.
  • Encourages an environment that is comprised of authorized professionals with a diverse range of abilities, perspectives, and experiences.
  • Our strategic plan for fulfillment is fundamentally based on diversity and inclusivity. The Agency is committed to the recruitment, retention, and sale of professionals of diverse ethnicity, tradition, race, gender, and minority orientation.
  • Provides a collegial work environment, an aggressive wage, revenue share, and benefits, as well as health, dental, and vision insurance, unlimited travel, life, and long-term disability insurance, and an agency-matching pension plan.

Benefits of Accounting Clerk Jobs in Canada:

  • Stable Employment: The demand for accounting clerks across a variety of industries is consistent because accounting is a fundamental component of any business.
  • Entry-Level Opportunities: These positions are perfect for recent graduates or those who are beginning a new career, as they frequently require minimal experience and offer a pathway into the accounting and finance sectors.
  • Competitive Salaries: Accounting clerks have the potential to earn competitive wages, with opportunities for advancements based on performance, education, and experience, even though entry-level salaries may fluctuate.
  • Professional Advancement: Accounting clerk positions frequently serve as a foundation for career advancement in the finance and accounting industries. Clerks have the potential to advance to more senior roles, including accountants, financial analysts, and auditors, with the acquisition of additional education and experience.
  • Development of Skills: The position of accounting clerk facilitates the acquisition of valuable skills, including financial reporting, data entry, attention to detail, and proficiency in accounting software.
  • Work-Life Balance: A significant number of accounting clerk positions provide consistent business hours, which can help maintain a healthy work-life balance.
  • Job Security: Accounting clerks enjoy a relatively high level of job security due to the indispensable character of accounting functions in business operations.
  • Diverse Work Environments: Accounting clerks may discover employment prospects in a variety of environments, such as government agencies, corporate offices, non-profit organizations, and small enterprises.
  • Networking Opportunities: These positions frequently necessitate interaction with other departments and professionals, which can be advantageous for career advancement.
  • Continuing Education: Employers may provide financial assistance for continuing education, such as funding for courses or certifications, to improve their employees’ career prospects and expertise.

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  1. How much is the salary of an accounting clerk in Canada?

    The average yearly wage for an accounting clerk in Canada is $43,156, which comes to $22.13 per hour. The starting salary for entry-level positions is $35,791, while the majority of experienced workers make up to $58,071 annually.

  2. What is the job of an accounting clerk in Canada?

    Accounting and related clerks follow established procedures when calculating, preparing, and processing bills, invoices, accounts payable and receivable, budgets, and other accounting records.

  3. Which accounting qualification is best in Canada?

    Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA)
    The Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation is generally regarded as the most distinguished accounting certification in the world. This certification is esteemed for its comprehensive curriculum, strict testing process, and widespread recognition across industries and countries.

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